Astera Labs enables next-gen cloud connectivity with Aries PCIe® 5.0 and CXL™ 2.0

Astera | March 10, 2022

Astera labs, a leader in intelligent system connection solutions, announced today that its Aries Smart Retimers for PCI Express® (PCIe®) 5.0 and Compute Express LinkTM (CXLTM) 2.0 are currently in mass production. The Aries Smart Retimer portfolio, which was the first to market, passed rigorous interoperability testing with essential industry partners across a wide range of PCIe 5.0 processor, FPGA, accelerated computing, GPU, networking, storage, and switch SoCs, paving the way for widespread adoption in enterprise data centers and the cloud.

“PCIe 5.0 and CXL technologies are key building blocks to address the high-speed connectivity requirements of next-generation servers running intelligent workloads in the cloud. Production release and successful cross-vendor interoperability testing of our Aries Smart Retimers will support a smooth transition to higher-bandwidth interconnects with purpose-built fleet management features,” said Jitendra Mohan, CEO, Astera Labs.

The Aries PCIe 5.0 and CXL 2.0 Smart Retimers solve signal integrity difficulties to provide up to 32 Gbps bandwidth, sub-10ns latency, and built-in fleet management with deep diagnostic capabilities, which are essential for large-scale enterprise and cloud server installation.

The cloud-scale at Interlop Lab at Astera Labs conducts extensive testing to ensure reliable interoperability between Aries Smart Retimers and a wide range of PCIe/CXL root complexes and endpoints, letting customers design with confidence and save time and money.

Today’s workload optimized infrastructure demands not only high-bandwidth, low-latency PCIe 5.0 and CXL interconnects, but also robust interoperability between all components within increasingly complex server topologies. Working with leading ecosystem partners and solutions, like Astera Labs and their Aries Smart Retimers, is key to ensuring seamless deployment of our advanced AI platforms at scale.”

Brian Kelleher, Senior VP of Products Hardware Engineering, NVIDIA.

“Samsung has strengthened its position as the industry leader in cutting-edge storage technology with the groundbreaking PCIe 5.0 PM1743 SSD for enterprise servers,” said Soonjae Won, Corporate VP of Solution Product & Development, Samsung Electronics. “Our collaboration with Astera Labs and its Aries Smart Retimers ensures unmatched enterprise PCIe 5.0 storage performance and reliability as the ecosystem begins to emerge.”


Many healthcare organizations embark on cloud migrations to achieve scalability, cost-efficiency, and higher application performance. But migrating applications to the cloud can be a complex process that requires careful planning and deliberation. Maintaining HIPAA compliance and maximizing PHI security are always key considerations.


Many healthcare organizations embark on cloud migrations to achieve scalability, cost-efficiency, and higher application performance. But migrating applications to the cloud can be a complex process that requires careful planning and deliberation. Maintaining HIPAA compliance and maximizing PHI security are always key considerations.

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HPE GreenLake Helps Move Away From On-Premises Infrastructures Without Going To Cloud

HPE | February 01, 2021

Hewlett Packard Enterprise's GreenLake is key for clients who are hoping to move away from dealing with their on-premises infrastructures however may not be all set all in on the cloud. That is the word from Paul Poynter, provider administrator for HPE GreenLake at Arrow, who Wednesday told solution suppliers during CRN parent The Channel Company's Best of Breed virtual conference that the traditional model for building data center infrastructures—which includes buying process, stockpiling, and other hardware-dependent on extended requirements for that gear—no longer works for some organizations. “[Those needs] might be unknown,” Poynter said. “So to accommodate for that, they would typically overprovision and might purchase two times what they actually need. By contrast, HPE GreenLake affords customers the option to eliminate the up-front cash outlay and they only pay for what they use on-premises with metered usage. So, [it’s] similar to a cloud model, but on-premises, in their own location or in a co-location data center of their choosing.” “That metering can be by storage, by compute, by application,” he said. “Or we can incorporate active capacity planning for cost savings and to help to eliminate overprovisioning. Inherently, it’s multi-cloud and multi-stack. You can actually utilize GreenLake to take advantage of and to monitor your existing cloud instances, which might be based around [Microsoft] Azure or AWS. The consumption-based portal gives you that complete view, and you can see what you’re spending on a monthly basis [and] what the usage is.” About HPE: In 1939, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, college friends turned business partners, started the original Silicon Valley startup in the space of a rented Palo Alto garage. Starting with audio oscillators, the friends built the foundation for a company that would grow to become a global leader in enterprise technology.

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HCA Healthcare Taps Google Cloud to Develop New Health Data Analytics Platform

HCA Healthcare, Google Cloud | May 27, 2021

HCA Healthcare, one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers, is partnering with Google Cloud to assist create a secure health data analytics platform. The partnership will leverage HCA Healthcare’s 32 million annual encounters to identify opportunities to enhance clinical care. Note that privacy and security are guiding principles of the partnership, and Google Cloud won't have access to patient-identifiable data. HCA Healthcare has been at the forefront of healthcare analytics advancement, including another cloud partnership with Microsoft Azure and a previous partnership with Google to assist COVID-19 response. Partnership Impact To date, HCA Healthcare has deployed 90,000 mobile devices that run tools created by the organization’s PatientKeeper and Mobile Heartbeat teams and other developers to empower caregivers as they work. in combination with significant investments in mobility to support clinical care, the partnership with Google Cloud is expected to empower physicians, nurses, and others with workflow tools, analysis, and alerts on their mobile devices to assist clinicians to respond quickly to changes in a patient’s condition. The partnership will also focus on impacting non-clinical support areas that may benefit from improved workflows through better use of data and insights, like supply chain, human resources, and physical plant operations, among others. Google Cloud Healthcare Data Offerings The partnership will utilize Google Cloud’s healthcare data offerings, including the Google Cloud Healthcare API and BigQuery, a planetary-scale database with full support for HL7v2 and FHIRv4 data standards, as well as HIPAA compliance. Google Cloud’s data, analytics, and AI offerings will power custom solutions for clinical and operational settings, built in partnership with Google Cloud’s Office of the CTO and Google Cloud Professional Services. Privacy and security will be guiding principles throughout this partnership. The access and use of patient data will be addressed through the implementation of Google Cloud’s infrastructure along with HCA Healthcare’s layers of security controls and processes. “Next-generation care demands data science-informed decision support so we can more sharply focus on safe, efficient, and effective patient care,” said Sam Hazen, chief executive officer of HCA Healthcare. “We view partnerships with leading organizations, like Google Cloud, that share our passion for innovation and continual improvement as foundational to our efforts.”

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Litmus Edge Integrates with Google Cloud to Allow Customers to Connect and Collect Industrial Data

Litmus | December 21, 2020

Litmus, the Intelligent Edge Computing organization, today reported an association with Google to empower industrial edge computing with 5G and Google Cloud. Litmus Edge, an edge availability, analytics and application enablement stage, is coordinated with Google Cloud to permit clients to interface and gather industrial data from any resource in a ready-to-use format for immediate use in Google Cloud. Google Cloud is working with Litmus and different accomplices to empower creative manufacturing use cases, for example, distant diagnostics, advanced mechanics, AR/VR substance, AI, and ML. With new 5G capabilities conveyed at the edge, manufacturers can, for instance, run progressed AI-based visual investigations straightforwardly from 5G-empowered gadgets, all without the require for nearby handling capacity to diminish costs and the requirement for on-location stockpiling. “As the manufacturing industry relies increasingly on connected machines and digital processes, these businesses need the ability to collect data from any type of industrial system to enable IoT applications at the edge,” said Tanuj Raja, Global Head, Strategic Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We are pleased to have Litmus join us as an ISV partner to help manufacturers modernize processes and enable new AI capabilities at the edge, with Google Cloud. Together we’re enabling the rapid delivery and deployment of new vertical services and applications.” Litmus Edge is a cutting edge stage that gathers data from any industrial resource, offers pre-fabricated applications, KPIs and analytics, gives the capacity to assemble and run custom applications, and incorporates data with any cloud or undertaking framework. Utilizing existing worldwide organizations from Google along with Litmus Edge, organizations can enhance dormancy, lower preparing costs by handling data and process cycles at the edge, and dispose of the need to ship data from the edge to a focal area for continuous computing. “Litmus Edge is a modern edge platform, purpose-built for industry and to bridge factory floors to the Cloud, so this partnership with Google perfectly aligns with our work to help customers enable Industrial IoT,” said John Younes, Co-founder and COO of Litmus. “Together our solution offers rapid-time-to-value, allowing manufacturers to quickly set up Litmus Edge to connect and collect data from any data source, then perform real-time local analytics and send valuable data to Google Cloud over 5G for advanced analytics, business intelligence, machine learning and AI. We can then offer rapid application deployment back to any connected edge device for closed loop control.” ABOUT LITMUS: Litmus enables out-of-the-box data collection, analytics, and management with an Intelligent Edge Computing Platform for IIoT. Litmus provides the solution to transform critical edge data into actionable intelligence that can power predictive maintenance, machine learning, and AI. Customers include 10+ Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, while partners like Siemens, HPE, Intel and SNC Lavalin expand the Company’s path to market.

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