Application Modernization:
Keys to Success

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Application modernization takes advantage of the agility, flexibility, and cost savings available with new cloud-based applications.

But no business application ever operates as a silo. The old applications being replaced, whether running on-premises or in the cloud, are most certainly connected to other applications and data repositories.

  • Connect everything: Boomi connects applications, APIs, microservices, EDI services, IoT devices, and to accelerate business outcomes.
  • Engage everywhere: Through Boomi, enterprises can engage more quickly and effectively with customers, partners, and employees. You can use the Boomi AtomSphere Platform to streamline machine and human workflows across your organization and beyond.
  • Run anywhere: With patented Boomi Atom technology, you can deploy your applications wherever it makes the most sense for your IT architecture: in the public cloud, private cloud, hybrid, multicloud, or on premises. A run-time Atom can be deployed on devices as disparate as a jet engine or a Nest thermostat.
  • Boomi is adaptable: Designed to support agile development practices, Boomi helps make organizations themselves more agile. Its low-code interface shortens development cycles. And Boomi’s ready-to-use connectors, templates, and tools from the Boomi’s community, the Boomiverse, help boost your team’s speed, efficiency, and expertise. Using Boomi, enterprises can respond more quickly to business opportunities and competitive threats.