Eliminate Certificate Misconfigurations


Certificate Misconfiguration is the #1 Kubernetes Security Threat

Prevent security vulnerabilities from cloud native environments and ensure a validated and auditable chain of trust exists for every workload deployed to a Kubernetes cluster.

Cloud native Kubernetes and OpenShift have become the standard for modern cloud-based application development. Organizations are adopting these technologies aggressively, even though many of them have not yet implemented the best practices to operate cloud native systems securely.

In this paper, we will explain the nature and extent of an increasingly prevalent cloud native security problem with a focus on the most common and significant problem that organizations face: the misconfiguration of the digital certificates that protect application workloads in cloud native production environments.

Download this whitepaper to find out:

  • Why Kubernetes security incidents are becoming increasingly common
  • Which teams need be responsible for container security
  • Why organizations need machine identity visibility and control

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