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Cloud native is changing the way the world works. So says Todd Moore, Vice President, Open Technology at IBM and Chairman of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) governing board. With Kubernetes now considered the de facto standard for container orchestration and many of the world's largest technology firms providing large contributions towards cloud native projects, it's now impossible to ignore this technology and the benefits it can bring to businesses.As more and more companies are focusing on digital transformation, cloud native skill sets are growing in demand. It's still early days, but it's important for many IT professionals - and companies - to begin looking into training so as not to get left behind. Moore says that he's seeing an increasing thirst for cloud native knowledge and a growing number of people are stepping up to get trained. He estimates that around 20% of organisations have already really started to make a move into cloud native, but that means 80% have not yet made the leap. Therefore individuals with the right knowledge under their belt are likely to become highly sought after, while companies with staff trained in cloud native will gain a business advantage over their competitors. KERI ALLAN READ MORE