Creditsafe Earns High Scores for Hybrid Cybersecurity

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Creditsafe has deployed the Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra Security solution to protect more than 1,200 systems on various operating systems, including virtual machines.

GravityZone Ultra strengthens Credit safe’s protection against sophisticated attacks with effective endpoint detection and response. Geraint Treharne, Credit safe’s head of information security and compliance, explains: “Bitdefender EDR has helped us increase our resilience against cyber-attacks. EDR makes detection more accurate and provides a solid background on what’s happening at the endpoint. This helps us decide how to respond—whether we block suspicious files or processes or isolate an endpoint.

  • Completed full scanning functions in a few minutes, compared to one hour previously
  • Decreased CPU utilization from 60 percent to almost nil, improving virtualization density
  • Implemented policy changes in seconds across the entire infrastructure versus 30 minutes
  • Caught all malware and infections before they inflicted any damage
  • Considerably reduced IT staff time devoted to security issues and administration