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Heavy hitters in the commercial cloud industry, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, are pushing cloud-computing capabilities to what they refer to as the intelligent edge. They are connecting Internet of Things devices and mobile applications with ever-expanding cloud capabilities and the advanced computing of artificial intelligence to create a so-called intelligent cloud, pushing out the results of advanced processing and data analysis to a user’s fingertips.“If you think about those little devices sitting around, an average IoT [Internet of Things] device, it actually is a little computer,” says Julia White, corporate vice president for Azure at Microsoft. “There’s actually real capability on these devices, even small ones. And so this compute sitting right there in the physical world can connect up to the cloud. Data collected locally and analyzed locally on that IoT device is connecting up to the cloud for more global analysis, to understand what’s happening with the trends and add more insights with the big power of the cloud. KIMBERLY UNDERWOOD READ MORE