Logicalis Partners with CoreStack to Provide Cloud Governance Solution

CoreStack | January 25, 2023 | Read time : 01:56 min

On January 24, 2023, a global provider of multi-cloud governance, CoreStack and Logicalis, a global technology service provider, announced its strategic partnership to provide customers with one of the industry's leading cloud governance solutions. The partnership helps Logicalis' capabilities to simplify, scale and speed up digital transformation for healthcare, manufacturing, and supply chains, which addresses a variety of cloud governance use cases.

The partnership includes integrating CoreStack's NextGen Cloud Governance platform with the Logicalis Cloud Management Portal (CMP) to power the Production Ready Cloud (PRC) solution that caters to businesses looking for a cloud-first strategy. The Cloud Management Portal, built on a multi-tenant architecture, offers visibility and insight into customers' cloud consumption, security posture and governance. 

Customers and partners can benefit from CoreStack's NextGen Cloud Governance to mitigate risk, further experiment, speed up delivery, optimize performance and innovate. It provides enterprises with the resources and confidence to accelerate their digital ambitions and enables them to capitalize on the opportunities, making it easier and faster for them to take the opportunity that really matters. In addition, the direct integration of CoreStack's platform to Logicalis Digital Fabric platform helps customers to compare their business capabilities to industry averages and give real-time visibility and actionable insight across the performance of their digital ecosystem.

CoreStack's AI-powered multi-cloud governance solution has offered customers transformational outcomes like a boost in cloud operational efficiencies by 40 percent, a 50 percent reduction in cloud costs, and compliance with security standards by up to 100 percent.   
About CoreStack

Founded in 2016, CoreStack is an AI-powered multi-cloud governance solution provider. The company is based in Bellevue (Washington). It empowers businesses to increase the power of the cloud on their terms by providing them with top-line revenues, the lowest possible efficiencies and gain a competitive advantage. Its FinOps, SecOps, and CloudOps solutions embrace, improve, and extend native cloud capabilities. The solutions also help optimize cloud spending while ensuring security and compliance across multiple clouds with a single solution. The company is a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner, an Oracle Cloud Build Partner, an Amazon AWS Advanced Technology Competency Partner, and a Google Cloud Build Partner.


The possibilities that a cloud infrastructure offers companies are numerous. We not only make the path to the cloud simple, but also the cloud itself: designed to meet requirements, operated in compliance with data protection and with transparent and cost-saving framework conditions for you.


The possibilities that a cloud infrastructure offers companies are numerous. We not only make the path to the cloud simple, but also the cloud itself: designed to meet requirements, operated in compliance with data protection and with transparent and cost-saving framework conditions for you.

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Virtana | January 12, 2023

Virtana, a provider of AI-enabled solutions for hybrid cloud management and monitoring, has announced early access to its Google Cloud support for bill analysis within its solution, Virtana Cloud Cost Management. Customers of Virtana will be able to integrate with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and use Cloud Cost Management bill analysis features. They will also be able to look at trends in their GCP bill by project and service using data from up to 13 months ago. By analyzing billing data, Virtana customers can gain greater visibility into their cloud costs and identify opportunities to optimize and reduce them. In addition, with early access to its Google Cloud support, Virtana gives customers a powerful tool for figuring out how much their cloud costs are. Senior cloud product manager at Virtana, David McNerney, said, "We consistently heard from customers that being able to analyze cloud spending over surface trends and time is their top priority in a cost management tool for the cloud, and GCP is a must-have as more customers increasingly adopt multi-cloud infrastructure." (Source: PRNewswire) Virtana now supports cloud customers using the three primary cloud service providers (CSPs), including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Upcoming GCP support from Virtana will include features like application and business mapping, idle resources, and the ability to export and share reports. In addition, with its new Google Cloud bill analysis support, Virtana gives customers an easy-to-use, data-driven way to determine how much their cloud costs. About Virtana Virtana offers a unified multi-cloud management platform to simplify application workload optimization, migration, and monitoring across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. The cloud-agnostic SaaS platform lets businesses efficiently plan their cloud migrations and then adjust workloads across their hybrid cloud infrastructure to optimize performance, capacity, and cost. Most customers see a 25% or more reduction in cloud costs within the first ten days of using the platform. Virtana has been named CRN's Coolest Cloud Company, Business Insider's Top Cloud Leader Reducing Public Cloud Costs, Comparably's Best Company Culture, and Gartner's Customer First Company.

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Ansys Strengthens Partnership with Microsoft for Cloud-Based Simulation Solutions Access

Ansys | February 10, 2023

Ansys is working more closely with Microsoft to give customers access to Ansys' simulation solutions and tools on the Microsoft Azure cloud-computing platform through a browser, no matter where they are. Through this partnership, customers will be able to take advantage of the cloud's scalability and cost savings, which will let them quickly add or remove computing resources as needed. With Ansys Access on Microsoft Azure, customers will have better, more affordable HPC in the cloud to work on difficult engineering projects. The collaboration will also include adding Microsoft 365 features to the engineering simulation tools made by Ansys. This will make it easier for people to work together on designing products. Shane Emswiler, senior vice president of products at Ansys, said, "Ansys Access on Microsoft Azure will enhance the development and design processes of our mutual customers through increased productivity, sharper workflows, and greater access to cloud-based CAE tools." He further added, "By pairing Ansys' industry-leading simulation solutions with Azure, customers can innovate at scale in a virtual environment without compromising design accuracy or product integrity." (Source - PRNewswire) Ansys Access on Microsoft Azure will be sold in the Azure Marketplace and will be an alternative to Ansys Cloud Direct. The goal of the partnership is to encourage engineers and innovators all over the world to use cloud-based tools for virtual design and innovation. This partnership between Microsoft and Ansys gives engineers and innovators who are working on difficult engineering projects a cost-effective HPC cloud solution. About Ansys Ansys is a simulation software company with over five decades of experience in bridging the gap between design and reality through simulation. It is used in many different areas, like green transportation, advanced semiconductors, satellite systems, and medical devices that save lives. Ansys partners with innovative, visionary companies to bring innovation to all walks of life. It creates and markets engineering simulation software for product design, testing, and operation to its global customers. It is headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

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Aptum Acquires CloudOps to Reinforce its Position in MSP Markets

Aptum | January 17, 2023

Aptum, a hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider, recently announced that it has acquired CloudOps, a Montreal, Canada-based cloud consulting, managed services, and software firm specializing in open source, cloud-native platforms, networking, and DevOps. This strategic acquisition on 5th January 2023, will help Aptum provide hybrid services and multi-cloud solutions, which include advanced cloud migration and DevOps, to customers in 43 countries. CloudOps has grown from an operations-managed services company to a leader in cloud networking, cloud computing, and DevOps solutions since 2005. Aptum plans to keep a separate CloudOps unit and combine select teams with improving customer solutions, including Advisory and Consulting Services, Support Services, and DevOps. Aptum will leverage CloudMC's API-driven, modular, and extensible edge orchestration platform to improve its Hybrid Cloud Management Portal. As a result, the progress toward a unified interface for managing hybrid and multi-cloud workloads will be accelerated. In addition, the combined strengths of the two firms will open new markets for their respective products and services in a wide variety of industries, not just telecom but also the media and communications industries, retail, the financial sector, manufacturing, energy, utilities sector hospitality, education, and transportation. Aptum alongside CloudOps will provide Digital Customer Experience to its customers in Canada, US, and UK across multiple clouds such as Azure (Aptum recently earned the Microsoft Azure Expert MSP Certification), Google, AWS, Hypertec Cloud, and Cox Edge. About Aptum Aptum is a global hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider founded in 2019. The company is headquartered in Toronto (Ontario) with an international reach spanning Latin America, North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Aptum's Data as InfrastructureTM strategy allows the company to provide comprehensive solutions and individualized choices to its customers, allowing them to achieve measurable business results and get the most out of their technology budgets. Integrated into a secure network, it provides sophisticated cloud solutions with top performance. It is a portfolio firm of DigitalBridge, a multinational investment firm dedicated to strategic opportunities in digital infrastructure. About CloudOps CloudOps is a cloud computing software company founded in 2005. The company specializes in open-source, cloud-native platforms, networking, and DevOps. The company's headquarters will remain in Montreal CloudOps' leadership, and staff will connect with Aptum after the acquisition. Designing and managing cloud platforms to accommodate changing business needs and ensure long-term operational success enables forward-thinking customers to own their destinies in CloudsTM. The company’s primary focus is on telecom, finance, Utility, large enterprise, media, software, healthcare, and public sector organizations.

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