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A technology that has more misinformation around it than anything I have seen before. Much of this bad data is focused on cloud computing.The reality is that it will take a while to roll out 5G. We need to upgrade our phones, cell towers, network devices, and more, and that will not happen overnight. Moreover, the dollars it will require will not be easily extracted from most enterprises.Of course, there are many predictions about how cloud computing will change in a 5G world, most of which are dead wrong. Tech pundits are calling for 5G to light edge computing on fire and take share away from the public clouds. Both will grow rapidly.Any technology change, including 5G, will transform the use of other technologies along with cloud computing. However, what is likely to change is not as disruptive as most 5G fanboys think. Here are two ways 5G will change cloud computing.First, cloud access will spread everywhere. We have bandwidth deserts out there in mostly rural, less populated areas, where access to the Internet is non-existent or sub-10Gb/s down, with 1Gb/s up. You cannot do much with that as a business connected to an IaaS cloud provider; data transfer latency will just be too high. 5G holds the promise of eliminating bandwidth deserts and freeing business now in rural, underserved areas to leverage cloud computing, and thus expand the cloud computing market with 5G. READ MORE