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Ideal Integrations Expands Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity Portfolio with Acquisition of thinkCSC

Ideal Integrations Expands Cloud with Acquisition of thinkCSC

Ideal Integrations, a leading provider of cloud computing and cybersecurity solutions, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of thinkCSC, a Columbus, Ohio-based prominent cloud computing company. This strategic move is set to significantly strengthen Ideal Integrations' market position and ensure that organizations can leverage cutting-edge technologies while receiving unparalleled support.

The acquisition of thinkCSC represents a significant milestone in Ideal Integrations' growth strategy, as it further expands its range of cutting-edge technology services. With a specific focus on customer service, thinkCSC has earned a stellar reputation for delivering customized cloud computing solutions to a diverse clientele. By bringing their expertise and customer-centric approach under the Ideal Integrations umbrella, the company aims to elevate its service offerings and deliver enhanced value to its clients.

"Today's acquisition of thinkCSC is an exciting development for Ideal Integrations and our customers," said Michael Stratos, CEO of Ideal Integrations. "We have always placed great emphasis on delivering innovative, secure, and reliable cloud computing solutions. With this acquisition, we not only expand our capabilities but also deepen our commitment to providing exceptional customer service."

Through this acquisition, Ideal Integrations will leverage thinkCSC's talented team of professionals, who possess in-depth expertise and a passion for delivering personalized solutions. This integration will facilitate the seamless transition of thinkCSC's existing customer base into the broader Ideal Integrations ecosystem, ensuring uninterrupted service and providing access to an even wider array of resources.

"We are thrilled to have thinkCSC merge with Ideal Integrations," said Stratos. "Our shared commitment to customer service and passion for innovation makes this partnership a natural fit. By combining our respective strengths, we will continue to drive positive outcomes for our clients and help them achieve their cloud computing goals."

The expanded portfolio resulting from this acquisition will offer an array of scalable, secure, and customizable solutions, enabling businesses to achieve operational efficiency, enhance data security, and accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Additionally, customers will benefit from Ideal Integrations' robust suite of cybersecurity solutions, safeguarding their cloud infrastructure from evolving threats and ensuring data integrity.

About Ideal Integrations

Ideal Integrations is a leading provider of cloud computing and cybersecurity solutions. With a strong commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction, the company offers a comprehensive suite of services, including data security, cybersecurity, virtual infrastructure, network design, managed services, and fiber connectivity. With a global presence and a team of highly skilled professionals, Ideal Integrations delivers secure, scalable, and tailored solutions that empower organizations to achieve their goals. For more information, visit



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NetApp and Equinix Deliver Industry’s Most Comprehensive Bare Metal-as-a-Service Solution for Cloud Adjacent Experience

Business Wire | October 18, 2023

NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP), a global cloud-led, data centric software company, today announced their new joint Bare-Metal-as-a-Service (BMaaS) solution, NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal. NetApp Storage integrated with Equinix Metal is delivered as an as-a-service model through NetApp Keystone, which offers a real hybrid cloud experience—in a single subscription—so users can choose the storage capacity and performance they need without overprovisioning. Keystone® greatly reduces upfront costs with the flexibility to add more storage on demand as business needs dictate. NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal provides customers with a full stack of compute, networking and storage infrastructure with low-latency interconnection to all major public clouds. This environment can be either single tenant or dedicated, and meets most stringent performance requirements, provides elasticity, and is packaged, priced, billed and supported under a single agreement. Today’s rapid pace of cloud innovation enables companies to move more workload types to the hybrid multi-cloud more easily and in greater numbers than ever before, said Sandeep Singh, Senior Vice President and GM of Enterprise Storage at NetApp. NetApp is a leader in delivering native cloud and first-party solutions on all three major public clouds that provide a unified hybrid multicloud experience for customers. NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal further illustrates the industry value of our partnership and our collective commitment to providing as-a-service, hybrid multicloud solutions with higher performance, scalability, and simplified management. Key benefits of NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal include: Integrated Solution: NetApp Storage is fully integrated with Equinix Metal's infrastructure, ensuring a cohesive full stack experience for storage (file, block, and object), compute, and networking as-a-Service under a single subscription. Cloud Adjacent: Customers can choose how they want to build their hybrid multicloud experience while maintaining control of their data in a low latency, high performance environment—on premises, in the cloud, or anywhere in between—on all three major public clouds. Higher performance for demanding workloads: When NetApp Storage is combined with Equinix Metal's high-performance dedicated bare metal servers, users unlock fast data access, minimal latency, and the ability to handle the most demanding workloads with ease. Scalable Capacity and Performance On-Demand: With NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal, customers can scale their storage resources as required to meet evolving business needs. Superior Data Security: NetApp Storage delivers industry-leading encryption, ransomware, and security features, and enables customers to receive industry-leading physical and environmental security in an Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data center to help ensure customer data remains protected. NetApp’s proactive ransomware detection capabilities can identify potential cybersecurity threats and automatically perform an additional immutable back up of data if a threat is suspected. Global Reach: Equinix's extensive global footprint lets users take advantage of NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal in Equinix IBX data centers across the world. As of June 2023, Equinix has a total of 250 IBX data centers globally in 71 metros with 26 Equinix Metal locations. Simplified Management: NetApp's unified control plane for storage and data services provides customers with comprehensive control and visibility over their data no matter where it resides. Equinix Metal's automated provisioning platform further simplifies deployment and management. “The growth of cloud adoption, the acceleration of AI, and the desire to derive real-time insights from data puts significant pressure on customers to optimize data management to gain a competitive advantage,” said Brian Stein, Senior Vice President, Edge Infrastructure Services at Equinix. “Achieving our goal of an integrated, full stack, solution is another milestone that provides enterprise customers low latency access to all clouds while keeping control of their data. This cloud adjacency helps transform how companies deploy applications, design their own solutions, and generate new revenue streams while simplifying operations and containing costs.” NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal is a strategic expansion of NetApp’s Cloud strategy, adding a true hybrid multicloud experience. NetApp can now deliver the entire stack in Equinix IBX data centers outfitted with Equinix Metal. The solution provides an optimized connection to most major public clouds through local, high-speed connectivity through on ramps. On Equinix’s global dedicated bare metal equipment, users have full access to NetApp cloud services such as Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

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Fortinet and Wiz Partner for Securing Cloud Workloads Using CNAPP

Fortinet | September 13, 2023

Fortinet and Wiz partner for enhanced cloud workload protection, joining each other's tech programs. Their collaboration combines Fortinet's network security with Wiz's cloud technology, bolstering cloud workload protection. The partnership broadens Fortinet's Open Fabric Ecosystem, enabling unified cloud workload security for joint customers. Fortinet and Wiz Technologies have formed a partnership to better secure cloud workloads. Wiz has joined Fortinet's Fabric-Ready Technology Alliance Partner Program, while Fortinet has become a part of the Wiz Integration (WIN) Program. Together, they have developed an integrated solution combining their technologies to safeguard cloud workloads. Fortinet’s customers can utilize the Wiz Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) to scan their cloud infrastructure, identify risks, and implement automation rules. On the other hand, Wiz customers can leverage Fortinet's Security Fabric to automate security enforcement and protect their cloud environments, utilizing tools like the FortiGate VM Next-Generation Firewall virtual appliance and FortiGate Cloud-Native Firewall (CNF) for traffic management. This partnership allows Fortinet to expand its Open Fabric Ecosystem and offer joint customers comprehensive cloud workload security across different cloud environments. For Wiz, having Fortinet as part of WIN empowers security teams to meet diverse needs quickly and adopt an efficient cloud operating model. Fortinet has numerous Open Fabric Ecosystem partners, including major players like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco, Google Cloud, IBM Security, and Microsoft. The WIN Program facilitates technology integrations and offers a catalog of cloud security partner integrations from various cybersecurity and technology companies. The Fortinet and Wiz partnership enhances cloud workload protection by combining Fortinet's network security with Wiz's cloud technology. It enables automation, provides comprehensive cloud security, and expands Fortinet's ecosystem of security partners. Customers gain unified cloud security solutions across various cloud environments and access to integrated technologies. Concerns may arise regarding vendor lock-in and potential integration challenges. The partnership may not cover all cloud platforms, and overlapping features should be carefully assessed. Organizations relying on this partner ecosystem may have limitations in terms of security capabilities and offerings.

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Ericsson and Google Cloud Jointly Develop an AI-Powered Cloud RAN

Ericsson | September 25, 2023

Ericsson and Google Cloud join forces to introduce Ericsson Cloud RAN on Google Distributed Cloud, enhancing automation and AI/ML capabilities for CSPs. The collaboration enables highly efficient and secure distributed cloud solutions, leveraging Google Cloud services like Vertex AI and BigQuery. Ericsson and Google Cloud's expanded partnership offers CSPs greater flexibility and advanced solutions to meet evolving network demands. Ericsson has announced an expansion of its partnership with Google Cloud, introducing an Ericsson Cloud RAN solution on Google Distributed Cloud (GDC). This collaboration, utilizing the x86-based accelerator stack, aims to provide integrated automation and orchestration through AI and ML. The solution promises faster service delivery, enhanced efficiency, and increased flexibility for communication service providers (CSPs) in their networks. GDC offers a fully managed hardware and software portfolio, extending Google Cloud's capabilities to the edge and data centers. The Ericsson vDU and vCU are successfully running on GDC Edge in the Ericsson Open Lab in Ottawa, Canada. Deploying Ericsson Cloud RAN on GDC Edge enables a highly efficient, secure, and scalable distributed cloud for radio access network infrastructure. Running Ericsson Cloud RAN on GDC Edge will enable CSPs to leverage Google Cloud services such as Vertex AI and BigQuery to enhance the usability of data sets from Cloud RAN applications, offering opportunities for better control and optimization. This collaboration allows CSPs to build networks based on open standards and interface with multiple vendors. Ericsson's Cloud RAN solution is infrastructure-agnostic, accommodating various cloud infrastructures. To enhance cloud-native automation, Ericsson and Google Cloud are collaborating on the open-source project Nephio, aiming to standardize critical functionality. Mårten Lerner, Head of Product Line Cloud RAN at Ericsson, emphasizes the partnership's benefits for cloud-native solutions and automation, providing flexibility and choice for CSPs. Gabriele Di Piazza, Senior Director of Telecom Products at Google Cloud, acknowledges Ericsson as a distinguished Google Cloud Partner, highlighting their support for mutual customers. This expansion of the Ericsson-Google Cloud partnership aims to empower CSPs with advanced solutions for their evolving networks. The integration of Ericsson Cloud RAN with Google Distributed Cloud may add complexity to network management and require additional investment in personnel training for CSPs. The partnership between Ericsson and Google Cloud offers CSP automation and AI/ML capabilities for faster service delivery and greater network efficiency. Google Distributed Cloud ensures secure infrastructure, and CSPs can optimize data management with services like Vertex AI and BigQuery while maintaining vendor diversity through open standards and interfaces. This collaboration equips CSPs to meet evolving network demands effectively.

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