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Applitools' Execution Cloud is the First Self-healing Cloud Infrastructure for Open-source Test Frameworks

Applitools' Execution Cloud is the First Self-healing Cloud

Applitools, provider of the next generation test automation platform powered by Visual AI, today announced the Applitools Execution Cloud, the first cloud-based testing platform with built-in self-healing capabilities that enables engineering and testing teams to run existing tests against an AI-powered test infrastructure. Companies of any size using open-source test frameworks (Selenium, WebdriverIO, etc.) now have best-in-class AI capabilities that were only available in proprietary tools.

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Engineering and testing teams need to continuously scale and improve velocity, but are often bogged down by slow and flaky tests. Existing testing tools with self-healing capabilities create vendor lock-in and require teams to recreate tests and use providers' Test Creation tools. The Applitools Execution Cloud is designed to replace legacy testing grids, while adding AI-powered self-healing capabilities that augment open-source test frameworks.

"Applitools' self-healing Execution Cloud is a game-changing solution that will revolutionize the way companies of any size test their software at scale," said Adam Carmi co-founder and CTO of Applitools. "Teams that use open-source test frameworks can now execute their tests in the cloud at scale and take advantage of the latest and greatest AI capabilities, that ensure their tests are automatically healed, saving valuable time and effort."

Applitools' Execution Cloud self-healing capability intelligently heals broken tests as they run, reducing flakiness and execution time. Small changes to the UI, or misused element locators that would normally fail a Selenium test, can heal themselves. With this self-healing technology, testing teams never have to worry about flaky tests or test failures again. The Applitools Execution Cloud detects and fixes issues continuously, ensuring tests always run smoothly and reliably. It is designed to be completely scalable and affordable so teams can test as much or as little as needed, without worrying about performance issues or bottlenecks.

The key features and benefits of the Applitools Execution Cloud include:

  • Built-in self-healing capabilities automatically heal existing tests
  • Avoid test flakiness caused by UI refactoring and deliberate UI changes or dynamically generated UI that frequently changes or faulty locators
  • Reduce time and effort required to maintain test scripts
  • Increase overall test efficiency, allowing developers and testers to focus on critical tasks
  • Compatible with popular open source frameworks like Selenium and WebdriverIO and can run existing tests without requiring code changes
  • Scalable, affordable and flexible, supporting a wide range of testing scenarios, including customer-facing applications and internal applications behind the firewall

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About Applitools

Applitools offers the industry's next generation test automation platform powered by Visual AI. Applitools Eyes is the only market solution to replicate the 'human eye' and automatically spot functional and visual bugs with every release. Now with Applitools' Ultrafast Test Cloud, Native Mobile Grid, Ultrafast Grid, Centra and Execution Cloud, nearly everyone in the organization is seamlessly integrated into the testing process – from design, development, QA, operations, marketing and product teams.

More than 400 of the world's top brands – including 50 of the Fortune 100 – trust Applitools to reliably ship applications faster to delight millions of customers on any device and browser, and across every screen size and operating system.

Applitools is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel. To learn more, visit



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