. https://securityboulevard.com/2019/11/survey-multicloud-security-next-big-challenge/
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IT organizations are starting to appreciate the complexity of the cybersecurity challenges they now face as they employ multiple clouds. A global survey of 127 IT and business professionals conducted by the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network, an organization of IT professionals, in collaboration with A10 Networks, a provider of on-premises and cloud security hardware and software, finds roughly two-thirds of companies have now deployed enterprise applications across two or more public clouds, with 35% having moved half or more of their enterprise applications into the cloud.A full 87% expect to increase their reliance on public or private clouds over the next 24 months, with 52% characterizing their efforts as either “aggressively moving toward a cloud-first strategy” or “making significant progress” toward employing cloud computing as a key part of their IT strategy.However, only 11% of respondents said their company has been “extremely successful” in realizing the benefits of multicloud computing. READ MORE