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Kubernetes, legacy application integration and edge computing technologies are but a few of the technologies Cisco sees as having some of the greatest impact on cloud computing in 2019.Cisco aggressively ramped up its own cloud presence in 2018 with all manner of support stemming from an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that will offer enterprise customers an integrated platform that promises to help them more simply build, secure and connect Kubernetes clusters across private data centers and the AWS cloud. The joint Google and Cisco Kubernetes platform for enterprise customers also moved along in 2018. Kip Compton, senior vice president of Cisco’s Cloud Platform and Solutions Group, recently blogged about how he sees the cloud computing market evolving in in 2019.  Cloud is a catalyst for changing how enterprises will do business in the emerging global digital economy and shows no signs of weakening in 2019, he wrote. MICHAEL COONEY READ MORE