Niveus Solutions Partners with HashiCorp to Drive Automation in the Cloud

Niveus Solutions | July 19, 2022 | Read time : 02:20 min

Niveus Solutions Partners with HashiCorp
Niveus Solutions, a fast-growing cloud engineering services organisation headquartered in Karnataka, India, has joined the HashiCorp Partner Network to drive automation adoption. HashiCorp, a leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software, has partnered with Niveus to deliver HashiCorp’s products, beginning with Terraform Enterprise, to its customers.

Overcoming critical challenges on the cloud such as idle resources and overprovisioning has become a major need among businesses across industries. With HashiCorp Terraform Cloud, teams can optimise multi-cloud environments with automation for better resource provisioning and minimised cloud waste. Niveus and HashiCorp will enable customers to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of the cloud ecosystem.

“Our partnership with HashiCorp is helping us deliver new service and product lines. In fact, our first foray into launching our own platform, namely Lander - an automated GCP landing zone - has been built on top of HashiCorp Terraform. We see HashiCorp as a critical partner and essential to the global cloud ecosystem,” 

-Suyog Shetty, CEO, Niveus Solutions.

57% of respondents to our 2021 State of Cloud Strategy Survey said there is a multi-cloud skills shortage, making our partnership with System Integration partners like Niveus Solutions critical to joint customer success,said Rhody Hill, Senior Director, Partners, APJ.

As part of the shift to the cloud, organisations of all sizes, from well-known brands to ambitious start-ups, rely on HashiCorp’s products to provision, secure, connect, and run their business-critical applications so they can deliver essential services, communications tools, and entertainment platforms worldwide.

Niveus Solutions, a Premier and Breakthrough Partner for Google Cloud in the Asia Pacific region, has been driving digital transformation programs for some of the largest conglomerates and industry leaders across sectors, such as BFSI, Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare, Retail, and Digital Natives in APAC.

About Niveus Solutions
Niveus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a cloud-born engineering services organization founded in 2013. Niveus progressed rapidly over the years with the company making a strategic decision in 2019 to exclusively partner with Google Cloud India and scaling up to be its ‘Premier’ partner in less than 2 years and winning the ‘Breakthrough Partner of the Year – Asia Pacific’ award for 2020. Niveus leverages cloud technologies to help enterprises with cloud consulting, app modernization, infrastructure modernization, data modernization, platform migration, cloud-native application development, cloud security, and managed services. The organization empowers enterprises with the ability to harness the power of cloud services and build resilient infrastructures that scale. Niveus counts industry leaders in BFSI, Automotive, Media & Entertainment, Manufacturing, Retail, PSUs, and Digital Natives among its fast growing clientele. The company operates from multiple cities in India and Singapore.


Greg McCall, Chief Operating Officer, TV and Content, BT Sport, explains how the cloud is driving BT's ability to deliver innovative, real-time content. This commentary forms part of Accenture's study, "Pulse of Media: Mastering Disruption in the Digital World". The Pulse of Media study explores the key issues, disruptions and trends that are vital to the future of the media and entertainment industry and seeks to provoke the debates that businesses will need to engage in as they re-examine and shape their agenda for the future.


Greg McCall, Chief Operating Officer, TV and Content, BT Sport, explains how the cloud is driving BT's ability to deliver innovative, real-time content. This commentary forms part of Accenture's study, "Pulse of Media: Mastering Disruption in the Digital World". The Pulse of Media study explores the key issues, disruptions and trends that are vital to the future of the media and entertainment industry and seeks to provoke the debates that businesses will need to engage in as they re-examine and shape their agenda for the future.

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Northern Data Becomes Preferred Cloud Service Provider in NVIDIA Partner Network

Northern Data | September 21, 2022

Northern Data Cloud Services has joined the NVIDIA Partner Network as a Preferred Partner for Cloud Services in Europe. Northern Data's (XETRA: NB2, ISIN: DE000A0SMU87) sustainable data centers provide a GPU compute infrastructure based on NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core and RTX A6000 GPUs, primarily targeting artificial intelligence (AI) and professional visualization development teams. Northern Data helps these teams solve research and development assignments that require high processing power as well as data-driven business models. This infrastructure creates the platform for automated and semi-automated workloads in fast-growing segments such as image, video and data analysis, natural language processing (NLP), rendering, and machine learning (ML). "We are delighted to be an NVIDIA Partner Network Preferred Cloud Service Provider. The market is just getting started in the development of GPU cloud computing, yet we have the capability to offer large volumes of GPU computing power, tailored to the growing needs of our customers based on our own HPC data center infrastructure. We run our climate-neutral data centers in Scandinavia with a focus on the highest levels of energy efficiency. As a European supplier, we also guarantee our customers data sovereignty and security in line with European standards to meet their compliance requirements." Aroosh Thillainathan, CEO of Northern Data "Combining our powerful full-stack accelerated computing platform with Northern Data's user-friendly and climate-neutral concept marks a milestone in the European cloud services market," says Markus Hacker, Regional Director of Enterprise Business DACH at NVIDIA, and continues: "Together, we'll drive demand for these new, cloud-based HPC offerings." A powerful overall package With a large number of NVIDIA GPUs, Northern Data will provide start-ups, scale-ups, established companies and system integrators with massive computing capacity for data-intensive workloads on demand. With Northern Data, customers will benefit from a tech stack that guarantees high interconnectivity and absence of latency between individual GPUs, as well as within one tenant for maximum scalability and flexibility. In accomplishing this, Northern Data is relying on the latest networking technology from NVIDIA, all-flash storage solutions from PureStorage and an external, redundant 100 Gbit internet connection. High security standards, low complexity of the network configuration and the simple scaling of workloads thanks to the support of Cloud-init complete the offerings. To simplify developer workflows and optimize performance on GPU instances, NVIDIA offers NGC™, a Hub of GPU-optimized AI and HPC software including enterprise-grade containers, frameworks, pre-trained models, Helm charts and industry-specific software development kits (SDKs) for data scientists, developers and DevOps teams to build and deploy solutions faster. This end-to-end approach — from the choice of location to the construction and operation of the data center — and Northern Data's focus on cloud-native applications and the formulation of transparent flavors guarantee Northern Data customers cost-efficient use of sought-after HPC resources with no surprise follow-on costs. This is enabled by Northern Data's sustainable data centers with exceptionally high power usage effectiveness (PUE) in Sweden (PUE value: 1.04 in 2021) and Norway (PUE value: 1.15). "The underlying technology and framework conditions in which it is provided are crucial for our offerings. NVIDIA GPUs speed up large, demanding workloads as they can process data volumes in the petabyte range much faster than traditional CPUs. With the exceptional performance of NVIDIA GPUs, large-scale simulations can also be processed faster than ever before," explains Christopher Yoshida, President and CFO of Northern Data. Cost transparency for wide-ranging application scenarios The current cloud offerings target a wide variety of application scenarios for GPU computing. For example, they include fast, efficient image and video analysis for media content creators, rapid rendering of complex models and 3D simulations for research and development teams, real-time analysis and evaluation of large data volumes for business decision-makers or even the accelerated training of AI and ML models. Customers of Northern Data Cloud Services can reserve large processing capacity in advance as part of a transparent cost structure. Besides B2B customers, the company is also providing system integrators and AI consultants with a powerful, immediately available HPC offering that represents an intelligent addition to traditional solutions from classic hyperscalers. About Northern Data: At Northern Data, we are convinced that High Performance Computing (HPC) will open up opportunities for research and development, business and ultimately human progress never seen before. Our multinational company is quickly becoming a globally significant provider of GPU and ASIC-based solutions through the development and operation of an efficient, environmentally-friendly HPC infrastructure. We combine intelligent, sustainable data centers, advanced, leading edge hardware and in-house, proprietary software for various HPC applications such as Bitcoin mining, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data analytics, IoT and graphics rendering. We work in large, customized data centers and proprietary, mobile high-performance data centers which offer the ultimate scope of flexibility in the choice of location. The Northern Data Group employs around 220 members of staff in active in 7 countries.

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Yottaa Announces Conversion Zone, a New Integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Yottaa | September 22, 2022

Yottaa announced that it has launched Conversion Zone, a new integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the fastest path to unified commerce. Commerce Cloud enables brands to provide personalized experiences for shoppers that span web, mobile, social, and in-store. And now, as part of the world’s #1 CRM platform – Salesforce – brands can deliver completely unified experiences for customers that extend beyond commerce to include marketing, customer service, and more. Conversion Zone is a new product in Yottaa’s RAPID CTRL eCommerce acceleration solution. As part of Yottaa’s integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Conversion Zone empowers Commerce Cloud customers to determine the site speed where shoppers convert most. This enables these brands to optimize their sites to ensure pages are loading in the “Conversion Zone” resulting in higher online revenue, as well as better shopper experiences. Yottaa’s integration with Commerce Cloud is through RAPID CTRL, Yottaa’s patented application sequencing solution that optimizes and sequences the way 3rd party technologies and images load in the browser. Through RAPID CTRL, online brands can increase eCommerce site speed and improve conversion rates across all devices. Conversion Zone, a new product in RAPID CTRL, enables brands using Salesforce Commerce Cloud to determine the target site performance range needed to maximize online conversion rates. Comments on the News “Yottaa’s integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables online brands to deliver faster and more engaging experiences for their shoppers, As part of this integration, Yottaa’s new Conversion Zone solution provides these brands a customized, powerful tool to determine the exact page load time periods that result in the highest conversions so they can get more value from all of their eCommerce investments.” Rich Stendardo, CEO of Yottaa “Creating personalized, omnichannel experiences is now more important than ever for brands,” said Mike Wolff, SVP, ISV Sales, Salesforce. “By leveraging the power of Commerce Cloud and the new integration from Yottaa, customers will now be able to not only speed up the loading of their sites, but also identify optimal site speed ranges that produce the most online conversions.” About Salesforce Commerce Cloud The Salesforce Commerce Cloud empowers retailers to unify customer experiences across all points of commerce, including web, social, mobile and store. From shopping to fulfillment to customer service, the Commerce Cloud delivers 1-to-1 shopping experiences that consistently delight customers, driving increased engagement, loyalty and conversion. With embedded predictive intelligence and a robust partner ecosystem, the Commerce Cloud helps retailers deliver superior customer experiences for retailers, from planning to launch and beyond. About Yottaa Leading brands such as 1 800 Contacts, Carter’s, J. Crew, Lands’ End, Ralph Lauren, and Samsonite rely on Yottaa to accelerate, optimize, and secure their eCommerce sites. By optimizing the loading of third-party eCommerce technologies, high resolution images, and other website elements, Yottaa enables online brands to deliver superior customer experiences, improve site performance up to 60%, and increase online conversion up to 20%. By controlling the execution of all 3rd parties and other services on their sites, Yottaa also enables brands to enhance their overall security posture, provide more secure shopper experiences, and ensure compliance with internal and external policies. To learn more about how Yottaa can optimize every page load on your eCommerce site and increase conversions

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Flowmon's Latest Release Expands Multi-cloud Monitoring and Threat Detection

Progress Software | July 01, 2022

The reputable infrastructure software vendor Progress (Nasdaq: PRGS) recently unveiled the latest version of Progress Flowmon, a standout network visibility and security solution. Progress has added native flow logs from Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure to its support for public cloud provider flow log monitoring in the Flowmon 12 network solution, as well as introduced additional potent and sophisticated features for anomaly identification. With this update, businesses may now use public cloud providers to deploy their applications and services, cut monitoring expenses, and get complete visibility into their hybrid infrastructure via a single user interface. For many contemporary enterprises, the network serves as an essential enabler. IT infrastructure management is made more challenging and makes operations more difficult by growing system interconnectivity, larger data quantities, and cloud migration. Securing a high level of monitoring and control in a hybrid environment that includes both on-premise data centers and private and public clouds is challenging for organizations. Traditional methods of monitoring, however, are unable to resolve the issue. "To build and operate an efficient and secure hybrid cloud environment, organizations need comprehensive visibility without swivel chair management and manual aggregation of data. With the latest release of Flowmon network solution, Progress extends capabilities in this area by simplifying network visibility for customers who are expanding their footprint in the public cloud. Our ongoing focus on helping customers improve their cybersecurity posture is leading to additional innovations fueled by the combined use of advanced threat detection techniques," Jason Dover, VP, Product Strategy, Enterprise Application Experience, Progress Flowmon 12 eliminates the need for and expense of maintaining numerous tools by providing complete visibility over an organization's complete hybrid cloud deployment via a single user interface. Through the newly announced support for native flow logs from Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure and the increased support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) flow logs, organizations may monitor traffic from on-premises, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or any mix thereof. Additionally, by deploying customized Flowmon Probe virtual appliances for applications needing more in-depth monitoring, they can also reduce the expenses associated with traffic mirroring and eliminate the use of built-in cloud providers monitoring tools. "Based on the nature of our business and reliance on our infrastructure to deliver customer value, we simply can't afford issues that might impact security or performance. Because of this, maintaining consistent and deep visibility is key to our IT operations. Our security needs have been addressed by Flowmon for years, and after a short experience with the new version, I can confirm that we are happy with the direction this product is taking. With Flowmon 12, Progress has significantly improved anomaly detection accuracy and provided us with new options to granularly tune the detection," said Pavel Charvat, Head of IT Security, Czech Statistical Office (CZSO).

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