Mission Cloud Services Attains Competency Status of AWS Data and Analytics

Mission | January 05, 2022

Mission Cloud Services Attains
Mission, a managed cloud solutions provider and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner, today announced that it has attained AWS Data and Analytics Competency status. The description identifies that Mission has effectively met AWS’s requirements for success in assisting customers assess and use AWS tools and best practices for collecting, storing, monitoring, and evaluating data at scale.

Mission offers customers with the data, analytics, and machine learning skills required to utilize organizations’ data and meet their technical and business goals. It has helped businesses with data-driven transformation by offering engineering data lakes and other modernized architectures on AWS, to presenting AI/ML-powered pipelines for optimizing  data models and implementing customized AI and ML algorithms developed for definite use cases.

 “AWS offers tremendous potential to harness data insights for businesses that lead to key decision-making capacity to shape new customer experiences. Mission helps organizations completely reveal all the potential and realize competitive benefits enabled by modernized data architectures, strategy, and tooling. We’re proud to earn the AWS Data and Analytics Competency and to continue our proven expertise in these areas for enterprise, SMB, and startup entrepreneurs across industries.”

 Dr. Ryan Ries, the Practice Lead – Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning at Mission

The Mission team of experienced data scientists, data engineers, and data architects collaborate with customers to address data challenges and incorporate brand new data and analytics systems, selecting and executing the optimal data solutions for their specific use cases and organizational goals. It leverages advanced data tools and custom algorithms to identify patterns and update strategies. Furthermore, Mission’s AWS expertise comprises building out solutions that completely leverage AWS data warehousing services such as Amazon Redshift, as well as developing effective and automated CI/CD pipelines to run data models efficiently. The mission monitors all the data and implements best practices for data governance from a regulatory compliance aspect.

“With Mission, we have attained the data scalability and performance we required to unlock additional competitive benefits and advanced features for our customers,” said Russell Wangler, the Chief Technology Officer at 7SIGNAL, a company leveraging Mission’s data, analytics, and machine learning practice.

AWS is empowering scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient solutions for startups and global enterprises. To support the unified integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS introduced the AWS Competency Program to help customers categorize AWS Partners with profound industry experience and expertise.


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Cloud Migration is a smart move, but it can also be a complex process. That's where Cloud Intel comes in—our assessment helps you streamline your cloud migration journey and make the transition smoother and more efficient. Cloud Intel provides you with a customized roadmap that outlines each step of the migration process, from planning and design to implementation and testing.

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Dataiku Achieves Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB Designation

Globenewswire | April 12, 2023

Dataiku, the platform for Everyday AI, is proud to announce that it has achieved a Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB designation. With seamless integration capabilities between Dataiku and AlloyDB, customers can now unlock the full potential of their AI solutions and derive more value from their data, accelerating insights and driving business success. Dataiku had previously achieved the Google Cloud - Ready designation for BigQuery, and the company's commitment to integrating with Google Cloud's technology is further demonstrated through this recent recognition. To achieve the AlloyDB designation, Dataiku's analytics and AI platform underwent a rigorous three-phase validation process from Google Cloud engineering teams. The process included running a series of data integration tests and achieving strong results against benchmarks, working closely with partners to fill any gaps, and confirming documentation that improves deployments for mutual customers. “We’re pleased to validate Dataiku's support for AlloyDB with the Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB designation,” said Ritika Suri, Director, Technology Partnerships at Google Cloud. “Achieving this designation indicates that Dataiku's platform has been validated by Google Cloud to deliver a unique customer experience, enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of their AI solutions and derive more value from their data.” “We are honored to be one of the AI/ML partners to achieve the AlloyDB designation, another exciting milestone in our relationship,” said Abhijit Madhugiri, VP of Global Technology Alliances at Dataiku. "This recognition from Google Cloud is a testament to our platform's capabilities and reinforces our investment to make it easier for anyone to derive value from Everyday AI. We look forward to deepening our work with Google Cloud to deliver even more value to our mutual customers." To learn more about how to deploy Dataiku on Google Cloud, check out the 3 Steps to Deploy Dataiku for GCP blog article or listen to the Dataiku episode of the Google Cloud Podcast. About Dataiku Dataiku is the platform for Everyday AI that allows companies to leverage one central solution to design, deploy, govern, and manage AI and analytics applications. Since its founding in 2013, the company has been the leader in democratizing data and empowering organization-wide collaboration. Today, more than 500 companies worldwide use Dataiku to integrate and streamline their use of data, analytics, and AI, driving diverse use cases from fraud detection and customer churn prevention, to predictive maintenance and supply chain optimization. Stay connected with us on our blog, Twitter (@dataiku) and on LinkedIn.

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Lightlytics launches Google Chrome extension to reduce context switching in AWS Ops

Prnewswire | May 26, 2023

Lightlytics today announced the Lightlytics Google Chrome extension's general availability. The extension is the world's first cloud change intelligence extension and will reduce dreaded context switching between AWS tools for cloud operators. "Context switching between tools and tasks accounts for up to 40% decrease in productivity, and it's becoming a more acute problem for cloud operators by the day," said Stav Sitnikov, co-founder and CTO at Lightlytics. "Today, it's considered normal for an operations team to switch between 5-10 different cloud tools to fully understand and resolve an AWS incident. This results in wasted time and valuable resources. With our new Google Chrome extension, we're delivering the complete context of resources to operators' favorite cloud tools. Seeing all relevant configurations, recent changes, traffic, all dependencies, resolve issues quickly and reduces content switching for operators." "We're delivering the complete context of resources to AWS operators' favorite cloud tools." The Lightlytics Google Chrome extension enriches all web applications (including AWS Console, AWS Cost Explorer, DataDog, VMware CloudHealth, Crowdstrike among others), and provides actionable context on cost, security, availability for each listed resource. The extension doesn't require any integration with existing tools. A Lightlytics account and Google Chrome are the only requirements for users to start getting all the context they need on their favorite cloud tools. "The cloud observability, security and cost segments mostly rely on point solutions that only focus on a single aspect of resources, making it extremely time-consuming for operators to complete simple tasks in large scale deployments," said Liran Roffman, co-founder and VP of engineering at Lightlytics. "Adding configuration, changes, traffic, availability, security and cost context to these applications surfaces all relevant context to operators, and they can take immediate action on the UIs that they know and love. This helps us meet operators on their favorite tools and improve the user experience on these tools in the process." The Lightlytics Google Chrome extension is available on the Google Chrome Web Store and you can learn more about the extension on the Lightlytics website. Lightlytics offers a free 14 day trial which includes free access to the Google Chrome extension. About Lightlytics Lightlytics provides a collaborative change intelligence solution for all teams who work on AWS configuration changes. The Lightlytics platform helps cloud operations teams identify and fix root causes of incidents in minutes, investigate security incidents more efficiently, and troubleshoot cost for their environments. This innovative approach helps your cloud operations teams to: Troubleshoot collaboratively using a single platform with configurations, dependencies, traffic flow and events. Find the root cause of AWS incidents with the config change that caused it, the impact radius within complete context of your environment. Proactively prevent incidents and non-compliance caused by cloud misconfigurations through simulations and architectural standards.

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Eagle Eye Networks Enhances Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Enterprise Edition

Eagle Eye Networks | March 20, 2023

Eagle Eye Networks, the global leader in cloud video surveillance, today launched an enhanced Enterprise Edition equipped with AI-powered tools–such as Smart Video Search with Smart Layouts–and other impactful features designed for large, distributed, and multinational businesses. Complementing the core features of the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, the enhanced Enterprise Edition adds capabilities for the high-stakes security requirements of enterprise businesses: AI-powered Smart Layouts—Ensure security personnel immediately see the most important camera views, even in an enterprise environment with hundreds of cameras. Eagle Eye Networks cloud-based AI automatically prioritizes cameras with people or vehicles and moves them to the top of the dashboard. Locations/Floor Plans—Organize and manage cameras in a large campus or multi-site environment. Visual reference of the entire enterprise enables security personnel to manage cameras by location and lay cameras out on a floor plan. Audit Log Notifications—Prevent unwanted changes proactively. Review and track user activity. Ensure compliance and proper system use. Eagle Eye Smart Video Search—Search for video the same way you search the web with fast, accurate results. Smart Video Search is a standard feature that’s transforming the security practitioner’s job, and has won four international awards since launch in July 2022. Specifically for enterprise users, advanced features like Re-Identification make it dramatically easier to find video of interest. Eagle Eye LPR—Enhance your security posture with Eagle Eye LPR (license plate recognition) which uses AI + Cloud for very high accuracy in challenging conditions, operates on any security camera, and enables seamless monitoring of vehicles across multiple locations. Also, Vehicle Surveillance Package (VSP), which works with third-party LPR and Eagle Eye LPR, is available as an add-on for all Eagle Eye Cloud VMS editions. Command Line Interface (CLI)—Manage large installations, create scripted commands, save time and automate bulk system-wide functions including system edits, downloads, and troubleshooting. ABOUT EAGLE EYE NETWORKS Eagle Eye Networks is the global leader in cloud video surveillance, delivering cyber-secure cloud-based video with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to make businesses more efficient and the world a safer place. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system) is the only platform robust and flexible enough to power the future of video surveillance and intelligence. Eagle Eye is based in Austin, Texas with offices in Amsterdam, Bangalore, and Tokyo.

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