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Cisco has rolled out a new family of switches, software, developer tools and blueprints to meld IoT and industrial networking with intent-based networking and classic IT security, monitoring and application-development support.To take on the daunting task the company unveiled a new family of industrial-networking Catalyst switches, IoT developer tools and support for Cisco’s DevNet developer program, and it validated IoT network design blueprints customers can work with to build solid IoT environments.  We have over 40,000 customers with IoT technology in all manner of applications – from connected roadways and cars to healthcare – and many face the same challenges in deploying IoT – project complexity, scale, and end-to-end security,” Vikas Butaney, vice president of product management for IoT at Cisco said. “We are bringing to those customers a manageable, secure network that will let them deploy IoT at a massive scale. MICHAEL COONEY READ MORE