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Continuing the trend from last year, in 2019, we see more organizations riding the wave of serverless and Kubernetes, and many are starting to see tangible results. The widespread adoption of these technologies, however, has only just begun. Below, we examine five trends in serverless that are sure to impact the way organizations develop and deliver software for years to come. 2018 witnessed the emergence of Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) and serverless computing. 2019 will be the year of large-scale adoption — for enterprise use cases, too. The growing adoption of serverless is fueled by the increased proliferation of container-based applications which are cloud-native — an architecture that's required for serverless.The evolution of modern software delivery is such that the versatility and power of containers have accelerated the development of cloud-native applications for both greenfield as well as for modernizing legacy applications. This means that enterprise business scenarios where cloud-native modernization was previously thought of as impossible — such as for edge devices, data in transit, or stateful apps — are now becoming cloud-native. As cloud-native, containerized applications grow, developers take advantage of serverless functions to more easily perform a variety of tasks across a wide range of applications. We'll also see teams delivering large scale microservices transition some of these over to FaaS as a way of reducing the complexity of the application. VAMSI CHEMITIGANTI READ MORE