Dynatrace with ServiceNow Platform, Customers and Partners Speed Path to Autonomous Cloud Operations

Dynatrace | October 23, 2020

Software intelligence company Dynatrace (NYSE: DT), announced today an enhanced, bi-directional, and automatic integration between the Dynatrace® Software Intelligence Platform and the ServiceNow® Platform. With precise topology and service mapping for dynamic multicloud environments, joint customers can increase efficiency through intelligent automation and reduce the risk of disruptions with predictive problem identification and automatic remediation, giving BizDevOps teams more time to innovate and accelerate digital transformation. By combining automatic and intelligent observability from Dynatrace with the intelligent automation capabilities of the ServiceNow Platform, customers and partners can speed their path to autonomous cloud operations.

“Dynatrace is a great partner for ServiceNow,” said Jeff Hausman, Vice President and General Manager of IT Operations Management, Security and CMDB/ServiceGraph at ServiceNow. “Using the combination of ServiceNow and Dynatrace, customers gain a deeper understanding of digital services, deriving signals from noise to pinpoint root cause, and deliver resilient operations for all applications and microservices in hybrid or multicloud environments.”


This Evolve IP Quick Tip Video explains how to install a Cloud Backup Agent.


This Evolve IP Quick Tip Video explains how to install a Cloud Backup Agent.

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CoreLogic Expands Collaboration with Google Cloud

CoreLogic | October 30, 2020

CoreLogic® a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, today announced that it is expanding its collaboration with Google Cloud to provide new and innovative solutions to leading participants that power the global housing economy. The next phase of collaboration will support recent announcements from CoreLogic related to customer wins and product launches, such as OneHome and HomeVisit, and further broaden the range of services CoreLogic can offer its clients. The relationship enables continued expansion of AI and machine learning that underpins CoreLogic’s digital and content strategy. CoreLogic will combine its unique solutions and insights that connect and power the global housing economy with Google’s more than 20 years of innovation in security, network architecture, artificial intelligence and open source software to provide cutting edge performance, security and scale.

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Megaport Expands its Services to Mexico via a partnership with KIO Networks

Megaport Limited | January 17, 2022

Megaport, a global leading Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, revealed its plans to expand its services to Mexico. It is joining hands with KIO networks to fulfill its plans. KIO Networks is Mexico's biggest data center provider. Local enterprises are expected to get cloud connectivity services to Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure via on-ramps from KIO Networks’ data centers in Queretaro and Mexico City in March 2022. This is subject to approval. KIO networks consumers can access Megaport’s leading ecosystem of more than 360 service providers and over 700 enabled data centers all over the world. It also includes more than 230 cloud on-ramps from the world's leading clouds such as Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services. This expansion by Megaport will enable businesses in Mexico to directly connect to cloud and IT services on a global level without managing a complex network infra. “Mexico has proven to be one of the leading cloud markets in Latin America and has been growing at a rapid rate over the last several years. Megaport is very excited to partner with KIO Networks to launch our services in Mexico, which will provide the opportunity for our existing customers to grow with Megaport and create new opportunities for Megaport to service businesses in Mexico. We look forward to working with KIO Networks and our cloud partners to meet the growing demand for cloud-based services in Mexico.” Vincent English, CEO at Megaport Local businesses in Mexico will get amazing benefits through Megaport’s partnership with KIO networks. It will provide them with seamless access to direct cloud connectivity as they continue adopting hybrid cloud and multi-cloud architectures. Santiago Suinaga, Managing Director of KIO Networks, said, “KIO Networks is excited to offer our customers Megaport’s leading global Network as a Service platform as a quick and easy way to connect their businesses to cloud services for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments inside our data centers in Mexico. We believe the partnership gives our customers the agility, flexibility, and scalability they need for their digital transformation initiatives to be successful.”

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Authentic8's Silo is The First Cloud-Native Web Isolation Platform to be given FedRAMP Authorization

Authentic8 | April 06, 2021

Authentic8, the developers of the Silo Web Isolation Platform, announced today that its Silo product suite and cloud technology have been granted FedRAMP authorization, a comprehensive certification proving that its products and services follow regulatory standards for hosting the US government data. FedRAMP is the only third-party credential program accredited by the United States government for ensuring the integrity of private cloud providers. Authentic8 is one of approximately 215 vendors that have earned FedRAMP clearance. “FedRAMP authorization is the gold standard for cloud-based services, and Silo is the only web isolation platform that has it.” Unlike self-certification, FedRAMP allows certified third parties to determine and verify compliance with a codified series of federal risk management requirements,” said Scott Petry, CEO of Authentic8. “With FedRAMP approval, Authentic8 has been validated as sufficiently safe to host U.S. government data, regardless of agency. Any entity, public or private, benefits directly from FedRAMP's intrinsic protection as well as the quality improvement process.” The Silo Web Isolation Platform is used by government departments and Fortune 500 companies to harden and automate their security architectures; to provide safe and anonymous web access to staff; to monitor high-value workflows, sensitive data, and web-based applications; and to perform web analysis with no risk of attribution back to the system or network. "By using Silo's FedRAMP authorization, customers who need to function under some compliance system benefit immediately," said Michael Fledderjohann, Authentic8's Director of Security and Compliance. “Our security safeguards, in conjunction with key Silo technologies such as access management, privacy policy enforcement, and encrypted logging, assist our customers in ensuring their compliance with other requirements such as HIPAA, CCPA/CPRA, GDPR, SOX, GLB, PCI, and others.” Authentic8's patented Silo Web Isolation Platform operates by separating users from the web by running all web code off-site in a removable container in the cloud, preventing it from accessing the network environment or end computer. Silo integrates confidentiality, identity, and data policy into the browser. It liberates the site's strength and removes the threats of unregulated third-party web content, unauthorized access, employee abuse of unmanaged devices, and malicious intent by hackers or state-sponsored actors. About Authentic8 The world's most at-risk organizations depend on Authentic8 to eliminate the risk of accessing the internet. More than 500 government agencies and commercial companies depend on Authentic8's cloud-based Silo Web Isolation Platform to isolate the stuff they care about — like applications, data, and devices — from the things they can't trust, like external websites, users, and unmanaged devices. Authentic8 challenges the decades-old approach to web access. Customers have the assurance they require that their web use is safe and compliant in every session through its proactive security and policy control.

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