Caterina Bassano

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Caterina Bassano is Marketing Manager at Euro Systems IT. She writes passionately about technology solutions and how they can help companies of all sizes to grow and scale their business. As a marketer for Euro Systems, she knows the importance of a trusted IT partner that can help businesses with adequate IT support and managed IT services. The team at Euro Systems can integrate hosted and private cloud services, provide private networks between servers, and more, working on the deployment of resources based on specific clients’ demands.
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ARTICLES BY caterina bassano

What exactly is the cloud? If you have ever felt slightly frustrated because you consider yourself a tech savvy individual but can’t quite figure out what the cloud is – you’re not alone. The truth is, there is much unnecessary confusion around the concept; most people don’t fully understand the definition of cloud computing, and what exactly the cloud entails. But fear not, we can explain what it means and more importantly, what the benefits are and why it’s ...



Euro Systems are IT specialists based in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. We pride ourselves on providing IT Support that is first-class and cost-effective for our clients. Our success stems from the long-term relationships we build with our clients. We hope you become part of our story and join over 300 other businesses who currently trust us with their IT requirements.