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Before the Internet companies kept information locked away in file cabinets. The only way to access that information was to go through the files. Now companies keep all their information in the cloud. People can access that information from anywhere, as long as they have a computer and an Internet connection. This has made keeping the information in the cloud more difficult.There are many challenges to cloud security. The responsibility for that security falls or both the people providing the information and the companies storing the information. To keep the information safe, it is important to understand the challenges faced and the solutions to those challenges. The cloud connects people and businesses in a new way. Information is easily shared between individuals and businesses. This is new, and this is one of the biggest challenges faced with cloud security.Many people underestimate the dangers of storing information in the cloud. The statistics that surround the way people store and access information will surprise many people. People and organizations recognize the threat to information stored in the cloud, but that does not mean they know what to do or that they take steps to protect that information. They also do not realize the wide impact that even small breaches in security can create. Statistics that show that more than half of the organizations that utilize cloud technology exposed information to hackers is not the complete picture. They not only expose the information they stored in the cloud, but also information from other organizations that shared information. EVAN MORRIS READ MORE