. https://containerjournal.com/2019/01/30/triggermesh-melds-aws-lambda-with-kubernetes/?__hstc=48761529.87ce2ec8a70defce706acab0181ea835.1549014128673.1549014128673.1549020374776.2&__hssc=48761529.4.1549020374776&__hsfp=1389165613
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IT organizations looking to move functions that were developed for the Lambda serverless computing framework from Amazon Web Services to Kubernetes clusters now can take advantage of an open source TriggerMesh Knative Lambda RuntimeKLR project.The TriggerMesh Knative Lambda RuntimeKLR project was developed as part of a management framework created by TriggerMesh for serverless computing frameworks. A TriggerMesh cross-cloud event bus allows users to trigger functions from event sources from any cloud, including on-premises IT environments.TriggerMesh co-founder Mark Hinkle says it’s clear Kubernetes will be the dominant platform on which next-generation applications are deployed. The TriggerMesh Knative Lambda RuntimeKLR project extends the reach of Knative middleware software, which was developed by Google to support multiple open source serverless computing frameworks, to AWS Lambda, which is based on a proprietary architecture. MIKE VIZARD READ MORE