BT Selects Google Cloud as Strategic Partner for Group-Wide Data and AI Transformation

BT | March 11, 2022

Today, Google Cloud and BT announced a strategic, five-year partnership to accelerate BT's company-wide digital transformation. The collaboration will involve BT using a suite of Google Cloud products and services—including cloud infrastructure, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, security, and API management—to deliver superior customer experiences, reduce costs and risk, and build new revenue streams.

BT is undertaking a massive digital transformation through its BT Digital unit, and this initiative includes creating a group-wide data and AI fabric as part of its cloud-first and AI-first strategy. Under the partnership, the two companies will help BT unlock hundreds of new business use-cases to strengthen its ambitions around digital offerings and creating hyper-personalised customer engagement.

BT's data transformation is centred around driving business outcomes and using AI and deep ML across the organisation to allow businesses and customers to make more data-led decisions, as well as creating deeper personalisation for customer offerings and new go-to-market propositions. This will also enable BT to have real-time network analytics to allow for a more enhanced customer service through predictive fault management and assurance.

In addition, Google's SRE team will partner with BT to foster a continuous delivery and "zero ops" autonomous operations culture to accelerate product development and continuous innovation as part of the new culture of working that BT calls "The Digital Way."

Our partnership with Google is one of a series of strategic moves that BT Digital is taking to help accelerate BT's growth and digital transformation. This is a partnership that is deeper than just at the technology level. It will help Digital as a whole supercharge BT and drive its return to growth,"

Harmeen Mehta, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, BT.

"We're proud to collaborate with one of the world's leading providers of communications services and play an integral part in its digital transformation journey," said Thomas Kurian, CEO at Google Cloud. "By deploying our full cloud capabilities, and support from our SRE organisation, our goal in this partnership is to set up BT with the tools it needs for future growth and innovation."

Google and BT have already started working together on adopting Google technology, and plan to complete the core migration of data by 2023.

About Google Cloud
Google Cloud accelerates every organisation's ability to digitally transform its business. We deliver enterprise-grade solutions that leverage Google's cutting-edge technology – all on the cleanest cloud in the industry. Customers in more than 200 countries and territories turn to Google Cloud as their trusted partner to enable growth and solve their most critical business problems.

About BT
BT Group is the UK's leading telecommunications and network provider and a leading provider of global communications services and solutions, serving customers in 180 countries. Its principal activities in the UK include the provision of fixed voice, mobile, broadband and TV (including Sport) and a range of products and services over converged fixed and mobile networks to consumer, business and public sector customers. For its global customers, BT provides managed services, security and network and IT infrastructure services to support their operations all over the world. BT consists of four customer-facing units: Consumer, Enterprise, Global and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Openreach, which provides access network services to over 650 communications provider customers who sell phone, broadband and Ethernet services to homes and businesses across the UK.


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SourceFuse Aims to Strengthen its AWS Services in 2023

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Next Pathway Inc. | February 15, 2023

On February 14, 2023, Next Pathway Inc., a pioneer in automated cloud migration, announced that SHIFT Cloud is now available as a software as a service (SaaS) offering on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The Azure Marketplace provides users with access to the most innovative solutions that enable them to utilize the advantages of the Azure cloud platform fully. Next Pathway expands the reach of its automatic code translation product by joining the Azure Marketplace. SHIFT Cloud places the power of automatic code translation directly in the hands of the consumer. Azure users now have self-service access to a powerful and performant code translation engine that enables them to translate ETL pipelines and legacy SQL code to Microsoft Azure. Code translation has never been easier and more accessible while retaining a high-performance level, coverage, and quality. Azure clients may easily migrate their legacy apps using SHIFT Cloud. SHIFT Cloud removes the uncertainties and frustrations from cloud migration by offering Azure clients a dependable and simplified end-to-end approach for translating complicated legacy workloads to the Azure cloud platform. Furthermore, every dollar spent on SHIFT Cloud counts towards a customer's cloud usage commitment. This is becoming extremely important as the unpredictable economy influences an enterprise's decision to transfer workloads to the cloud. The Azure Marketplace enables Next Pathway to provide the exact product that clients want at the precise time that they require it. This partnership not only provides Azure clients with powerful automatic code solutions but also boosts Next Pathway's brand visibility within the Azure Marketplace. It also forwards Microsoft's dedication as a partner-focused organization. This new development follows the public announcement last August of Microsoft and Next Pathway's collaboration to speed the migration from legacy data lakes and data warehouses to Microsoft Azure. Next Pathway is already seeing a significant increase in the adoption of SHIFT Cloud from Microsoft Azure customers. About Next Pathway Inc. Founded in 2006, Next Pathway Inc. is an automated cloud migration company. Its award-winning products automate the challenges that businesses face when migrating complicated workloads to the cloud. The company's mission is to make the cloud migration process as simple as possible, allowing consumers to reap the endless benefits of cloud computing. It was recently named Canada's hottest cloud start-up firm by The Globe and Mail.

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