Leading Canadian Cloud Technology Provider acquired by AppDirect

AppDirect | February 11, 2022

Leading Canadian
AppDirect, the leading subscription commerce platform company, has announced the acquisition of, one of Canada's top cloud technology providers. AppDirect obtains full end-to-end Microsoft capabilities and expands its geographic reach in Canada for its AppSmart business, which is focused on helping channel partners and organizations locate, buy, and manage technology. will scale its present company considerably and expand its products offerings by gaining access to the AppSmart catalog, which has over 600 prominent SaaS technology and telecommunications companies., which started as an online backup and recovery company in 2005, now offers a wide range of cloud solutions to over 1200 technology partners who serve thousands of significant business customers across Canada. will complement and augment its renowned digital partner portal with new AppSmart marketplace-powered industry-first capabilities. The AppSmart marketplace offers partners access to a diverse range of technology and business solutions, as well as a suite of strong management tools to help them run and expand their businesses. AppSmart's identity management, application management, and data visualization tools solutions may also be extended directly to their business customers to aid them to find and manage all their technology in one place.

"I'm thrilled to welcome to the AppDirect family, which will enable us to jointly enhance the opportunities and services delivers to its technology partners in Canada." I'm also thrilled that as part of the acquisition, we will be on boarding the phenomenal team that built into what it is today," 

Renée Bergeron, senior vice-president and general manager AppSmart

AppDirect has a long-standing history in Canada, and the addition of is a significant step forward in providing even more options to its partners. has built a reputation as a top Microsoft Partner over the years, and it delivers that expertise to AppSmart advisors and end-users. and AppSmart advisors will have access to end-to-end Microsoft Cloud capabilities by combining's Microsoft Azure and Business 365 experience with AppSmart's Dynamics 365 capabilities.

"We believe our partners will greatly benefit from this new relationship by combining AppDirect's strong global industry depth and leadership with our relationships and expertise in helping our partners digitally transform their customers," said Mirco Cristoni, president, "Our partners will have access to more services, solutions and tools to grow their business, while enjoying the same relationships at that they have had for the past 17 years," shared Cristoni.

As a part of the acquisition, AppDirect will integrate the existing leadership team of, allowing the teams to offer new solutions with over 1000 products currently available on AppSmart.


Tax groups have a meaningful opportunity to enhance the value of their organization’s digital transformation effort. This priority,which involves migrating tax automation to the cloud in tandem with larger enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud migrations is becoming even more time-sensitive. This white paper examines leading


Tax groups have a meaningful opportunity to enhance the value of their organization’s digital transformation effort. This priority,which involves migrating tax automation to the cloud in tandem with larger enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud migrations is becoming even more time-sensitive. This white paper examines leading

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Redis Extends Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS

Redis | November 23, 2022

Redis, the real-time data platform, announced today a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). Building on the companies’ existing work together, this agreement will make it easier and faster for customers to adopt Redis Enterprise Cloud’s real-time data processing capabilities with the global reach of AWS services. This SCA is designed to deliver new product support, industry-specific solutions, and go-to-market strategies beginning with customers migrating on-premises open source or relational databases to the cloud. Additionally, Redis’ Enterprise Cloud solution that runs on AWS services will make it easier for customers to modernize or build entirely new, intelligent applications. Ultimately this focus will empower customers––ranging from the financial services, gaming, retail, and healthcare/life sciences industries to create highly available geo-distributed applications that require sub-millisecond performance; for example indexing and complex queries of frequently read data. “Today’s businesses must be able to leverage data as it’s created. Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS allows developers to deploy and run modern applications with real-time, right now performance from anywhere on the planet,” said Jason Forget, Chief Revenue Officer and President, Redis. “While Redis has been working closely with AWS for years, we view this collaboration as a way to further customers' desire to build and deploy at global scale with the local latency required by modern applications.” Redis currently uses AWS’s global reach and go-to-market programs to educate and incentivize Redis Enterprise Cloud deployments on AWS. Customers can purchase Redis Enterprise Cloud in AWS Marketplace which offers a simplified and consolidated bill that combines their Redis Enterprise Cloud usage with their AWS consumption. Redis and AWS: Powering the Global Real-Time Economy “Our machine learning models deliver multiple recommendations during a single user session. We needed a high-performance database in order to handle these read and write operations that could be integrated with our machine learning platform, Amazon SageMaker. Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS solves this issue very well for us. I don't think we've ever completed a migration that quickly with such a high volume of data,” said Daniel Galinkin, Head of Machine Learning Engineering at iFood, a Brazilian online food ordering and delivery platform. “We need to be able to take a large amount of reference data and be able to use it for real-time decision making. Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS was the ideal solution to meet our technical requirements as we evolve from our own data centers to also leverage AWS infrastructure. We’re able to support multiple data centers and AWS Regions with Active-Active Redis to optimize for the lowest local latency, provide durability, and control rate limiting to deliver the best experience for our customers. We’ve extended Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS for feature calculations, along with Amazon DynamoDB, to structure, store, and quickly access the data to make calculations for a model,” said Humberto Morales, Chief Architect at Telesign, a digital identity and communications platform-as-a-service. “AWS and Redis have a history of working together. We look forward to expanding our relationship and continuing to deliver innovative solutions for our customers, With this new strategic collaboration between AWS and Redis, we are focused on helping our customers meet their needs seamlessly, and enabling businesses to utilize their data more effectively.” Ruba Borno, Vice President, Worldwide Channels and Alliances at AWS For details on where to find and connect with Redis at AWS re:Invent read the Redis blog or pre-schedule a meeting with an expert in Booth #845. About Redis Data is the lifeline of every business, and Redis helps organizations reimagine how fast they can process, analyze, make predictions, and take action on the data they generate. Redis provides a competitive edge to any business by delivering open source and enterprise-grade data platforms to power applications that drive real-time experiences at any scale. Developers rely on Redis to build performance, scalability, reliability, and security into their applications. Born in the cloud-native era, Redis uniquely enables users to unify data across multi-cloud, hybrid and global applications to maximize business potential. Learn how Redis can give you this edge at

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AlgoSec Acquires Prevasio’s Solution to Help Reduce Cloud Security Costs

AlgoSec | January 02, 2023

A global security company called AlgoSec bought Prevasio, which is a cloud-native application protection platform with an anti-malware scan, a vulnerability assessment, and dynamic analysis for containers. AlgoSec can now give customers a full security solution that includes protection for cloud-native applications, management of cloud security posture, anti-malware scanning, vulnerability assessment, and dynamic analysis for containers. With the acquisition, AlgoSec will be able to offer Prevasio's solution to its 1,800 enterprise customers and new customers at competitive prices. This will help them lower their cloud security costs. Prevasio's solution is designed to improve the security posture of all cloud assets, including containers, and provide increased visibility into security issues and compliance gaps. "Applications are the lifeblood of organizations. As such, our customers have an urgent need to effectively secure the connectivity of those applications across cloud and hybrid estates to avoid unpleasant surprises. With Prevasio, organizations can now confidently secure their cloud-native applications to increase organizational agility and harden their security posture. It also uses technology made by the Stanford Research Institute International to analyze assets across multiple cloud platforms and put risks in order of importance based on different rules. AlgoSec will be able to give customers better security, better visibility, and cost savings with Prevasio's solution." AlgoSec CEO, Yuval Baron AlgoSec plans to incorporate artificial intelligence capabilities from SRI into the Prevasio solution. This integration of artificial intelligence will enable organizations to identify and remediate cloud security risks more efficiently while also helping them keep their costs down. About AlgoSec AlgoSec, a global cybersecurity leader, enables organizations to secure application connectivity anywhere by automating connectivity flows and security policies. The AlgoSec platform enables the world's most complex organizations to gain visibility, reduce risk, achieve application-level compliance, and implement zero-touch process changes across the hybrid network. The patented application-centric view of the hybrid network provided by AlgoSec enables business owners, application owners, and information security professionals to communicate in the same language, allowing organizations to deliver business applications faster while maintaining a higher security posture. AlgoSec is used by over 1,800 of the most well-known companies in the world to protect their most important workloads in the public cloud, private cloud, containers, and on-premises networks.

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Ermetic Extends CNAPP with Cloud Workload Protection Capabilities

Ermetic | January 31, 2023

Ermetic, a company that works to protect cloud infrastructure, has added cloud workload protection to its Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). With the addition of cloud workload protection features, Ermetic's CNAPP can now give users better protection against malicious threats across multiple cloud providers. Customers can find security risks in virtual machines, containers, and serverless functions, stop them from happening, and fix them by using context that includes infrastructure configurations, network settings, access permissions, and other settings. Ermetic's CNAPP provides customers with visibility across their cloud environments, enabling them to proactively identify and address any vulnerabilities. Chief Product Officer at Ermetic, Sivan Krigsman, said, “Protecting cloud workloads from breaches requires a continuous and full stack assessment of installed software, the operating system, configurations, access entitlements, suspicious activity and more.” He added, “With our platform's unmatched, end-to-end insight into cloud workloads, Ermetic enables security and DevSecOps teams to prioritize remediation by identifying resources that are exposed to threats or have the largest blast radius.” (Source - Businesswire) Ermetic's platform automatically prioritizes and facilitates remediation, helping organizations achieve compliance with security standards. The new cloud workload protection solutions are available immediately. Customers can see what's going on in their environment in real time by using Ermetics CNAPP's cloud workload protection features. This lets them find and fix any potential security threats before they do any damage. About Ermetic Ermetic finds and ranks security holes in AWS, Azure, and GCP, so companies can start fixing them right away. Through an identity-first approach, the Ermetic cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP) brings together and automates cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM), cloud security posture management (CSPM), cloud workload protection, and IaC security posture management. It combines full asset discovery, in-depth risk analysis, in-flight threat detection, and compliance reporting with pinpoint visualization and step-by-step instructions. The company is run by successful tech entrepreneurs whose previous businesses were bought by Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, and others. Accel, Forgepoint, Glilot Capital Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, Qumra Capital, and Target Global have all invested in Ermetic.

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