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Cequence partners with Tetrate to Embed Security on Cloud-Native Apps

Cequence partners
Market leader in API security, Cequence Security, has partnered with an enterprise service mesh company that manages the complexity of modern, hybrid cloud application infrastructure called Tetrate. This partnership will integrate API discovery and security into modern cloud-native microservices applications. Using the Cequence API security platform, this new partnership will expand the single pane of glass offered by Tetrate to encompass API discovery, detection of security risks and threats, and native inline protection against threats. This will enable API development and SecOps teams to discover, manage and continuously monitor their multi-cluster, multi-cloud microservices deployments from a centralized location.

Integrating Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB) and Cequence API Sentinel will produce a simpler, faster, and more scalable solution for our customers. Combining our ability to simplify infrastructure and operations with Cequence’s state-of-the-art API monitoring and governance capabilities was a no-brainer. It’s a win-win for both companies,”

 Varun Talwar, CEO, and Co-Founder of Tetrate

Service mesh plays a crucial role in implementing zero-trust design and DevSecOps concepts by enabling security and reliability to join microservices across infrastructures without using any additional code. With the rapid pace of development and the naturally scattered structure of these apps, discovering and protecting all of the API endpoints exposed by microservices is complex. This can lead to apps being made available to the public without adequate discovery, security, or monitoring by security and operations personnel.

President and CEO of Cequence Security, Larry Link, stated, “Cequence has a long history of meeting the application security needs of organizations by using leading edge technologies like containers and service meshes, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with Tetrate to take that commitment to the next level.”

The integration of Tetrate and Cequence Security shortens the time and effort required to add discovery, security, and monitoring to cloud-native apps. In addition, it enables security to scale with the application using the same underlying orchestration layer.



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IBM’s Cloud Security and Compliance Center Gets a Major Upgrade

IBM | September 07, 2023

IBM announces new capabilities for its Cloud Security and Compliance Center platform, which helps enterprises secure and protect sensitive data across hybrid multi-cloud environments. The platform introduces the Data Security Broker, developed with Baffle, which provides encryption and anonymization technology for data in applications and AI workloads. The platform enhances cloud security posture management, cloud workload protection, infrastructure entitlement management, and compliance automation with intelligent automation and deployable architectures. In a move aimed at bolstering data security across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, IBM has unveiled a suite of new features for its Cloud Security and Compliance Center platform. The updated offering delivers advanced security and compliance capabilities. These aim to tackle the organizations' complex challenges as they increasingly embrace hybrid cloud strategies. One of the standout additions is the IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center Data Security Broker, a product developed in collaboration with Baffle. This innovative tool employs a multi-layered approach, incorporating encryption and anonymization technologies to safeguard sensitive data in business applications and artificial intelligence workloads. Beyond this, the platform enhancements encompass improved cloud security posture management (CSPM), cloud workload protection, infrastructure entitlement management, and compliance automation. Significantly, these updates extend beyond the confines of IBM Cloud, embracing a broader multi-cloud and hybrid cloud landscape. Nataraj Nagaratnam, IBM Fellow and CTO for cloud security, said that the platform supports several cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM LinuxOne servers, and soon IBM Power. He stated that the platform update adds data protection to its current infrastructure and workload protection capabilities by using Baffle's technology to provide application-level tokenization and granular encryption of sensitive fields in databases. He commented that disk- or file-level encryption left a protection and flexibility gap at the application level. The Data Security Broker protects application-sensitive data stored in databases like PostgreSQL without requiring code changes. He highlighted that the platform is designed for clients in any industry, but especially for clients in regulated industries like financial services, telcos, and health care, which have stringent requirements for security and compliance as well as data sovereignty laws. He elaborated that the new Data Security Broker offering addresses the evolving data privacy requirements around protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and the complexities of hybrid, multi-cloud environments. Finally, he explained that the platform also adds new automation capabilities, such as deployable architectures prebuilt with security and compliance controls and intelligent automation technology integrating security and compliance throughout the development lifecycle. The recent update augments IBM's infrastructure and workload protection capabilities by introducing data protection. This entails the introduction of a transparent layer of data encryption featuring format-preserving encryption and anonymization technologies to safeguard sensitive data. This expansion in data protection is instrumental in ensuring compliance, especially for clients operating in regulated industries like finance, telecommunications, and healthcare. These sectors often contend with stringent security and compliance requirements and intricate data sovereignty regulations on both national and international levels. As part of the IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center updates, the company is also introducing new automation capabilities. These include ‘deployable architectures,’ prebuilt with security and compliance controls that customers can readily deploy to meet specific security requirements. Moreover, organizations can implement policies to ensure compliance checks before deploying workloads to production, facilitating a shift-left approach to security and compliance throughout the development lifecycle. This data security broker may face some challenges, such as compatibility issues with different cloud platforms and applications, performance degradation due to encryption and anonymization, training and configuration needs for data protection and compliance, and vulnerability to data breaches or attacks if the data or keys are compromised. However, it aims to enhance data security and compliance across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. IBM's intelligent automation technology is set to play a central role in integrating security and compliance seamlessly into the development process, ultimately enhancing data protection across diverse cloud environments.

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VMware Cross-Cloud Services Now Available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Business Wire | October 26, 2023

VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) today announced that VMware Cross-Cloud services are available to customers through the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. VMware customers can take advantage of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with VMware Cross-Cloud services to migrate and operate applications on OCI more efficiently, innovate faster, and improve resiliency. Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a one-stop shop for Oracle customers seeking trusted business applications and services offering unique solutions, including ones that extend Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. VMware Cross-Cloud services is a family of multi-cloud services customers can use to build, run, and manage applications on OCI. Organizations can now use their existing Oracle Universal Credits to consume VMware Cross-Cloud services through private offers to modernize their mission-critical enterprise apps on OCI. For customers, this offers a quicker and painless path to the cloud. The following VMware Cross-Cloud services are available immediately in Oracle Cloud Marketplace: VMware Tanzu: a modular application platform for developing, operating and optimizing modern apps on multi-cloud infrastructure. Tanzu offerings currently available in the marketplace include VMware Tanzu Mission Control Self-Managed, VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and VMware Tanzu Application Service. VMware Aria: a multi-cloud management portfolio that provides a set of end-to-end solutions for managing the cost, performance, configuration, and delivery of infrastructure and applications. Aria offerings currently available in the marketplace include VMware Aria Universal Suite and VMware Aria Operations for Networks. VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM): an on-demand disaster recovery-as-a-service solution that protects critical data and apps while delivering cloud flexibility and economics. Today marks another step in the continued evolution of the VMware and Oracle partnership as together we help customers in their continued transition to the cloud, said Abhay Kumar, vice president, hyperscalers, and technology partners, VMware. Building on our announcement that Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is available to customers through our VMware Cloud Universal program, we are now making it easier for customers to accelerate app and cloud modernization initiatives using their existing, pre-approved IT budgets to purchase VMware Cross-Cloud services via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. “We are excited to expand our partnership with VMware by making their Cross-Cloud services available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace,” said Chris Sullivan, vice president, Strategic Partnerships, Oracle. “Our continued collaboration underscores our shared commitment to delivering tremendous value to our customers by providing an even more comprehensive suite of VMware solutions. We look forward to the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.” OCI is a deep and broad platform of cloud infrastructure services that enables customers to build and run a wide range of applications in a scalable, secure, highly available, and high-performance environment. From application development and business analytics to data management, integration, security, AI, and infrastructure services including Kubernetes and VMware, OCI delivers comprehensive security, performance, and cost savings. In addition, with multicloud, hybrid cloud, public cloud, and dedicated cloud options, OCI’s distributed cloud offers customers the benefits of cloud with greater control over data residency, locality, and authority, even across multiple clouds. As a result, customers can bring enterprise workloads to the cloud quickly and efficiently while meeting the strictest regulatory compliance requirements.

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Sage Expands Construction Cloud Suite to Deliver Powerful Preconstruction and Project Management Solutions

GlobeNewswire | October 16, 2023

Sage, the trusted software provider for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in the construction industry, today announced the expansion of its construction cloud suite. With the launch of Sage Construction Management, Sage adds cloud preconstruction and project management capabilities to its industry-leading construction portfolio. Sage is proud to offer the only true cloud solutions built for construction with full end-to-end capabilities covering preconstruction, operations, and financials,” said Julie Adams, Vice President of Product, Construction and Real Estate, Sage. Sage has been an industry leader at the forefront of innovation for more than 50 years. The addition of Sage Construction Management further strengthens the depth and breadth of Sage’s construction portfolio and fills an industry need for comprehensive cloud-based solutions that fit the requirements and budgets of smaller contractors and can scale to support their needs as they grow. Sage Construction Management is built for collaboration and mobility so field, office, and external teams can share real-time project information and make quick, informed decisions. The solution is offered together with Sage Intacct Construction Financials as an end-to-end suite that enables operational and finance teams to align and work together towards improved job profitability. Managing all project operations from one platform, anytime, from anywhere, and on any device, helps businesses win more work and execute projects more efficiently. “In researching project management solutions, it was clear that this was the package for us,” said Shawn Peterson, office manager at Mid-Atlantic Building Services. “It can take us from the first subcontractor proposal, through the last pay app to the client. And with everything in one platform, everyone can access what they need in their own individual capacities without being disjointed.” Sage is also offering the Construction Essentials package, which includes Sage Construction Management and Sage Intacct Construction Financials as an end-to-end suite at a cost-effective price for growing contractors. In addition, Sage Construction Management is available as a standalone preconstruction and project management solution with connectors to other accounting solutions, providing businesses the power and flexibility to choose the mix of solutions that best addresses their needs. Sage Construction Management and the rest of Sage’s industry-leading solutions are available now from authorized Sage resellers, the largest and most experienced partner network in the industry. Learn more about Sage Construction Management here. For more information about Sage construction solutions, visit

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