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Leading Canadian Cloud Technology Provider acquired by AppDirect

AppDirect | February 11, 2022

Leading Canadian
AppDirect, the leading subscription commerce platform company, has announced the acquisition of, one of Canada's top cloud technology providers. AppDirect obtains full end-to-end Microsoft capabilities and expands its geographic reach in Canada for its AppSmart business, which is focused on helping channel partners and organizations locate, buy, and manage technology. will scale its present company considerably and expand its products offerings by gaining access to the AppSmart catalog, which has over 600 prominent SaaS technology and telecommunications companies., which started as an online backup and recovery company in 2005, now offers a wide range of cloud solutions to over 1200 technology partners who serve thousands of significant business customers across Canada. will complement and augment its renowned digital partner portal with new AppSmart marketplace-powered industry-first capabilities. The AppSmart marketplace offers partners access to a diverse range of technology and business solutions, as well as a suite of strong management tools to help them run and expand their businesses. AppSmart's identity management, application management, and data visualization tools solutions may also be extended directly to their business customers to aid them to find and manage all their technology in one place.

"I'm thrilled to welcome to the AppDirect family, which will enable us to jointly enhance the opportunities and services delivers to its technology partners in Canada." I'm also thrilled that as part of the acquisition, we will be on boarding the phenomenal team that built into what it is today," 

Renée Bergeron, senior vice-president and general manager AppSmart

AppDirect has a long-standing history in Canada, and the addition of is a significant step forward in providing even more options to its partners. has built a reputation as a top Microsoft Partner over the years, and it delivers that expertise to AppSmart advisors and end-users. and AppSmart advisors will have access to end-to-end Microsoft Cloud capabilities by combining's Microsoft Azure and Business 365 experience with AppSmart's Dynamics 365 capabilities.

"We believe our partners will greatly benefit from this new relationship by combining AppDirect's strong global industry depth and leadership with our relationships and expertise in helping our partners digitally transform their customers," said Mirco Cristoni, president, "Our partners will have access to more services, solutions and tools to grow their business, while enjoying the same relationships at that they have had for the past 17 years," shared Cristoni.

As a part of the acquisition, AppDirect will integrate the existing leadership team of, allowing the teams to offer new solutions with over 1000 products currently available on AppSmart.


Nutanix helped Markel cut infrastructure delivery from two months to under hours by automating server builds and integrating with its existing IT tools. See how Nutanix delivered faster outcomes, which enabled Markel to create the ideal software-defined datacenter.


Nutanix helped Markel cut infrastructure delivery from two months to under hours by automating server builds and integrating with its existing IT tools. See how Nutanix delivered faster outcomes, which enabled Markel to create the ideal software-defined datacenter.

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Leading SaaS Data Protection Provider Keepit Launches Backup and Recovery for Microsoft Azure DevOps

Businesswire | July 04, 2023

Keepit, the market leader in cloud data protection and management, today announced the launch of its new backup and recovery service for Microsoft Azure DevOps. Keepit is the world’s only independent, vendor-neutral cloud dedicated to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data protection with a blockchain-verified solution, and the Azure DevOps service adds to the company’s already industry-leading coverage for Microsoft’s cloud services. “Azure DevOps has limited disaster recovery coverage. If a company loses its Azure DevOps data, it loses access to development operations, which means it loses the ability to track, document and deliver what software it’s building. Those losses can have a severe impact on the development team’s productivity and ability to deliver to its customers,” said Paul Robichaux, Keepit’s senior director of Product and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) and is characterized by key principles of shared ownership, rapid and continuous deployment, workflow automation, and rapid feedback. It is a way of thinking, collaborating and driving effectiveness and efficiency in software development, with a goal of delivering software more quickly while maintaining high quality. Azure DevOps (ADO) is Microsoft’s solution for implementing DevOps and supports a culture and set of processes that bring together developers, project managers, and individual contributors. Tools available as part of the Azure DevOps suite include Azure Boards, a standalone service that helps teams plan, track and discuss work across the entire software development process, and Azure Pipelines, which provides build and release services to support continuous integration and delivery of applications. With its simple, fast and flexible Azure DevOps backup and recovery service, Keepit safeguards these workloads against large-scale disasters and provides its customers with the following: The most comprehensive protection and quickest recovery for Azure DevOps Boards and Pipelines data and metadata​ Protection for Azure boards – including work items, boards, backlogs, team sprints, queries, and delivery plans Restoration with full metadata, including comments, custom fields and attachments Rapid restoration of critical continuous integration and continuous development/deployment (CI/CD) automations and Pipelines to a known-good state​ Immutable storage of data in Keepit’s ISO 2700-certified private cloud, providing long-term immutable archive or escrow copy of sensitive ADO data Granular protection that delivers speedy recovery, including for accidental deletions or changes, to minimize disruption to mission-critical activities Compliance with various data protection regulations. Robichaux added, “Keepit’s fine-grained, incremental coverage protects against both ‘Oops’ scenarios and large-scale incidents. Our Azure DevOps backup and recovery service will enable businesses to protect their software development operations as an add-on to the coverage we offer for Microsoft’s cloud services. We are excited to include this in our already robust stable of offerings for our clients.” With its unmatched ease of use, fast restore features that minimize downtime, and cost-effectiveness, Keepit continues to be the solution that organizations rely on to protect their cloud-based data. For more information on Keepit’s backup and recovery for Azure DevOps, visit About Keepit Keepit is a Software-as-a-Service company that provides dedicated data protection for companies with data stored in the cloud. Keepit is the world’s only vendor-neutral and independent cloud dedicated to SaaS data protection. Headquartered in Copenhagen with offices and data centers globally, Keepit is trusted by thousands of companies worldwide to protect and manage their cloud data. For more information, visit or follow Keepit | LinkedIn.

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AWS Names SourceFuse as a Launch Partner for Cross-Specialization Modernization

Prnewswire | August 14, 2023

Over the last 17 years, SourceFuse has built a rich history of delivering cloud native applications helping enterprises migrate and modernize on the cloud. Today it is proud to announce that it has been named a launch partner for the new Amazon Web Services (AWS) "Migrate & Modernize with X-Spec" program. This program will enable SourceFuse to accelerate its modernization-led migrations to AWS, unlocking additional business value for its customers. Recognized as an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner offering cloud migration and modernization services, this designation validates SourceFuse's expertise developing and implementing solutions for customers across key industries, including healthcare, life sciences, and financial services. Being part of AWS's new program will add to SourceFuse's extensive portfolio of AWS Competencies and Services Delivery Programs. SourceFuse's recent customer successes include modernization-led migration to AWS for Medical Tracking Solutions, Inc., which reduced TCO by 40%, increased security, reliability, and scalability, and ensured 99.99% availability. In another example, for a leading provider of cloud software solutions, modernization-led migration to AWS was achieved with zero-downtime and disruption to the customer's existing business processes. "We are excited to be named a launch partner of the new AWS Migrate & Modernize with X-Spec program," said Kelly Dyer, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at SourceFuse. "This is testament to our dedication to providing state-of-the-art digital solutions and empowering businesses to thrive in the age of cloud computing. As part of facilitating cross specialization, SourceFuse and AWS will work together with customers to help them modernize their legacy technology sustainably by leveraging open-source cloud native technologies. We look forward to working closely with AWS and our customers to continue driving successful modernization initiatives." SourceFuse's team of AWS-certified experts will leverage their technical proficiency and best practices to help organizations optimize their cloud infrastructure, increase operational efficiency, improve scalability, and enhance security. Kelly Dyer, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at SourceFuse continues: "The one-size-fits-all approach no longer drives inventiveness in the IT industry. Both ours and AWS's customer-centric approach means we work closely with customers to understand their challenges and needs. Our tailored modernization strategies continuously focus on process improvements and optimization. As a result, we have been able to create some really unique and interesting solutions for our customers." About SourceFuse SourceFuse is transforming the way today’s most successful companies develop breakthrough roadmaps leveraging cloud-based technologies. A leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, with 17 years of deep expertise, commitment to digital innovation, service excellence, and customer success, we enable enterprises through bespoke, secure & scalable cloud solutions, leveraging our open-source catalog of microservices and legacy application modernization.

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UnifyCloud Enhances CloudAtlas Software to Facilitate and Accelerate Seamless Migration to Google Cloud

EIN Presswire | August 23, 2023

UnifyCloud, a global ISV and cloud solutions provider focused on simplifying and accelerating modernization and digital transformation, today announced the integration of Google Cloud into its CloudAtlas platform. As a Google Cloud partner, UnifyCloud now offers its cutting-edge CloudAtlas platform to partners focused on migrating infrastructure to Google Cloud. Leveraging more than a decade of experience accelerating cloud migrations with over 3,500 assessments and more than 8 billion lines of code analyzed, UnifyCloud is augmenting its industry-leading cloud enablement CloudAtlas software with support for migration to Google Cloud. CloudAtlas enables partners and clients to swiftly modernize infrastructure, applications, and databases to Google Cloud. UnifyCloud has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program, offering the CloudAtlas platform to help partners and clients efficiently assess infrastructure, applications and databases for cloud readiness, options, effort, and cost with comprehensive, best-in-class analyses rapidly generated for Google Cloud. CloudAtlas does this by scanning millions of lines of application code, and database schema, objects, and stored procedures in just minutes, saving IT departments hundreds, even thousands, of staff hours it would otherwise take to prepare to migrate to the cloud. The crucial analysis and insights rapidly generated by CloudAtlas enables organizations to identify cloud readiness, make well-informed cloud migration decisions and accelerate cloud adoption and digital transformation. Marc Pinotti, CEO and co-founder of UnifyCloud, expressed enthusiasm about the CloudAtlas expansion: “This milestone marks a historic moment for UnifyCloud as we extend our vast cloud experience and expertise to Google Cloud. This broadens our reach and empowers even more partners to harness the power of CloudAtlas for seamless digital transformation. Supporting Google Cloud increases the value of CloudAtlas for partners looking to deliver more cloud options for their customers.” Vivek Bhatnagar, CTO and co-founder of UnifyCloud, also shared his excitement: “Having successfully helped organizations migrate to the Microsoft Cloud for over a decade, expanding our solutions to Google Cloud is a natural progression. We are committed to leveraging our extensive experience to deliver a best-in-class platform for seamless migration to Google Cloud.” Explore how CloudAtlas can quickly identify cloud options and determine the most cost-effective path to Azure or Google Cloud by visiting About UnifyCloud UnifyCloud was born in the cloud with the creation of the CloudAtlas platform to accelerate the modernization and migration of infrastructure, workloads, applications, and databases to the cloud. CloudAtlas has been proven effective in more than 3,500 assessments of over 1.7 million VMs, 190,000 databases, and 26,000 applications with over 8 billion lines of code analyzed for cloud migration. CloudAtlas spans the entire cloud migration journey, assessing, migrating, and optimizing to Microsoft and Google Clouds. UnifyCloud is a Google Cloud partner, Microsoft Solutions Partner, four year Microsoft Partner of the Year honoree – 2023 Modernizing Applications finalist, 2022 Migration to Azure finalist, 2021 Modernizing Applications finalist and 2020 Solution Assessment winner – and was previously named one of Inc. 500’s fastest-growing Private Companies. For more information, contact or visit

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