Driving Innovation Through Data Storage Modernization

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IDC anticipates that in the next two years, the number of "digitally determined" organizations with a fully integrated enterprisewide technology architecture will grow from 46% to over 90%. Through massive tech industry growth bolstered by 3rd Platform solutions, digitally motivated businesses are getting more precise in their messaging, targeting customer needs, and bringing new experiences to market through digital transformation (DX). This is leading to:

  • An app revolution with next-generation cloud-native apps being created to support hundreds of DX use cases. Innovation is everywhere and anywhere customers need it.
  • Intelligent applications, digital platforms, and technologies that enable enterprises to overtly and covertly interact with customers around the clock.
  • Ease of sharing and analyzing data and information, which is fostering the exploration of new ways to utilize and monetize data.

A modern data infrastructure serves as a foundation for organizations seeking to be digitally determined. The defining characteristics of this enabling infrastructure are: