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IBM has taken the wraps off of a new multi-cloud integration platform it hopes will help customers manage, secure and integrate data no matter where it resides – in on-premise, private-cloud or public-cloud applications.Enterprise customers are faced with the daunting task of bridging legacy applications with latest cloud service, and many can’t just lift and shift, said Juan Carlos Soto, IBM vice president of Hybrid Cloud Integration. On top of that many businesses are already trying to manage five or more cloud environments, often from multiple vendors, and they can’t keep up, he said. IBM’s Institute for Business Value estimates that by 2021, 98 percent of organizations plan to adopt hybrid architectures, but just 38 percent will have the procedures and tools they need to operate that environment.To address some of that complexity IBM Cloud Integration Platform (ICP) is an amalgamation of new and enhanced IBM cloud components. Big Blue says it will let customers securely connect applications, software and services from any vendor regardless of where those systems are, reducing integration time and costs while accelerating new application development. MICHAEL COONEY READ MORE