Megaport Expands its Services to Mexico via a partnership with KIO Networks

Megaport Limited | January 17, 2022

Megaport, a global leading Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, revealed its plans to expand its services to Mexico. It is joining hands with KIO networks to fulfill its plans. KIO Networks is Mexico's biggest data center provider. Local enterprises are expected to get cloud connectivity services to Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure via on-ramps from KIO Networks’ data centers in Queretaro and Mexico City in March 2022. This is subject to approval.

KIO networks consumers can access Megaport’s leading ecosystem of more than 360 service providers and over 700 enabled data centers all over the world. It also includes more than 230 cloud on-ramps from the world's leading clouds such as Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services. This expansion by Megaport will enable businesses in Mexico to directly connect to cloud and IT services on a global level without managing a complex network infra.

Mexico has proven to be one of the leading cloud markets in Latin America and has been growing at a rapid rate over the last several years. Megaport is very excited to partner with KIO Networks to launch our services in Mexico, which will provide the opportunity for our existing customers to grow with Megaport and create new opportunities for Megaport to service businesses in Mexico. We look forward to working with KIO Networks and our cloud partners to meet the growing demand for cloud-based services in Mexico.”

 Vincent English, CEO at Megaport

Local businesses in Mexico will get amazing benefits through Megaport’s partnership with KIO networks. It will provide them with seamless access to direct cloud connectivity as they continue adopting hybrid cloud and multi-cloud architectures.

Santiago Suinaga, Managing Director of KIO Networks, said, “KIO Networks is excited to offer our customers Megaport’s leading global Network as a Service platform as a quick and easy way to connect their businesses to cloud services for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments inside our data centers in Mexico. We believe the partnership gives our customers the agility, flexibility, and scalability they need for their digital transformation initiatives to be successful.”


Why Having Backups Is No Longer Enough Approximately 50% of ransomware attacks and breaches fielded by the Unit 42™ Incident Response team result from a common culprit: attack surface exposures. Ransomware is no longer simply about encrypting files and asking for Bitcoin. New harassment tactics and double and triple extortion ma


Why Having Backups Is No Longer Enough Approximately 50% of ransomware attacks and breaches fielded by the Unit 42™ Incident Response team result from a common culprit: attack surface exposures. Ransomware is no longer simply about encrypting files and asking for Bitcoin. New harassment tactics and double and triple extortion ma

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Datasite Introduces Datasite Cloud™ to Manage Entire Dealmaking Process in One Place

Businesswire | March 27, 2023

Datasite®, a leading SaaS-based technology provider for global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) professionals, today unveiled Datasite Cloud™, a purpose-built platform for managing every stage of the dealmaking process, all in one place. “Streamlining the dealmaking process for our customers continues to be our top priority,” said Rusty Wiley, Datasite Chief Executive Officer. “For the first time ever, Datasite Cloud gives dealmakers one place to source their next opportunity, move through due diligence, close their deal and secure their data for future transactions.” The introduction of Datasite Cloud is part of the company’s continued mission to empower the dealmaking community to work smarter. Datasite Cloud offers dealmakers a variety of applications all in one place to manage distinct phases of the dealmaking process, including pipeline management, a new Datasite application, asset marketing, sell-side and buy-side due diligence, and post-merger integration. “Disconnected systems complicate dealmaking processes,” said Doug Cullen, Datasite Chief Product and Strategy Officer. “And because so many deal teams are running both buy- and sell-side transactions at the same time, while juggling increased workloads, having one place to manage every stage of dealmaking gives dealmakers the flexibility to better manage their costs, reduce compliance risks, and increase their productivity.” Dealmakers in more than 170 countries make their deals in Datasite, including 74 of the top 100 legal firms and all the top 20 global financial advisory firms. In 2022, Datasite facilitated more than a quarter of the top 100 global deals. About Datasite Datasite is a leading SaaS provider for the M&A industry, empowering dealmakers around the world with the tools they need to succeed across the entire deal lifecycle.

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2bcloud Delivers Cloud Savings to Nucleus Security AWS and Azure Offerings

Prnewswire | May 08, 2023

2bcloud, a leading next-generation multi-cloud managed service provider for tech companies on their cloud journey, today announced that Nucleus Security, a leader in risk-based vulnerability management and process automation, has adopted its cloud services to meet the company's strong growth while delivering cost savings to its AWS and Microsoft Azure customers. Nucleus Security is a risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) solution that automates time-consuming vulnerability management processes, enabling large and complex enterprises to scale their vulnerability management program and remediate vulnerabilities 10x faster. The company selected 2bcloud to provide professional services and technical support to help Nucleus customers improve performance while also reducing its own cloud costs. 2bcloud's professional services worked with Nucleus Security to develop and integrate new architecture and design solutions for its AWS and Azure cloud offerings. The result is a solution that scales to the growth of each customer. Watch the video. The implementation of 2bcloud's professional services and technical support came at a time when Nucleus Security experienced huge growth, increasing its employee headcount from 10 to 60, creating a need to gain better visibility into how to optimize cloud architectures for all customers across multiple vertical markets. "What sets 2bcloud apart from other companies is the dedication and willingness to go the extra mile to help with our technical needs," said Jeff Gouge, CISO, Nucleus Security. "Our relationship with 2bcloud has resulted in increased cloud cost savings, better reporting, and much faster and more direct enterprise support than before." "Our goal is to provide our customers with the cloud expertise they need to better serve their customers, and we are pleased to continue to support Nucleus Security as it grows its business," said Itay Blogorodsky, GM U.S., 2bcloud. "From delivering new technologies to developing best practices tailored to our customers' needs, 2bcloud supports our customers and partners every step of the cloud technology lifecycle." About 2bcloud 2bcloud is a born-to-the cloud next-gen managed service provider (MSP) that works with fast-growing, cloud-native startups. We leverage our unmatched multi-cloud expertise working with AWS and Azure to help customers grow revenue, increase efficiency, reduce cost, and deliver scalable experiences. Our field-proven technology stack is backed by deep experts and includes managed services, cost optimization, expert consultancy, and 24/7 technical support. 2bcloud is Gold Partner and Azure Expert MSP with Microsoft and Advanced Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Alianza Empowers Service Providers to Grow Cloud Communications Revenue with a Robust Cloud PBX Integration for Microsoft Teams

Prnewswire | April 13, 2023

Alianza, Inc. today introduced Alianza for Microsoft Teams, a new and powerful solution that gives service providers a robust cloud PBX voice solution for Microsoft Teams. Many communication service providers (CSPs) struggle with the complexities and hidden costs of setting up telephony for Microsoft Teams via Direct Routing or Operator Connect. In many cases, they are forced to employ a third-party Microsoft partner to manage a Teams integration on their behalf. Alianza for Microsoft Teams ensures successful implementation by automating the voice configuration between the customer's Microsoft 365 tenant and the Alianza platform — without specialized expertise or expensive network elements like session border controllers (SBCs). With Alianza for Microsoft Teams, both CSPs and Teams administrators bypass the heavy lift and complex configuration of the voice calling and user policies in the Microsoft Teams admin center. Highlights of Alianza for Microsoft Teams include: Unprecedented Automation. A two-step deployment to add licenses and sync, it's that simple. Alianza has simplified Direct Routing for PSTN and PBX provisioning, which eliminates the heavy technical lift for CSPs. Robust PBX Feature Set. Comprehensive calling features support knowledge workers who live and breathe Teams, while continuing to support non-Teams users within the organization who are primarily reliant on traditional telephony functionality and devices. Superior PSTN Coverage. Wide rate renter coverage ensures CSPs can provide telephone numbers wherever their Teams users are located. Extensive CPE Interoperability. Alianza for Microsoft Teams supports a wide variety of SIP endpoints ranging from IP phones to high density analog gateways, including devices from Cisco, Yealink, and Poly, empowering CSPs with the ability to deploy the right devices for their customers. Faster Time to Market. Alianza for Microsoft Teams can be enabled and set up in minutes so CSPs can take advantage of the Teams opportunity immediately as opposed to the typical 12-month deployment timeframe. Administrative Ease. With Alianza for Microsoft Teams automation, CSPs don't need to define the SBC and PBX templates every time they sign up or move an end user to the Teams integration. In addition, PowerShell scripting is not required to build, test, and deploy, meaning zero extra work for the Teams Admin. Security. End-to-end encryption of both signaling and media is enforced between the integration and Microsoft 365. Additionally, administrative access is controlled by Azure/Microsoft 365 single sign-on; no user credentials are stored by the portal. With 280 million Teams monthly active users globally, only 30% of which are active Teams Phone users and a much smaller percentage with PSTN, there is a massive market opportunity for CSPs to build their "with Teams" strategy and capitalize on the large and growing Microsoft's Team ecosystems. Although Microsoft offers documentation to enable Direct Routing, it's an intense, do-it-yourself approach that requires high levels of specialized expertise. Alianza's turnkey, voice-enabled Teams integration goes beyond Direct Routing to radically simplify the heavy technical and administrative complexities of implementing Direct Routing. With Alianza for Microsoft Teams, CSPs are better positioned to deliver an enterprise-grade, feature-rich, and administratively easy solution to their end–users. Alianza's Business Cloud Communications PBX serves as the central calling platform and routing engine for Microsoft Teams users, offering consistent call routing policies and proper management of user presence, metrics, and call routing. Simply add the integration to an account through the Alianza Admin Portal and identify the Microsoft 365 Global Admin user who will manage the integration. CSP staff and the Global Admin will have a real-time status view of the state and health of the integration in the Alianza portal. "We've eliminated all of the complexity required by service providers to deliver Teams telephony for their end-users. Alianza for Microsoft Teams is another example of how Alianza innovates to help CSPs grow their cloud communications portfolio and capitalize on large revenue opportunities and radically simplify voice and UC deployment at scale," says Dag Peak, Chief Product Officer at Alianza. "This represents a massive market opportunity. Service providers can leverage Microsoft Teams' popularity, market share, and extensive customer base by using Alianza for Microsoft Teams as the ideal, voice integration solution." Availability Alianza for Microsoft Teams is available now in the US and Canada. About Alianza Alianza is the communications cloud for service providers. We help our customers supercharge growth, reduce costs, and transform into modern techcos. With Alianza, service providers can navigate the end of the softswitch era and upgrade to a cloud-native solution to power both legacy voice and next-gen cloud communications services — including cloud meetings, collaboration, and text messaging. Our team of experts are passionate about simplifying service delivery and ensuring first-rate customer experiences for more than 200 service providers.

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