New Spectro Cloud Palette Edge Platform Brings World-Class Security and Operational Efficiencies to Kubernetes at the Edge

Spectro Cloud | September 30, 2022 | Read time : 03:13 min

Spectro Cloud
Spectro Cloud, a leader in modern Kubernetes (K8s) management software, today announced a major new release of its Palette Edge platform.

Kubernetes at the edge has spurred the interest of businesses around the world as they seek to enhance competitiveness and agility. To date, however, K8s at the edge has failed to realize its true potential. Why? A study by Dimensional Research found 72% of Kubernetes users effectively said: “It’s too challenging to deploy and manage Kubernetes on edge devices.”

The Palette Edge platform, first launched in March 2022, earned Spectro Cloud recognition as a 2022 Gartner Cool Vendor in Edge Computing solves this problem, enabling organizations to re-define how cost-efficiently they can deploy and manage edge K8s clusters at scale, including at locations with small form factor devices, no on-site IT skills and marginal connectivity. Palette Edge delivers remote troubleshooting, zero-downtime rolling upgrades and patch management, even in single-server edge deployments, due to its unique A/B OS partition, multi-node failsafe design and support for both ARM and x86 architectures, including Intel’s Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

Palette Edge derives its functionality from Spectro Cloud’s core Palette platform, which enables organizations to consistently manage K8s clusters across their full lifecycle, across public clouds, virtualized or bare metal data centers, as well as edge locations. Through a unique extension of Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF’s) Cluster API, Palette enables IT teams to model their full Kubernetes stacks from the OS to the application in a true declarative model, creating project-curated, reusable Cluster Profiles while providing a choice of operating systems, K8s distributions and tools from the broad K8s ecosystem. Palette is architected to scale, delivering centralized and automated management combined with decentralized orchestration and policy enforcement — together enabling a virtually infinite scale from few to tens of thousands of clusters.

Extending this core Palette foundation, Palette Edge today adds unique security, visibility and usability capabilities, setting a new industry standard for deploying and centrally managing edge K8s at scale, dramatically lowering total cost of ownership and risk for organizations of any size expanding to the edge. Palette Edge is purpose-built to support key industry use cases including Internet of Things device management and orchestration, data ingestion, streaming, analytics and AI inference.

“For us, edge is an enabler to help clinicians deliver better patient outcomes by deploying technology closer to the user,” said Vignesh Shetty, SVP & GM Edison AI and Platform at GE Healthcare Digital. “The need for a secure, cost-effective approach to manage Kubernetes at the edge at scale is more relevant than ever before.”

The new Palette Edge delivers on the key priorities for edge K8s users with:

Tamperproof security for Kubernetes at the edge: Spectro Cloud research found that security is the #1 concern when adopting edge Kubernetes.
Edge Kubernetes devices deployed in remote, unmonitored locations are particularly vulnerable to deliberate tampering and unintentional configuration drift, where their operating system, distribution and other software elements move out of compliance through ad hoc configuration changes.

Palette Edge now enables operations teams to build highly secure configurations for edge devices, including their preferred Kubernetes distribution and the underlying OS, which once deployed become immutable, read-only and unmodifiable by the application user, just like the firmware on a smartphone. The now-immutable stack also enables zero-downtime rolling upgrades, due to a failsafe deployment design.

Palette eXtended Kubernetes Edge (PXK-E): This new edge-optimized Kubernetes distribution version of Spectro Cloud’s CNCF-upstream Kubernetes distribution is available now to all Palette customers.
PXK-E incorporates Palette’s new immutability capability, along with NIST-800 security hardening. It is certified for more than 50 open source and commercial cloud native integrations and provides high availability and zero-downtime rolling upgrades even in single-server configurations.

With Palette Edge, businesses can choose the PXK-E distribution or Palette-optimized versions of any other K8s distribution, verified and supported by Spectro Cloud.

A powerful NOC-like dashboard: Now organizations scaling to thousands or tens of thousands of edge devices have the power to manage their fleet more easily and with greater control than ever before.
Palette Edge’s Network Operations Center-like (NOC) dashboard provides a highly intuitive user experience with live status for key events, plus advanced capabilities to filter, tag and drill down to clusters by location, status or other attribute. Importantly, operators can define powerful workflows for managing clusters, with almost infinite possibilities: for example, they can phase deployments of cluster updates by location for canary testing, or schedule patching to follow the sun.

Ultra-simple edge device onboarding: In edge Kubernetes projects, organizations can find the act of deploying new devices in remote locations incredibly problematic; often, costly field engineering truck rolls are needed.
Palette Edge makes it easy for non-specialist staff to quickly power up and onboard a new device into a managed cluster, using a variety of methods, such as through Palette Edge’s user interface, leveraging its open API, the Spectro Cloud Terraform provider, or by simply scanning a QR code on the edge device itself.

The features delivered in this new Palette Edge release reflect real customer requirements of K8s at the edge. To address them and also contribute to the broader cloud native community, Spectro Cloud is now leading a unique open source project which delivers failsafe immutability at the edge: Kairos. Version 1.0 of Kairos is now generally available with extended community support, and is free to download and use. For more information, visit This is another example demonstrating Spectro Cloud’s continued commitment to foster innovation as a member of the CNCF and Linux Foundation, contributing to major Kubernetes ecosystem projects such as Cluster API and the Cluster API Provider for Canonical MAAS.

These major new features are available today in Spectro Cloud’s Palette Edge edition and further position Palette as the first choice for organizations running Kubernetes at the edge at scale, enabling them to bring modern applications and data close to their end-users. Customers of Palette Edge are already realizing significant benefits by avoiding otherwise necessary field engineering visits at edge locations, which can result to up to 90% reduction in operational costs.

“A key use case for 5G Edge compute is mission critical, ultra-low latency, workloads. That means cyber-security is a foundational principle for Edge and not an afterthought. Spectro Cloud is delivering a customer solution for deploying modern apps to the Edge that can integrate readily into end-to-end Zero Trust architectures,” said Dr. Ken Urquhart, Global Vice-President, 5G at Zscaler.

“This brand new set of capabilities is making edge K8s locations as easy as a cloud for our customers, With a platform that can scale to tens of thousands of edge locations, requirements like security, resiliency and ease-of-use can be game changers, and this has been our focus in the latest release. At Spectro Cloud we are committed champions of the innovation coming out of the open source community, and we couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with some of the most interesting projects to deliver some of those new capabilities.”

Spectro Cloud co-founder and CEO Tenry Fu

About Spectro Cloud
Spectro Cloud uniquely enables organizations to deploy and manage Kubernetes in production, at scale. Its Palette enterprise Kubernetes management platform gives IT Operations and DevOps engineering teams effortless control of the full Kubernetes lifecycle even across multiple clouds, data centers, bare metal and edge environments. Ops teams are empowered to support their developers with curated Kubernetes stacks and tools based on their specific needs, with granular governance and enterprise-grade security.


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Ian Clatworthy from Dell talks about Cloud Computing in Enterprise Environments and answers some common questions: - Why should businesses migrate their IT systems to the cloud? Does moving to the cloud mean operating in completely different ways? How can I improve performance of my private cloud? What would you say to an IT manager with concerns about migrating systems running legacy applications? Why should businesses move to cloud storage systems throughout their enterprise?

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Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud, powered by Auth0, makes it possible to improve the overall experience and keep customers secure at the same time, all while enabling app builders to focus on what is most important–innovating for their customers.” “At TripActions, we’re building the best all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense management solution that has revolutionized business travel, Okta's Customer Identity Cloud has been critical to our success as we continue to scale and grow globally. It enables an easy, frictionless, and secure experience that’s vital to our customers.” Kim Huffman, Chief Information Officer at TripAction Two differentiated use cases for Customer Identity Cloud and product innovations announced today include: Identity as Your Digital Front Door With Consumer Apps The Okta Customer Identity Cloud for Consumer Apps helps any organization streamline registration and login across any device, stack, or platform, for higher customer acquisition and retention, a better experience, and a fuller view of users. From social login and progressive profiling, to advanced security features like Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), digital teams have everything they need to increase revenue through new and repeat customers, without added security risk. New capabilities being added to Consumer Apps by the end of Q2 2023 include: Passkeys support: Passkeys are a replacement for passwords that make it faster and easier for users to sign into apps and websites on any device. App builders can turn on passkeys using a toggle in our dashboard, without touching their code. Highly Regulated Identity: Highly Regulated Identity is a new toolset that allows customers to safeguard riskier transactions with extra security and policy control. Security Center: Security Center leverages Okta’s vast threat insights from billions of authentications to create a single pane of glass for security teams to monitor in real-time, detect, and respond to any suspicious activity. Business Customer Identity, Simplified with SaaS Apps The Okta Customer Identity Cloud for SaaS Apps helps companies get enterprise-ready, onboard new users, and manage authentication across business customers, without diverting development resources away from their core product. With Enterprise Federation, directory synchronization, delegated administration, provisioning, custom branding and security policies, and more out-of-the-box capabilities, Okta handles identity so SaaS companies can focus on growing their business. Enhancements now generally available for SaaS Apps include: Okta Workforce Enterprise Connection: Okta Workforce Enterprise Connection makes it easy for SaaS app builders to offer out-of-the-box integrations to Okta Workforce Identity Cloud, providing end-users with a seamless and trustworthy login experience. This enterprise connection is included on all Enterprise and B2B self-service plans for no additional charge, and now easier to discover and configure for SaaS Apps use cases. Organizations: Organizations enables SaaS companies to manage and model identity for business customers as organizations, and configure custom, organization-based branding and policies. New support for up to two million organizations per tenant, two million members per organization, and improved search capabilities are available now. Availability Okta Customer Identity Cloud including the new use cases for Consumer Apps and SaaS Apps is available today at For SaaS Apps, enhancements for the Okta Workforce Enterprise Connection and Organizations are available today for Enterprise and B2B self-service customers. New capabilities for Consumer Apps will be available by the end of Q2 2023, with support for Highly Regulated Identity as an Enterprise Add-on. Any unreleased products, features, or functionality referenced in this release that are not currently available, may not be delivered on time or at all. Product roadmaps do not represent a commitment, obligation, or promise to deliver any product, feature, or functionality, and customers should not rely on them to make purchase decisions. About Okta Okta is the World’s Identity Company. As the leading independent Identity partner, we free everyone to safely use any technology—anywhere, on any device or app. The most trusted brands trust Okta to enable secure access, authentication, and automation. With flexibility and neutrality at the core of our Okta Workforce Identity and Customer Identity Clouds, business leaders and developers can focus on innovation and accelerate digital transformation, thanks to customizable solutions and more than 7,000 pre-built integrations. We’re building a world where Identity belongs to you.

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