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Microsoft Partners with Datadog for Azure Cloud Adoption Framework

Datadog, a cloud application monitoring and security platform has been named a Microsoft partner in the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework. Azure customers can now use Datadog's monitoring and security capabilities to expedite their cloud adoption with confidence, thanks to the framework, which provides suggested tools, best practices, and documentation to enterprises transitioning to Azure.

"The Azure Cloud Adoption Framework gives companies the roadmap they need to successfully migrate their applications to the cloud. I'm proud to welcome Datadog to this program as a trusted partner in helping companies plan, monitor and accelerate their cloud journeys," said MadhanArumugamRamakrishnan, Vice President of Microsoft Cloud for Industry ISV Engineering and Architecture.

Datadog integrates with the full suite of Azure services and provides the critical monitoring and security capabilities that organizations need in order to successfully migrate to the cloud quickly. As a Cloud Adoption Framework partner, Azure customers know they can rely on Datadog to deliver deep visibility into their cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments that will help them move faster,"

IlanRabinovitch, Senior Vice President of Product and Community at Datadog.

Datadog is already built into the Azure site and integrates with all Azure services – more than a hundred in total – to provide critical capabilities, such as:

  • Out-of-the-box dashboards and specific visualizations that give fast overviews of the state of the Azure environment;
  • Monitoring support for legacy systems as well as new dynamic computing environments such as Azure Kubernetes Services;
  • Monitoring the user experience during and after a migration to see how it affects the customer experience;
  • When debugging an outage or performance issue, visibility into every stack layer, from the application to the underlying infrastructure, lowers the time to resolution.



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