MORAI to Introduce Cloud-Enabled Autonomous Driving Simulation Technology at CES 2022

MORAI | January 03, 2022

MORAI, the principal creator of full-stack autonomous driving simulation technology, declared today that it will reveal MORAI SIM Cloud, which leverages the cloud to build a wide range of simulation ecosystems without hardware limitations and allows simultaneous testing, at CES 2022.

MORAI SIM Cloud is the Software as a Service (SaaS) application of the prevalent MORAI autonomous driving simulator, MORAI SIM, that will enable users to execute simulation tests in the cloud environment without the the need for any software installation on their local computers. The cloud-enabled process will play a major role in improving test efficiency as it allows users to run a plethora of simulation tests demanding multiple computers to run on a single computer concurrently.

MORAI SIM Cloud will also provide a test automation feature, which automatically allocates test cases in a cloud environment to execute tests and generate ultimate results.

"Based on the cloud-based simulation technology, we announce Cloud-based Autonomous Driving Simutation Technology at  CES 2022.  MORAI will dynamically expand domestic and global business opportunities. We will also use in-person engagement at this year's CES as a prospect to further build global partnerships and actively engage in sharing autonomous driving simulation technologies."

- Jiwon Jung CEO of MORAI

MORAI is the only creator and distributor of a full-stack autonomous driving simulation environment in South Korea, with more than 100 clients, including Naver Labs, Hyundai Mobis and Samsung Engineering. In 2021, the company has acquired around two billion KRW through a bridge funding round. As a result, they were nominated as a future unicorn company by the Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea. They have also received the Hong Dae-yong Award for Patent Technology. MORAI has received additional recognition, such as the Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development Award in the Youth Enterprise Sector and the Prime Minister's Commendation.


Today’s electric, gas and water utilities need software applications and technology to serve as a robust springboard from which to meet the challenges of the digital future. And they need solutions to be delivered more quickly, at lower cost and risk to their organizations. That’s what Oracle Utilities offers. Oracle Utilities is a software partner for utilities around the globe


Today’s electric, gas and water utilities need software applications and technology to serve as a robust springboard from which to meet the challenges of the digital future. And they need solutions to be delivered more quickly, at lower cost and risk to their organizations. That’s what Oracle Utilities offers. Oracle Utilities is a software partner for utilities around the globe

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vFunction gets investment from Wipro Ventures

Wipro Limited | February 23, 2022

Wipro Limited, the global leader in information technology, consulting, and business process services, announced a joint go-to-market partnership with vFunction. This Palo Alto-based start-up has developed a scalable, AI-based technology platform for modernizing Java applications and speeding migration to the cloud. Wipro FullStride Cloud Services’ position as the leading provider of digital transformation solutions will be strengthened as a result of the relationship, as will Wipro’s commitment to driving cloud innovations for clients. In addition, Wipro Ventures, Wipro’s corporate investment arm, said that it has invested in vFunction’s Series A funding round to extend the strategic alliance. “We are proud to partner with vFunction to enhance our cloud offerings and provide clients with additional capabilities in a critical sector. Wipro is investing over $1 billion over the next three years to build out the capabilities of Wipro FullStride Cloud Services, and we are committed to working with partners and other industry leaders to deliver a cloud ecosystem that meets our clients’ needs,” Ramachandran Padmanabhan, Vice President, Wipro FullStride Cloud Services vFunction, a pioneer in transforming complex monolithic Java programs into microservices, enables businesses to overcome the time, risk, and cost complexities associated with modernizing business systems. The collaborative service, which combines the capabilities of Wipro FullStride Cloud Services and vFunction, will aid clients in various industries to ease and speed up their cloud migration. “Wipro is an established leader in the cloud segment, and we are excited to partner with them to accelerate our joint customers’ journey to a cloud-native architecture. As more and more businesses embrace the cloud to gain a competitive edge, this partnership will be critical in helping them realize the benefits of application modernization and moving to the cloud,” said Moti Rafalin, CEO and Co-founder vFunction.

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OneQode Unveils High Performance, Next Generation Cloud Platform Purpose Built for the $200 Billion Gaming Industry

OneQode | October 05, 2021

OneQode, a Global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) company, announced today that their high-performance cloud platform is ready for service. Until now, the architecture of leading public cloud platforms has not been built for the performance requirements of modern multiplayer games and the demand for latency-optimised networks. OneQode is changing that. Leveraging its extensive, latency-optimised carrier network and industry-leading DDoS protection, the company is now ready to deliver on-demand servers and compute to developers, studios, orchestrators, publishers and esports companies that seek to access the billions of gamers in APAC. Built For High Performance The Gaming Cloud has been built from scratch with a 'high performance by default' mindset. Unlike its competitors, OneQode isn't repurposing general cloud resources as a 'gaming' product. Rather, the infrastructure is owned and operated by OneQode and built with an obsessive focus on security, performance and interoperability. High Clock Compute. All vCPUs no less than 3.7Ghz clock speed (compared to the 2.4 - 2.8Ghz commonly used by competitors). This translates to a 25% performance uplift in workloads. Rapid provisioning. Servers can be spun up in seconds with liquid provisioning, a no-fuss portal and full containerisation support. DDoS Protected. All instances secured by OneQode's end-to-end DDoS protection built into its carrier network by default. Built to an Open Standard. Built on Openstack to integrate with all major tech stacks - including support for Kubernetes, Terraform, and Ansible. Restful API. Cloud environments can be launched and managed on-demand through a friendly RESTful API designed to plug directly into existing orchestration solutions. This makes OneQode's cloud the leading choice for all realtime workloads – be it gaming, finance, connected experiences or infrastructure-critical applications. Proprietary Network and Architecture APAC has long been plagued by routing difficulties and a lack of adequate infrastructure. With a burgeoning gaming market (accounting for 49% of global gaming revenue) and a rising digital centric population, the region has huge potential - but is currently underserved. The cloud platform is the culmination of a two-year project for OneQode to build a latency-optimised, gaming-first carrier network. Unlike existing cloud solutions that use third party carrier offerings and least-cost routing, OneQode's proprietary network uses shortest path routing, sending data over the lowest latency pathways. Reaching and Retaining More Users The cloud platform is spearheaded by OneQode's unique Guam Gaming Hub - a latency-neutral server location between three continents ( The hub recently played host to a world first, cross-regional esports tournament which saw players from as far afield as Mongolia and Australia competing on equal footing. Gaming studios, developers and publishers will now be able to leverage this infrastructure and access a pool of over 1.5 billion gamers at latencies of 100ms or less, all directly from the cloud. In an age where player retention is of utmost importance and queue times directly impact revenue, OneQode's Guam instances provide a perfect regional backbone - reducing player churn and ensuring games are available in seconds, not minutes. Available Now For too long, gaming infrastructure has been shackled by solutions built for general workloads. OneQode Cloud is purpose-built for the unique demands of modern multiplayer gaming, providing an unparalleled foundation for real time applications. Future Plan The cloud platform and gaming hub are just the beginning of OneQode's mission to build a global, fit-for-purpose foundation for the coming wave of latency and performance sensitive applications. OneQode plans to replicate the success of their APAC gaming network in other major gaming regions, including India and the sub-continent (500+ million gamers), North & South America (400+ million gamers), Middle East and Africa. In an age where most providers are focusing on cutting costs and serving current needs, OneQode is building the core infrastructure for a trillion-dollar emerging industry. With it, companies will be able to help people connect like never before. About OneQode OneQode provides the network and infrastructure that makes real-time, lag-free applications possible. We operate a low-latency international carrier network and server fleet designed for the demands of competitive low-latency gaming.

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Swimlane Launches First Cloud-Based, Low-Code Security Automation Platform

Swimlane | October 07, 2021

Swimlane announced the release of Swimlane Cloud, the first cloud-scale, low-code platform for security automation that is available as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Swimlane Cloud provides a new way for security teams to implement the industry’s most capable security automation platform, harnessing the knowledge of the entire security organization to enable everyone to create sophisticated security automation use cases, while centralizing operational data as a system of record. Security teams are challenged to keep up with the deluge of tasks associated with security processes across the entire organization and to keep top security talent highly-engaged. Swimlane’s low-code security automation platform improves the ease with which security teams can overcome process and data fatigue by delivering the power and capability of Swimlane’s award-winning automation platform as a cloud service. In addition, customers will have access to the same functionality delivered by Swimlane’s on-premises solution, including visibility into the performance, capacity, and value of the organization's security strategy with self-service dashboards, granular reporting, and extensive visualization capabilities. Key Low-Code Features Help Security Teams Do the Impossible Swimlane provides a robust application development capability for use cases ranging from the simple drag-and-drop data entry and business logic to extremely complex, sophisticated use cases that meet the needs of the enterprise. Visual Tools for Use Case Development: Harnesses institutional knowledge across the organization – making everyone an automator. Ultra-fast Integration with Any Security or IT Tool: Rapid integration framework enables an out-of-the-box integration experience. Workflow and Technology Agnostic: No closed ecosystem or vendor lock-in. Enables any use case with no technology limitations. Flexible Deployment Options: Easily deployed anywhere – SaaS, cloud, on-premises, air-gapped, or hybrid. “Every company is a technology company and at the same time, security is having an unprecedented impact on businesses and their bottom line, making cybersecurity a company-wide issue, With this launch, we enable anyone at any organization to contribute their knowledge and expertise to the protection of the organization, all while reducing the level of effort and total cost of ownership in achieving what was previously impossible security goals.” said Cody Cornell, co-founder and chief strategy officer, Swimlane. Swimlane Cloud was launched today in conjunction with Swimlane’s new Medley Partner Program making this offering available through its channel partners, managed security service providers (MSSPs) and value-added resellers (VARs) worldwide. About Swimlane Swimlane is the leader in cloud-scale, low-code security automation. Supporting use cases beyond SOAR, Swimlane improves the ease with which security teams can overcome process and data fatigue, as well as chronic staffing shortages. Swimlane unlocks the potential of automation beyond the SOC by delivering a low-code platform that serves as the system of record for the entire security organization and enables anyone within the organization to contribute their knowledge and expertise to the protection of the organization

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