Anodot Partners with Snowflake’s Data Cloud to Power AI Analytics and Monitor Business Data

Anodot | March 08, 2022

-Anodot today announced that it has joined Snowflake’s Partner Network. The partnership will enable joint customers to gain real-time and actionable insight into data collected in Snowflake, the Data Cloud company platform.

Anodot and Snowflake are extracting maximum value from the world’s data with Snowflake’s Data Cloud, helping joint customers leverage AI-based analytics and business monitoring to quickly analyze, optimize, and monetize all business data. According to Forrester Research, between 60 and 73 percent of all data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics, which puts them at a competitive disadvantage at a time when real-time, actionable insights are critical to protecting revenue and improving customer experience.

The power of this partnership enables enterprises to monitor high-volume, high-frequency data, uncovering important insights for customers in data-intensive industries including fintech, telecommunications, ad-tech, e-commerce, and gaming.

For example, Ask Media Group uses Anodot’s integration with Snowflake to autonomously monitor a high volume of metrics across 50 domains and receive real-time alerts on critical incidents related to online ads, where delays negatively impact revenue.

The Snowflake Partner Network unlocks the potential of the Data Cloud with a broad array of tools and partners. Certified partnerships and integrations enable customers to leverage Snowflake’s flexibility, performance, and ease of use to deliver more meaningful data insights.

“Snowflake has solved the data collection challenge for over 5,000 global customers and now it is time to analyze that business data in real time,” said Anodot Co-founder and CEO David Drai. “This will help customers leverage and monetize data in a fully optimized manner, accessing new insights in real time to make better business decisions faster and with greater assurance.”

Our collaboration with Anodot allows our joint customers to analyze business data significantly faster. Anodot makes analyzing data in Snowflake more efficient for organizations, thereby generating a more immediate and meaningful return-on-investment.���

Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances, Snowflake.

About Anodot
Anodot’s Business Monitoring platform uses machine learning to constantly analyze and correlate every business parameter, providing real-time anomaly alerts and forecasts in their context. Fortune 500 companies, from digital business to telecom, trust Anodot’s patented technology to reduce time to detection and resolution for revenue-critical issues by as much as 80 percent. Anodot is headquartered in Virginia and Israel, with sales offices worldwide.


Containerization is the key to the predictable, consistent environment telcos require to provide customers with ever more demanding services. To ensure telcos and their partners can have confidence in the Cloud-native Network Functions (CNFs) they deploy together, Red Hat has created a cloud-based onboarding service and testbed


Containerization is the key to the predictable, consistent environment telcos require to provide customers with ever more demanding services. To ensure telcos and their partners can have confidence in the Cloud-native Network Functions (CNFs) they deploy together, Red Hat has created a cloud-based onboarding service and testbed

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Venafi Launches Venafi Firefly to Deliver Machine Identities for Modern, Cloud Native Workloads

Businesswire | April 20, 2023

Venafi, the inventor of machine identity management, today introduced Venafi Firefly, the only lightweight machine identity issuer that supports highly distributed, cloud native environments. Part of the Venafi Control Plane for Machine Identities, Firefly enables security teams to easily and securely meet developer-driven machine identity management requirements for cloud native workloads by issuing machine identities, such as TLS and SPIFFE, locally at high speeds across any environment. By delivering added speed, reliability and security for machine identities in modern architectures, it helps organizations ensure identities adhere to corporate security policies, while accelerating application development and digital transformation. “With an increasing number of organizations moving to modern, cloud native architectures that are highly distributed, there is a growing need for machine identities in modern applications to be delivered at scale with near-zero latency to address key challenges around authentication,” said Shivajee Samdarshi, chief product officer at Venafi. “Venafi Firefly addresses these critical challenges in a fast, easy and secure way. It reduces security risks while also eliminating inefficiencies that often slow development teams down and future-proofing organizations against the challenges of tomorrow.” Venafi Firefly is delivered as an easy-to-deploy container that can run in any cloud native environment, providing a fast, easy and secure way to issue machine identities. Machine identity policy is configured in the Venafi Control Plane and inherited by Firefly instances. Together, the Venafi Control Plane and Venafi Firefly provide a lightweight, distributed architecture that makes Firefly the only machine identity issuer for modern use cases requiring local high-speed autonomous issuance, low-latency cloud native use cases and advanced CI/CD with identity provider embedded in the pipeline. Key capabilities include: Observability – Through the Venafi Control Plane, Venafi Firefly delivers visibility into distributed issuance activity. This extends Control Plane observability of machine identities from the datacenter to the cloud and the edge. Consistency – Venafi Firefly gives security teams control over policy for machine identities issued to modern applications in cloud native environments and ensures developers use a secure and consistent issuer. Reliability – Venafi Firefly requires minimal infrastructure to deploy in production to achieve high availability and fault tolerance. Freedom of Choice – Venafi Firefly has multiple deployment options, including cloud native, DevOps, cloud and federated PKI environments, giving developers flexibility to use Firefly wherever and whenever it's needed. Venafi Firefly is unmatched in reducing complexity and increasing the speed of development, while at the same time increasing security for machine identities needed for modern cloud native applications. “At Diebold Nixdorf, refactoring legacy applications to be cloud native is a priority for us. We need to give developers and platform teams a machine identity issuer that is lightweight, works on all cloud platforms, is super high speed and is easy to deploy,” said Scott Barronton, CISO at Diebold Nixdorf. “Venafi Firefly meets these required capabilities. In addition, it gives security teams visibility and policy control over machine identities. It combines the best of two worlds — we can go as fast as we need to and do so securely.” Venafi Firefly is generally available today to all customers. To download a free trial, please visit Additional Resources Announcement Blog Post Introducing Venafi Firefly Video Venafi Firefly Data Sheet Venafi Firefly Deployment Patterns Whitepaper About Venafi Venafi is the cybersecurity market leader in machine identity management. From the ground to the cloud, Venafi solutions manage and protect identities for all types of machines—from physical and IoT devices to software applications, APIs and containers. Venafi provides global visibility, lifecycle automation and actionable intelligence for all machine identity types and the security and reliability risks associated with them. With more than 30 patents, Venafi delivers innovative machine identity management solutions for the world's most demanding, security-conscious organizations and government agencies, including the top five U.S. health insurers, top five U.S. airlines, top four payment card issuers and top four U.S. banks. As a leading provider of open source machine identity management solutions, its open source cert-manager project is downloaded more than 1.5 million times a day. For more information, visit

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Dynatrace Achieves AWS Cloud Operations Competency for Monitoring and Observability

Businesswire | April 10, 2023

Dynatrace (NYSE: DT), the leader in unified observability and security, announced today it has achieved the new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Operations Competency in the Monitoring and Observability category. By earning this competency, Dynatrace has demonstrated its expertise in helping customers build a strong and scalable foundation for their end-to-end cloud operations. It also highlights the company’s success in helping its customers accelerate the adoption and optimization of cloud technologies to meet their digital transformation goals. This competency recognition builds on Dynatrace’s broad and deep support of the AWS ecosystem, as reflected in its existing AWS Competency designations, including the AWS Government Competency, AWS Migration & Modernization Competency, AWS Machine Learning in Applied AI Competency, AWS Container Competency, and AWS DevOps Competency. “Digital transformation is our top priority, and both Dynatrace and AWS are critical in enabling us to achieve our goals quickly, securely, and cost-effectively,” said Alex Hibbitt, Engineering Director, SRE and Fulfillment at Photobox. “As we continue to scale our cloud environment, our teams are inevitably exposed to rising complexity and risk. The Dynatrace platform’s AI and automation, coupled with its intelligent observability and application security capabilities, provide our teams with an end-to-end, real-time view of the health and performance of our digital services. These insights enable us to proactively optimize these services to resolve any issues before they impact customers.” AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify AWS Partners with deep industry experience and expertise. The new AWS Cloud Operations Competency allows customers to select validated AWS Partner Network (APN) members who offer comprehensive solutions with an integrated approach across five solution areas of Cloud Operations: Cloud Financial Management, Cloud Governance, Monitoring and Observability, Compliance and Auditing, and Operations Management. AWS Partners in the Monitoring and Observability solution area have a proven track record of helping customers use observability services to understand what is happening across their technology stack at any time. “We are thrilled to be working with AWS to help customers on their digital transformation journeys in the cloud,” said Mike Maciag, Chief Marketing Officer at Dynatrace. “By providing precise answers and intelligent automation from the massive volumes of data flowing through modern clouds, we empower organizations to innovate faster, operate more efficiently, and drive greater business value. Augmenting our existing AWS competencies with the new AWS Cloud Operations Competency for Monitoring and Observability gives customers the added confidence of Dynatrace’s significant expertise on AWS.” About Dynatrace Dynatrace (NYSE: DT) exists to make the world’s software work perfectly. Our unified software intelligence platform combines broad and deep observability and continuous runtime application security with the most advanced AIOps to provide answers and intelligent automation from data at an enormous scale. This enables innovators to modernize and automate cloud operations, deliver software faster and more securely, and ensure flawless digital experiences. That’s why the world’s largest organizations trust the Dynatrace® platform to accelerate digital transformation. Curious to see how you can simplify your cloud and maximize the impact of your digital teams? Let us show you. Sign up for a free 15-day Dynatrace trial.

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Applied Digital Teams with Supermicro to Deliver AI Cloud Services

Globenewswire | May 30, 2023

Applied Digital Corporation (Nasdaq: APLD) ("Applied Digital "or the "Company"), a designer, builder and operator of next-generation digital infrastructure that is designed for High Performance Computing (“HPC”) applications, today announced that the Company is working with Supermicro (NASDAQ: SMCI), a global leader in Application-Optimized Total IT Solutions, to deliver Applied Digital’s AI Cloud service. Supermicro is a leading provider of application-optimized, high-performance server and storage solutions that address a broad range of computational-intensive workloads. Supermicro’s next-generation GPU servers significantly lower the power requirements of data centers. With the amount of power required to enable today's rapidly evolving large scale AI models, optimizing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the Total Cost to Environment (TCE) is crucial to data center operators. “We are in the middle of the most dynamic industry changes seen in decades, and it’s exciting to be collaborating with a recognized industry leader like Supermicro to leverage their HPC expertise and support in the next wave of AI-powered applications,” said Wes Cummins, CEO and Chairman of Applied Digital. “Supermicro is dedicated to supporting the datacenter industry with our full suite of AI, cloud, storage, and 5G solutions,” said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. “We’re excited to work with the Applied Digital team in empowering AI applications across key industries.” Applied Digital’s next-generation datacenters are ideal for hosting HPC applications on premises. This solution provides lower cost, high compute power to replenish the power density needed for AI/ML workloads. About Applied Digital Applied Digital (Nasdaq: APLD) designs, develops, and operates next-generation datacenters across North America to provide digital infrastructure solutions to the rapidly growing high-performance computing (HPC) industry. Find more information at Follow us on Twitter at @APLDdigital.

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