Cloud Calling:
The Print Transformation Impact Guide

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Analogue information is an ongoing challenge to your organisation’s digital maturity. A smart print transformation strategy underpinned by cloud technology allows you to capture and move information through your organisation in ways that are faster, cheaper, more secure and more integrated. This digitisation-from-the-edge with cloud-at-the-core approach is a more efficient, accurate and cost-effective way to capture and manage digital information into and across an organisation than paper-based information.

You can benefit whether you are a public sector organisation looking to automate client interactions like patient check-in or a commercial enterprise benefitting from total digitisation of documentation coming into your organisation. Joining up your multi-functional devices (MFDs) with an infrastructure-light cloud-based managed print services strategy speeds up deployment, so you can take advantage of continuing developments in a safe, secure, fully integrated and cost-effective way.