Mission Cloud Services Attains Competency Status of AWS Data and Analytics

Mission | January 05, 2022

Mission Cloud Services Attains
Mission, a managed cloud solutions provider and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner, today announced that it has attained AWS Data and Analytics Competency status. The description identifies that Mission has effectively met AWS’s requirements for success in assisting customers assess and use AWS tools and best practices for collecting, storing, monitoring, and evaluating data at scale.

Mission offers customers with the data, analytics, and machine learning skills required to utilize organizations’ data and meet their technical and business goals. It has helped businesses with data-driven transformation by offering engineering data lakes and other modernized architectures on AWS, to presenting AI/ML-powered pipelines for optimizing  data models and implementing customized AI and ML algorithms developed for definite use cases.

 “AWS offers tremendous potential to harness data insights for businesses that lead to key decision-making capacity to shape new customer experiences. Mission helps organizations completely reveal all the potential and realize competitive benefits enabled by modernized data architectures, strategy, and tooling. We’re proud to earn the AWS Data and Analytics Competency and to continue our proven expertise in these areas for enterprise, SMB, and startup entrepreneurs across industries.”

 Dr. Ryan Ries, the Practice Lead – Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning at Mission

The Mission team of experienced data scientists, data engineers, and data architects collaborate with customers to address data challenges and incorporate brand new data and analytics systems, selecting and executing the optimal data solutions for their specific use cases and organizational goals. It leverages advanced data tools and custom algorithms to identify patterns and update strategies. Furthermore, Mission’s AWS expertise comprises building out solutions that completely leverage AWS data warehousing services such as Amazon Redshift, as well as developing effective and automated CI/CD pipelines to run data models efficiently. The mission monitors all the data and implements best practices for data governance from a regulatory compliance aspect.

“With Mission, we have attained the data scalability and performance we required to unlock additional competitive benefits and advanced features for our customers,” said Russell Wangler, the Chief Technology Officer at 7SIGNAL, a company leveraging Mission’s data, analytics, and machine learning practice.

AWS is empowering scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient solutions for startups and global enterprises. To support the unified integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS introduced the AWS Competency Program to help customers categorize AWS Partners with profound industry experience and expertise.


Hear from Aparna Ramani, Vice President of AI, Data & Developer Infrastructure Engineering at Meta and PyTorch Foundation Board Member, about Meta’s work together with AWS on PyTorch enhancements for AWS purpose-built ML chip Trainium.


Hear from Aparna Ramani, Vice President of AI, Data & Developer Infrastructure Engineering at Meta and PyTorch Foundation Board Member, about Meta’s work together with AWS on PyTorch enhancements for AWS purpose-built ML chip Trainium.

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Innovative Solutions | January 04, 2023

Innovative Solutions, a cloud services provider for growing businesses, has entered into a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate the adoption of cloud services for small and medium-sized businesses and startups. Innovative Solutions is using AWS's cloud infrastructure, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence to help customers quickly move their businesses to the cloud and take advantage of the increased flexibility, scalability, and cost savings that come with it. "We're thrilled to work with AWS on this remarkable opportunity. This SCA helps us achieve our vision of helping every SMB customer become a technology company. The size and scale of this agreement and how it will help us accelerate is without precedent." Justin Copie, CEO of Innovative Solutions The deal will see Innovative and AWS align their sales, marketing, and delivery teams and focus on the software, fintech, life sciences, and retail sectors. Innovative Solutions will also invest in its portfolio, put its solutions on the AWS Marketplace, and hire more than 200 more people over the next four years to meet the demand for cloud expertise. As part of the agreement, Innovative Solutions will set up four practice groups: migrations, modernization, data engagements, and machine learning. The practice groups will use AWS's cloud infrastructure, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence capabilities to enable customers to migrate quickly and take advantage of the increased agility, scalability, and cost savings it provides. Also, the two companies will work together to bring new solutions and best practices to customers in the above industries. This will help them speed up their digital transformations and take advantage of new opportunities. About Innovative Solutions Innovative Solutions is a company that helps businesses in the US and Canada use the cloud to improve their operations. They are an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, meaning they are experts in working with the cloud. They offer various services related to the cloud, including consulting, migration, optimization, and development. At Innovative Solutions, the customer is their top priority. They work with each business individually to find the best solutions for their specific needs. They are dedicated to helping businesses be more productive and successful.

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CTERA’s Breakthrough Cloud Storage Routing Technology for Distributed File Cloud Storage

CTERA | December 23, 2022

Contents 1. CTERA’s Patented Cloud Storage Routing Technology in a Distributed Storage Environment 2. Enhanced Privacy and Security Features for Better Business Continuity By implementing policy-based control over data placement in a distributed cloud environment, enterprises can keep their data stored across multiple cloud vendors around the world. Complying with GDPR, providing low-latency access to data, maintaining data sovereignty, and minimizing cloud egress fees all require better control over cloud storage systems. In this regard, CTERA came up with a revolutionary patented technology with granular policy-based data routing using heterogeneous object storage targets. Its enhanced features, including the fastest file synchronization, de-duplication, and virus protection at the edge, have evolved into a distributed file storage product. This is driving enterprises to adopt the cloud while supporting optimal privacy and security. 1. CTERA’s Patented Cloud Storage Routing Technology in a Distributed Storage Space Enhanced data management, de-duplication, and security, alongside advanced cloud storage routing technology from CTERA, address the industry’s primary multi-cloud management concern. When your organization's data is stored in multiple global locations with multiple cloud storage providers, the new CTERA 7.5 update helps you route your data storage in real-time over the cloud effectively. 2. Enhanced Privacy and Security Features for Better Business Continuity “The market for distributed cloud is projected to reach a whopping USD 8.3 billion at 17.18% CAGR by 2030 from USD 1.99 billion in 2021, according to Precedence Research.” Increasing the uptime of your systems largely depends on the security and privacy of your multi-cloud distributed storage. For better business continuity and resiliency, an approach to enhanced privacy and security remains essential, with cloud storage routing emerging as one of the top solutions for better control and management of your multi-cloud environment. CTERA’s research will benefit the distributed and multi-cloud management platforms at large, enabling enterprise business resilience. About CTERA: With more than 50,000 enterprise locations and millions of corporate users, CTERA leads the distributed cloud file storage market. Edge-to-cloud file services are best served by CTERA. A rich data services ecosystem provided by CTERA allows businesses to fully control their data environment for the best edge performance, granular security, data insight, and governance. CTERA also offers a cloud-native global file system over public or private object storage.

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Megaport Earns the AWS Outposts Ready Partner Designation

Megaport | January 23, 2023

Megaport Limited, one of the leading global Network as a Service (NaaS) providers, recently announced that the company achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts Ready Partner Designation as a part of the AWS Service Ready Program. As a result, customers of AWS can now securely connect Outposts racks with AWS Direct Connect service locations using Megaport's global private Software Defined Network, allowing more trustworthy and high-performing application migrations and operations to Outposts. The AWS Service Ready Program offers customers AWS Partner software solutions that are approved through a technical validation for sound architecture and have been customer success. In addition, AWS Outposts Ready Partners provides products that work with Outposts deployments, are tested by Outposts, and follow architecture best practices and AWS security. AWS Partner Solutions Architects have validated and tested Megaport's solutions through this program, making them a strong recommendation. Customers of Megaport and Outposts will enjoy the following benefits: More data centre choices with fewer restrictions, Service ready designation where the solution has been tested, validated, and proven by AWS, and network resilience that allows a redundant architecture for the critical AWS Region connectivity. In addition, the customers can use their own network equipment, like routers and switches, within the data centres where the Outposts racks are deployed or can use a virtual routing service, Megaport Cloud Router (MCR), for dynamic BGP routing to AWS Direct Connect. Vincent English, Chief Executive Officer of Megaport, said, "We're thrilled to be named an AWS Outposts Ready Partner." He added, "Many of our customers run applications that have low-latency requirements and must run on-premises and using Megaport to privately connect Outposts racks to AWS Direct Connect service locations ensures that these applications run reliably and are highly performant. (Source: Business Wire) About Megaport Founded in 2013, Megaport is a Network as a Service (NaaS) solutions provider. The company connects 700+ enabled data centres in 20+ countries in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe with its Software Defined Network (SDN). It provides customers with high-speed, secure, and on-demand connectivity to top cloud networks and managed service providers. Compared to traditional connectivity options, its NaaS solutions give customers more flexibility, lower operating costs, and a faster time to market. Megaport works with the most significant data centre operators, systems integrators, managed service providers worldwide, and the best cloud service providers. It is headquartered in Fortitude Valley, Queensland and is an ISO/IEC 27001-certified company.

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