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The latest thrust of Google's strategy to establish greater relevance in the multi-cloud landscape may seem counterintuitive: luring more companies to its public cloud by building more offramps to other platforms. Updates to Google's cloud platform last week tripled down on portability, with workflow capabilities hitched to an open source technology, open source cloud tools for confidential computing and an open-sourced container runtime. Of that trio, the one with the most potential for...

The goal of the product is to ‘make it easier to adopt the cloud without changing the way people work’. “The future of work is working in the cloud,” the company notes. “Box Drive makes moving to the cloud incredibly easy. Users are freed from the constraints of their local hard drives because they have instant access to all their files in the cloud and real-time collaboration is even more simple and intuitive.”...

This growth is expected to continue in 2016 as well. Organizations gain maximum control with the private cloud while they gain maximum agility and scalability with the public cloud. Companies need to look at getting the best of both by extending private to public. The growing knowledge, understanding and comfort level among C-level executives regarding cloud computing will lead to even more substantial adoption rate increases in 2016 than what was experienced in the last few years. The CIO&rsquo...

Rocket Software today announced the general availability of Rocket® Discover 1.6, the self-service Business Intelligence (BI) solution custom-built to provide the deep insights MultiValue(MV) customers want without having to rewrite their applications. With its native interface to Rocket D3, UniVerse and UniData databases, business users can easily connect to MV data sources through secure Web services, and use Discover’s intuitive interface for data visualization and discovery, and co...

Cetrom, an industry-leading provider of custom cloud solutions that transform the way SMBs succeed, announces today that it has qualified to be an Intuit Inc. (Intuit)® Authorized Standard Host. Intuit’s, the maker of QuickBooks® and leading provider of business and financial management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses....

Adobe today announced the launch of its newest Creative Cloud app, Adobe Experience Design, otherwise known as Adobe XD. Previously referred to as "Project Comet," Adobe XD is designed to address the pain points in creative workflows with an end-to-end experience for designers that encompasses designing, prototyping, and sharing. With Adobe XD, designers can create, test, and share mockups with simple, intuitive tools. XD aims to make design the focus of the UX creation process by simplifying to...

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., May 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- US Signal, a network and cloud hosting provider, announced a strategic alliance with cloud software innovator, itopia. The relationship provides Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with a reliable experience through itopia's Cielo software platform, an end-to-end cloud workspace engine hosted in the US Signal cloud. The intuitive platform automatically discovers all components of an on-premises IT environment, and then provisions and migrates them to...

IBM is launching 26 services new services on its IBM Cloud which it describes as a ‘sweeping portfolio for data scientists and app developers’. Its new offering includes 150 publicly available datasets. The new initiative aims to help developers build and manage applications and help data scientists to read events in the cloud more intuitively. The hybrid cloud service scans multiple cloud providers and uses open systems which, IBM says, will create a ready flow of data across different services...

The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) announced this week the creation of a new working group that will urge cloud service providers to make interoperability between public and private cloud easier. “It’s a Wild West of how to engage cloud providers,” says Nick Lippis, co-founder of ONUG and an independent analyst. ONUG’s Open Hybrid Cloud committee includes members from organizations such as Cigna, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, FedEx, General Electric, Intuit, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, UBS an...

It may seem counterintuitive, but enterprises and smaller firms can standardise their way to their own hybrid cloud model through smart use of modular data centres. Large enterprises (and the rest of us) have tended to see pre-fabricated modular data centres (or containers) as an emergency option for extra capacity or one-off events. However, they have one crucial advantage over installed data centres: whilst the majority of data centres are designed, installed and tested in situ and therefore, ...


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