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In the cloud computing era, application development moves far faster, and microservices is a big factor in this increased speed. Yet it is only with a clear plan for microservices best practices that companies attain the greatest efficiency boost.Microservices are, simply put, large applications broken down into smaller, individual functions for more rapid revision and scalability. Microservices are used primarily in the cloud-based online world. A banking app, for instance, can be broken down into the various features: login, balance checking, and bill pay. These various features can then be revised at different times, instead of needing to rewrite the entire app all at once.Microservices and containers are a natural combination. Microservices lend themselves well to a containerized environment, since all of the software components—code, runtime, system tools, system libraries, and settings—can be confined to a container. However, containers are not necessary to run microservices. ANDY PATRIZIO READ MORE