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In a classic move-the-goalposts maneuver, the Office of Management and Budget recently proposed modifying the metrics federal agencies should use for tracking the progress and effectiveness of the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI). Notwithstanding that metrics are the death of every government policy, OMB’s proposal really signals just how far behind the federal government is with technology. Changing the metrics won’t matter. Some agencies flat-out don’t want to let go of their legacy equipment and systems. And those that are willing to loosen their grip and get with the program think the cloud will be their salvation. They’re both wrong. From the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative launched by OMB in 2010, to the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act signed into law in December 2014, to the DCOI policy established by OMB in August 2016 to help federal agencies meet FITARA requirements, we’ve seen a nearly decade-long, overwhelmingly bipartisan effort at herding cats from the top down, with little bottom-up buy-in or consensus on what success would finally look like. SONIA SEXTON READ MORE