Cequence partners with Tetrate to Embed Security on Cloud-Native Apps

Cequence Security | January 27, 2022

Cequence partners
Market leader in API security, Cequence Security, has partnered with an enterprise service mesh company that manages the complexity of modern, hybrid cloud application infrastructure called Tetrate. This partnership will integrate API discovery and security into modern cloud-native microservices applications. Using the Cequence API security platform, this new partnership will expand the single pane of glass offered by Tetrate to encompass API discovery, detection of security risks and threats, and native inline protection against threats. This will enable API development and SecOps teams to discover, manage and continuously monitor their multi-cluster, multi-cloud microservices deployments from a centralized location.

Integrating Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB) and Cequence API Sentinel will produce a simpler, faster, and more scalable solution for our customers. Combining our ability to simplify infrastructure and operations with Cequence’s state-of-the-art API monitoring and governance capabilities was a no-brainer. It’s a win-win for both companies,”

 Varun Talwar, CEO, and Co-Founder of Tetrate

Service mesh plays a crucial role in implementing zero-trust design and DevSecOps concepts by enabling security and reliability to join microservices across infrastructures without using any additional code. With the rapid pace of development and the naturally scattered structure of these apps, discovering and protecting all of the API endpoints exposed by microservices is complex. This can lead to apps being made available to the public without adequate discovery, security, or monitoring by security and operations personnel.

President and CEO of Cequence Security, Larry Link, stated, “Cequence has a long history of meeting the application security needs of organizations by using leading edge technologies like containers and service meshes, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with Tetrate to take that commitment to the next level.”

The integration of Tetrate and Cequence Security shortens the time and effort required to add discovery, security, and monitoring to cloud-native apps. In addition, it enables security to scale with the application using the same underlying orchestration layer.


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Infovista has released Ativa Optimize, a cloud-native geospatial analytics solution for network optimization, monitoring, and troubleshooting across all radio vendors and technologies. It makes things easier to do by automating RAN diagnostics and recommendations. This makes operations more efficient and saves money. The solution brings together customer experience, service, and application intelligence from the RAN and the core. Ativa Optimize enables 360-degree assurance for VoLTE and VoNR to give customers a better experience when using voice services in dynamic networks. Renata Da Silva, VP Product and Service Assurance, Infovista, said, “In programable networks, radio optimization is no longer a dedicated silo process but a continuous one, tightly associated with service assurance.” She added, “Having visibility of the right data at the right time to identify, troubleshoot, optimize, and correct issues automatically is vital." She commented, "Connecting customers’ strong demand for wireless connectivity to RAN resource constraints is mandatory for engineering teams and operators, especially when more numerous and more complex radio technologies must be managed.” (Source - Realwire) The solution is built on the NLA Cloud Platform and can be combined with other Ativa products to provide automated assurance from beginning to end. Ativa Optimize is an innovative solution that was made to help mobile operators deal with the most difficult parts of running a network. About Infovista Infovista is a global corporation that specializes in network lifecycle automation. Their solutions employ automation and analytics to manage and optimize networks, as well as provide visibility into applications and secure the extended edge. They assist organizations in fully realizing their digital business potential with over 1,700 customers, including 350 Mobile Network Operators. Infovista enables communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises to improve network performance and customer experience, optimize productivity, reduce costs, and maximize ROI. Infovista's products and solutions span the entire network lifecycle, leveraging an open, integrated, cloud-native portfolio that automates flows, tasks, analytics, and decisions to the greatest extent possible.

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