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Lantum Deploys Lookout Secure Cloud Access to Protect Sensitive Data, Minimize the Risk of Exposure and Ensure Compliance

Businesswire | June 01, 2023 | Read time : 06:00 min

Lantum Deploys Lookout Secure Cloud Access to Protect Sensitive Data

Lookout, Inc., the endpoint-to-cloud security company, today announced that London-based Lantum, a workforce platform company for healthcare organizations, has deployed Lookout Secure Cloud Access to help protect its sensitive data, minimize the risk of exposure and ensure compliance with privacy regulations. Using Lookout, Lantum can now see who is accessing their data and from where, providing its IT and compliance teams with better visibility and control.

Lantum’s workforce platform is used by more than 37,000 clinicians to support the staffing of over 3,000 healthcare organizations, including the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS). As a heavy user of Google Workspace, Lantum was concerned about the risk of unauthorized access to information stored in Google Drive and wanted to be alerted to any downloads of sensitive data. With the deployment of Lookout Secure Cloud Access – Lookout’s cloud access security broker (CASB) solution – Lantum’s IT and compliance teams can now monitor the usage of its data across all apps and clouds, quickly enforce policies to restrict unauthorized access and ensure compliance. The implementation of Lookout Secure Cloud Access helps the company ensure compliance with regulations such as the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 27001 and the U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Essentials, enabling Lantum to continue as a supplier to the NHS, which is the core revenue driver of its business.

Lookout Secure Cloud Access protects data stored in all cloud and SaaS applications. Whether sharing the data externally with partners, or internally with employees, the solution provides IT with control and visibility to ensure an organization’s data stays protected at all times. With adaptive access and data security policies combined with advanced analytics, Lookout enables organizations to safeguard data against intentional insider threats, accidental data exfiltration, data leakage from compromised accounts and other advanced internet-based threats without minimizing user productivity.

U.K.-based Appurity, the cybersecurity and cross-platform mobility specialists, understand all of the requirements for Cyber Essentials accreditation and compliance with ISO. Appurity’s team supported Lantum in securing its critical documents and the perimeter. The ongoing support and management of Lookout’s platform by Appurity means that Lantum has the flexibility to alter policies and enhance its security posture and dynamics as they evolve.

“Cloud tools like Google Workspace and Amazon S3 have blurred the boundaries of how we work – more and more of our business is being accomplished on our employees’ mobile devices, which increases the risk of inappropriate data usage,” said Gary O’Connor, chief technology officer, Lantum. “Lookout Secure Cloud Access has given us complete visibility and control of our data while safeguarding it against cyber attacks and accidental data leakage.”

“In order to accomplish its mission, Lantum must have the right security strategy in place so that it can protect highly sensitive data, such as employee and clinician records, and ensure compliance with several cybersecurity and data standards such as ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials,” said Sundaram Lakshmanan, chief technology officer, Lookout. “With Lookout Secure Cloud Access, Lantum has seamless security across all cloud and SaaS apps with unified policies, trusted data security and validated standards compliance.”

About Lookout

Lookout, Inc. is the endpoint-to-cloud cybersecurity company that delivers zero trust security by reducing risk and protecting data wherever it goes, without boundaries or limits. Our unified, cloud-native platform safeguards digital information across devices, apps, networks and clouds and is as fluid and flexible as the modern digital world. Lookout is trusted by enterprises and government agencies of all sizes to protect the sensitive data they care about most, enabling them to work and connect freely and safely. To learn more about the Lookout Cloud Security Platform, visit and follow Lookout on our blog, LinkedIn and Twitter.

© 2023 Lookout, Inc. LOOKOUT®, the Lookout Shield Design®, and LOOKOUT with Shield Design® are registered trademarks of Lookout, Inc. in the United States and other countries. DAY OF SHECURITY®, LOOKOUT MOBILE SECURITY®, and POWERED BY LOOKOUT® are registered trademarks of Lookout, Inc. in the United States. Lookout, Inc. maintains common law trademark rights in EVERYTHING IS OK, PROTECTED BY LOOKOUT, CIPHERCLOUD, the 4 Bar Shield Design, and the Lookout multi-color/multi-shaded Wingspan design.


What separates one cloud analytics platform from another? They all provide the same general benefits, but they don't all provide the same long-term benefits. For example, they may: Remove technological barriers but not remove learning barriers Increase access to data but not the understanding of it Scale with your company's need


What separates one cloud analytics platform from another? They all provide the same general benefits, but they don't all provide the same long-term benefits. For example, they may: Remove technological barriers but not remove learning barriers Increase access to data but not the understanding of it Scale with your company's need

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Redbrick announces its acquisition of Animoto, an easy-to-use video creation software that allows users to make and share professional video content. Animoto’s patented Cinematic AI technology makes it easy for anyone to turn photos, screen recordings, and short clips into powerful, professional videos. Over the last 16 years, Animoto has helped businesses, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts create videos through intuitive drag-and-drop software. The platform supports over 70,000 customers and millions of users breaking into video marketing and forging brand connections through engaging high-quality content. "By acquiring Animoto, we're making Redbrick's portfolio stronger and more diverse," said Tobyn Sowden, CEO of Redbrick. "This acquisition means we've reached $100M in annualized revenue and 200 team members. Animoto's role in Redbrick is really important as it allows digital entrepreneurs to tap into the power of video which is the fastest-growing way to reach people online." Redbrick set its sights on a $100M revenue goal back in 2019. With the addition of Animoto, the Canadian tech company will be surpassing that achievement and reaching an international headcount of 200 employees. This announcement also marks Redbrick’s third major acquisition in the past four years and the company’s latest move to expand its portfolio with software that supports digital entrepreneurship. The Redbrick portfolio currently includes marketing automation, a no-code website-builder and lead-generation platform, as well as productivity tools. “We are thrilled to be joining Redbrick and embarking on this exciting new chapter,” said Brad Jefferson, CEO and Co-Founder of Animoto. “Working with Redbrick will open new doors for Animoto as we continue to grow, bringing even more innovative features to our customers. After 16 years as an independent company, Animoto and our customers have a lot to gain by being welcomed into the Redbrick family. This acquisition immediately boosts our ability to empower more individuals and small businesses with the most effective and compelling way to tell a story.” Since being founded in 2011, Redbrick has built, acquired, and scaled portfolio companies including Leadpages, Shift, Rebase, and Delivra, expanding into a recognized innovator and multinational name. The acquisition of Animoto represents a strategic addition to Redbrick’s portfolio and a testament to the Canadian-grown company’s accelerating rise in the North American tech sphere. About Redbrick Redbrick is the parent organization to a portfolio of disruptive digital companies that grow through innovative product development, results-driven marketing, and a model of shared services with strategic executive oversight. Redbrick and its operating companies—Leadpages, Shift, Rebase, and Delivra—excel at innovating in their industries and getting in front of the very people who want their products. Founded in 2011, the Victoria, BC company has been named one of Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers four years running.

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Fortinet and Wiz Partner for Securing Cloud Workloads Using CNAPP

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Fortinet and Wiz partner for enhanced cloud workload protection, joining each other's tech programs. Their collaboration combines Fortinet's network security with Wiz's cloud technology, bolstering cloud workload protection. The partnership broadens Fortinet's Open Fabric Ecosystem, enabling unified cloud workload security for joint customers. Fortinet and Wiz Technologies have formed a partnership to better secure cloud workloads. Wiz has joined Fortinet's Fabric-Ready Technology Alliance Partner Program, while Fortinet has become a part of the Wiz Integration (WIN) Program. Together, they have developed an integrated solution combining their technologies to safeguard cloud workloads. Fortinet’s customers can utilize the Wiz Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) to scan their cloud infrastructure, identify risks, and implement automation rules. On the other hand, Wiz customers can leverage Fortinet's Security Fabric to automate security enforcement and protect their cloud environments, utilizing tools like the FortiGate VM Next-Generation Firewall virtual appliance and FortiGate Cloud-Native Firewall (CNF) for traffic management. This partnership allows Fortinet to expand its Open Fabric Ecosystem and offer joint customers comprehensive cloud workload security across different cloud environments. For Wiz, having Fortinet as part of WIN empowers security teams to meet diverse needs quickly and adopt an efficient cloud operating model. Fortinet has numerous Open Fabric Ecosystem partners, including major players like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco, Google Cloud, IBM Security, and Microsoft. The WIN Program facilitates technology integrations and offers a catalog of cloud security partner integrations from various cybersecurity and technology companies. The Fortinet and Wiz partnership enhances cloud workload protection by combining Fortinet's network security with Wiz's cloud technology. It enables automation, provides comprehensive cloud security, and expands Fortinet's ecosystem of security partners. Customers gain unified cloud security solutions across various cloud environments and access to integrated technologies. Concerns may arise regarding vendor lock-in and potential integration challenges. The partnership may not cover all cloud platforms, and overlapping features should be carefully assessed. Organizations relying on this partner ecosystem may have limitations in terms of security capabilities and offerings.

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SkyKick Releases Major Platform Upgrades with New Intelligent Cloud Backup Product, Revamped Security Manager, and Next-Generation Migration Suites

Businesswire | July 31, 2023

SkyKick (, a global leader in cloud automation and management solutions for information technology service providers (ITSPs), today announced major enhancements to its Cloud Management Platform. New products and updates deliver enhanced data protection capabilities and personalized security insights, enabling ITSPs to meet the growing demand for robust security solutions and conversations in the SMB market. This marks the biggest platform update in the company’s ten-year history. In an era dominated by data and AI, security is a top concern for 88% of SMB customers. Despite overall IT budgets staying flat or even declining, 42% of SMB business owners are open to investing more in security and data protection solutions. SMB appetite for MSP security services continues to grow against the backdrop of increased Microsoft 365 adoption (now with an estimated 382 million commercial users worldwide) and the proliferation of sensitive data that is being created in the cloud. ITSPs are struggling to meet demand. “As pioneers in Microsoft 365 cloud data protection and security, we closely monitor usage and adoption trends among customers and partners," said SkyKick Co-CEO Todd Schwartz. "We’re seeing that in order for ITSPs to turn customer appetite into a successful security and data protection business, they need better and more intelligent tools. Our new products make it easy for ITSPs to not only meet customer demand, but also build a successful security practice – one that is easy to sell and easy to manage." SkyKick is announcing a reimagined Cloud Backup product, offering Intelligent Data Protection for Microsoft 365. Among the exciting new features is SmartInsights, a new capability that enhances customer engagements through insights on data growth and protection trends. Today, customers are proactively seeking to understand their data protection status. With SmartInsights, ITSPs can tap into this customer appetite and transform data protection into a valuable differentiator. Beyond SmartInsights, the new Cloud Backup introduces a user-centric architecture that streamlines ease of use for ITSPs. Examples include a new Groups Management functionality, which scales onboarding and offboarding processes. Extending the comprehensive Microsoft 365 coverage, protection for Microsoft Planner data is now also included. Collectively, the new Cloud Backup reimagines data protection for the modern ITSP, reducing time to resolution and increasing customer satisfaction. Additionally, SkyKick has revamped its Security Manager solution, which now has millions of SMB end-users under management since its debut in the fall of 2022. “For partners to fully deliver on the customer promise, they need to go beyond data protection. We created Security Manager to help partners be more proactive on security and grow a stronger practice,” said SkyKick Co-CEO Evan Richman. “Today, SkyKick is announcing SecurityRadar, a key innovation within Security Manager, purpose-built to arm 100,000 Microsoft cloud partners with data-driven security insights they can use to drive proactive and personalized customer engagement.” Beyond SecurityRadar, Security Manager is upgrading its proprietary Microsoft Partner Center Connector (PCI) with new sync technology that is 2X faster and more automated - further simplifying day-to-day customer management and Microsoft-mandated GDAP compliance. Early market reaction to the new updates has been very positive. “Security is a top priority for Kinetix and New Charter Technologies. We are excited about the new innovations in Security Manager, and SecurityRadar is a game-changer for us,” said Robert Herbaugh, Security and Strategy Specialist at a leading MSP. “By facilitating strong customer conversations on security, it is helping us drive increased customer value and revenue growth.” SkyKick is also announcing the next major version of its industry-leading Migration Suites. Between a streamlined setup, a more performant sync technology, and a highly configurable new migration experience – SkyKick has reimagined the “easiest way to Microsoft 365” with even more ease, flexibility, and control for the modern ITSP. ITSPs, as well as their customers, deserve the assurance of knowing that their technology itself is certified to be robust and enterprise-grade. Building on its numerous other certifications, the SkyKick platform and system is now certified for ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and Data Pro. SkyKick Co-CEO Evan Richman noted, “Our fundamental vision remains to be the platform of choice for ITSPs building and growing a business around Microsoft 365. With the major enhancements that we are announcing now across Migrations, Backup, Security Manager, and Certifications, we are confident that SkyKick will help IT partners to stay ahead of challenges and deliver a truly differentiated value in the channel.” About SkyKick SkyKick is a global provider of cloud management software for IT Services Providers. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Wash., and has offices in Amsterdam, Sydney, and Tokyo. Its products are designed to help build successful cloud businesses by making it easy and efficient for IT providers to migrate, backup, manage and secure their customers in the cloud. Over 30,000 partners worldwide use SkyKick’s products to accelerate their cloud business, and the company has won numerous awards including being named a Microsoft Partner of the Year, 2023 IAMCP Partner of the Year, Red Herring Top 100 North America winner and one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” in Washington State. For more information visit

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