. https://www.ibm.com/blogs/systems/ibm-z-enhances-the-journey-to-cloud/
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In today’s fast-paced world, forward-thinking enterprises constantly seek to innovate while continuing to delight their customers. Cloud–public, private and hybrid–underpins how these enterprises are innovating while also introducing new challenges. The world is not getting any simpler. It’s not moving to fewer clouds. It’s not moving to fewer options. Hybrid multicloud is the new standard. But how do you connect all these clouds and get the most value? How do you provide consistency and control? From our perspective there’s no better platform than IBM Z® for delivering on the intersection of mission critical and innovation in the reality of a hybrid multicloud world. Recently we announced enhancements to IBM Z capabilities with these questions in mind–to help our clients on this journey to hybrid cloud. Clients tell us the #1 challenge is cloud integration. How can you enable, at every layer in the stack, the right cloud integration model for you? Whether you take an operations perspective, or a developer perspective–connecting applications, or data–we have the right solutions for you so you’re not starting from scratch: Calling all developers: IBM z/OS® Connect Enterprise Edition enables you to empower a wide community of developers with a simple and intuitive way to consume data and services hosted on IBM Z. READ MORE