IntelliShift Launches Next-Generation AI Video Delivering 9x Incident Reduction and Guaranteed Safety ROI

IntelliShift | March 30, 2022

IntelliShift, the leading cloud-based fleet and safety management platform, today announced the AI Dash Cam 400, available for immediate deployment. The reimagined solution includes optimized hardware with rapid install technology using plug-and-play connections that enable fleets to keep their vehicles on the road to yield an even faster time to value. Vehicles can be upfitted in less than 30 minutes, and the solution can be easily moved to other vehicles when leased or replacement vehicles get onboarded to a fleet.

IntelliShift has also released new platform enhancements that enable fleet owners to deploy and manage comprehensive safety technology quickly and seamlessly with IntelliShift’s all-in-one solution. Offering the industry’s tightest integration of video, AI, advanced telematics, and engine diagnostics, IntelliShift gives fleet owners across industries, ranging from construction to field service and utilities, the real-time access to unified data that unlocks efficiency, visibility, and safety.

The IntelliShift AI Dash Cam 400 generates cost savings and immediate safety ROI by reducing accidents, lowering insurance premiums, and providing a full-picture view of safety events through its integrated approach to collecting and analyzing data. Compared to other systems that utilize insights from disparate platforms, IntelliShift prevents siloed analytics and reporting, which often results in mixed signals about the next step to take to improve your fleet business processes.

IntelliShift’s single-source data, built on a common architecture, is always in-sync across video and telematics, ensuring accuracy and fairness in post-accident fault determination to exonerate innocent drivers and reduce settlement costs. IntelliShift’s telematics and AI video technology was designed with the knowledge that quick access to advanced AI video is central to a fleet’s ability to reduce dangerous driving and lower costs. The AI Dash Cam 400 provides key AI functionality without extraneous features that don’t directly contribute to ROI.

About 3,000 people die every year as a result of distracted driving and approximately 400,000 others are injured. A recent survey by IntelliShift also found that 82% of consumers prefer commercial vehicles have driver-facing and road-facing dash cameras installed to promote better driving behavior. IntelliShift’s AI Dash Cam 400 captures video of the road and driver simultaneously, providing proactive in-cab driver coaching to prevent dangerous behaviors. In fact, customers who implement the IntelliShift platform with integrated AI dash cams and driver scorecards, and follow its proven safety best practices, realize a 9X reduction in harsh driving incidents, including hard braking, speeding, and rapid acceleration, key contributors to high vehicle accident rates.*

“When developing the AI Dash Cam 400, we went beyond creating a product that offers a faster installation and an intelligently designed form factor. Our development was rooted in ensuring we could deliver tangible ROI through every possible avenue by solving many of the problems that the first-generation AI video solutions left out,” said Ryan Wilkinson, Chief Technology Officer at IntelliShift. “Additionally, we evolved our approach to supply chain to get product into users’ hands quickly and at scale.”

About IntelliShift
IntelliShift is the leader in connected fleet and safety operations. Leveraging 20 years of telematics expertise, our cloud-based IoT platform unites people, processes, vehicles, and equipment. Connecting real-time operational data, IntelliShift delivers actionable insights and intelligently predicts and optimizes business performance. As a trusted partner to mobile and field operations spanning SMB to the enterprise market, our client-centric approach ensures a seamless deployment, easy integration with existing solutions and generates immediate returns through increased productivity, improved safety metrics and a demonstrable reduction in costs per asset. We are proud to work with leading brands including Bimbo Bakeries, Thyssenkrupp Elevators and US Ecology.


Cloud Emerges As Smart Choice For Business Continuity Survey Reveals IT Moving Toward Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery A new VMware Research study from IDG reveals that for many organizations, their current business continuity strategies lag behind the new, cloud-based options.


Cloud Emerges As Smart Choice For Business Continuity Survey Reveals IT Moving Toward Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery A new VMware Research study from IDG reveals that for many organizations, their current business continuity strategies lag behind the new, cloud-based options.

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Cloud Security Alliance | June 07, 2022

The RSA Conference takes place every year in San Francisco. CISO Perspectives and Progress in Deploying Zero Trust was issued today by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world's largest organization dedicated to developing standards, certifications, and best practices to help ensure a safe cloud computing environment. The exploratory study, conducted by the Zero Trust Advancement Center (ZTAC), interviewed over 800 IT and security experts to discover where Zero Trust ranks as a priority inside their organizations, as well as the top business and technical difficulties they've faced throughout implementation. "The philosophy of Zero Trust has the potential to fundamentally reshape our approach to securing the technology we use across the board over the course of the next few years. Arriving at this destination requires greater clarity and a common understanding of Zero Trust principles as well as articulating concise strategies and adopting the appropriate frameworks. This survey is data rich and should be carefully contemplated by the industry to identify the roadblocks and opportunities for pervasive Zero Trust. CSA is aggressively producing valuable research such as this within our Zero Trust Advancement Center to bring the topic in focus for our community," said Jim Reavis, CEO, of Cloud Security Alliance. The study gathered 823 responses from IT and security experts from diverse business sizes and regions, including 219 C-level executives. This is the first part of a multi-part survey that will take place this year. Courses in Zero Trust architecture and strategy, a CloudBytes webinar series, multiple research whitepapers, an annual Zero Trust Summit to begin in Q4 2022, and new professional certification, the Certificate of Zero Trust Knowledge, are among the ZTAC's upcoming initiatives during the next 18 months (CZTK). The Zero Trust Advancement Center builds on the breakthrough Software-Defined Perimeter study series, Cloud Controls Matrix, Enterprise Architecture, and other relevant virtualized security concepts developed by the CSA. Organizations can sign up for the initiative and register their interest at

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Microsoft Introduced Windows 365 as a Simpler Option For Cloud-Based Pcs

Microsoft | July 15, 2021

Microsoft on Wednesday announced the launch of Windows 365 that will provide a new way for organizations to allow access to virtual cloud-based PCs running on Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Users can now access a virtual PC configured with work applications from their home PC or a non-Windows system like an Apple Mac, iPad, or Android tablet. Windows 365 evolves as the solution for remote access to enterprise applications on any device as some employees are still out of their offices due to the Covid pandemic. Microsoft will be able to make Windows revenue more predictable with Windows 365. Otherwise, it will continue to be in fragments as people upgrade from older versions. Windows 365 was designed to simplify Microsoft’s product Windows Virtual Desktop (later renamed as Azure Virtual Desktop). It was used to allow out access to cloud-based Windows PCs. However, setting up and managing multiple virtual desktops was challenging and involved cost. In an interview with CNBC on Monday, Jared Spataro, Vice President of Microsoft Corporate, said, “The experience of using Windows 10 or Windows 11 on Windows 365 will be the same as it’s been on Azure Virtual Desktop. However, the new service will provide more powerful controls to the administrators. They will be able to observe Cloud PCs and physical PCs simultaneously in Microsoft Endpoint Manager software.” Spataro added, “The company wants to enhance Windows 365 with offline access, which will enable people who lost their internet connection to sync in the changes as soon as the connection re-established. We are not planning to bring similar capabilities to Azure Virtual Desktop.” Organizations will be able to make monthly payments per user for the number of desktops they use. They can also select specific configurations with computing, storage, and memory for different desktops. Microsoft will reveal the pricing of Windows 365 on Aug. 2, when the service becomes available widely. Economic Inferences Microsoft considers Windows 365 as part of a new class. But, Spataro said, “We believe we won’t be the only entry in the category.” According to Shannon Kalvar, a research director at technology industry analysis company IDC, Microsoft’s public cloud competitors Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google can make a strong play. However, AWS offers cloud-based desktops through its WorkSpaces service, while Google has a virtual desktop service for the workforce only. Kalvar said, the virtual client computing market was raised 19% to almost $4.5 billion in 2020, compared with 11% growth in 2019. “Any effort to get intelligence and tools together to the operations of the new resources is a relief to IT organizations,” he added. Windows 365 relies on Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure for financial reporting, but it will come under Microsoft’s Windows Commercial category. This category includes volume Windows licensing for enterprises. In addition, Spataro said, Windows Commercial comes under the mature Windows product range rather than the rapidly growing Azure segment, Spataro said. If many companies adopt Windows 365, revenue from the service could make overall Windows revenue steady and responsive to the Windows releases cycles. As Microsoft halts supporting older versions, companies upgrade their computers in bulk. They could pay Microsoft for Windows 365 per month rather than investing in new PCs with the latest version of Windows. As a result, Windows license revenue flows to Microsoft all at once.

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Cado Security | August 27, 2021

Cado Security, provider of the first and only cloud-native digital forensics platform, unveiled a new offering that provides enterprises a free cloud security investigation powered by the Cado Response platform. Cado is committed to modernizing the way security professionals perform cloud investigations. Organizations will now have the opportunity to experience the full unlimited version of the Cado Response platform, including container and memory forensics, for 14-days. Cado Response is the only digital forensics platform that combines the power of cloud processing and automation to take the complexity out of cloud investigations. Very often, it takes security teams weeks to manually obtain and process the data that is required for a forensics investigation, all whilst the hacker has free rein to inflict damage. Worse, due to the amount of time and effort it takes to conduct a detailed investigation, incidents often get closed without digging deep enough. For fourteen days, organizations can take full advantage of the Cado Response platform, which flips the script on digital forensics. The platform automates data capture and processing across cloud and container environments to enable security professionals to identify root cause and respond to breaches 5x faster. “Cado Security was born from the frustrations my co-founder Chris Doman and I experienced as incident responders,” says James Campbell, Co-founder and CEO of Cado Security. “Other platforms were too slow to keep up with modern cloud environments and unnecessarily complicated. Providing enterprises the opportunity to use the full version of the Cado Response platform for a free investigation furthers our mission to offer tools and resources to ensure everyone can efficiently investigate cloud breaches.” The Cado Security free investigation offer is available through a 14-day trial of the Cado Response platform supported in AWS and Azure. For enterprises interested in conducting a free cloud investigation. About Cado Security Cado Security provides the first and only cloud-native digital forensics platform for enterprises. By automating data capture and processing across cloud and container environments,

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