Otava Adds Managed Azure Cloud to Robust Hybrid Cloud Portfolio

Otava | April 27, 2022

Otava, a global leader in custom and compliant hybrid cloud solutions, today announced the availability of its Managed Azure  Cloud service that enables businesses to achieve the benefits of a fully managed Azure cloud environment. Otava's fully managed service helps customers overcome the complexities of Azure and public cloud infrastructure, so that they can maintain focus on their core competencies.

According to Statistica, Azure controls 33.1% of the worldwide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) hyperscaler market share this year. This combined with Structure Research's findings that project the managed Public Cloud market will reach $11.8 billion in 2026 at a five-year annual growth rate of 29.2%, Otava Managed Azure Cloud presents a significant growth opportunity for the business.

"As edge computing and cloud become higher priorities, small and medium-sized businesses need to find a way to succeed in the digital landscape. Otava Managed Azure Cloud is a critical addition to our broad portfolio of secure and compliant hybrid cloud and security services. I'm very proud of our extremely talented team for bringing to market a complimentary fully managed, high-value Azure Cloud solution. We are excited to support our customers and partners seeking higher levels of agility, efficiency, and security with Azure Cloud while freeing their own IT staff to achieve greater performance in the areas where they are needed most."

Brad Cheedle, CEO, Otava.

With Otava's Managed Azure Cloud, businesses gain the advantages of cloud computing, while the management and maintenance is handled by cloud experts. The service ensures continuous improvement with workload migration, cloud environment configuration, built-in governance, security solutions, data protection, and monitoring with analysis. Otava's deep experience in cloud security, compliance, and cost containment helps customers to achieve cost management, regulatory compliance, accelerated app delivery, scalability and business agility. All Otava services are backed by a world-class support team available 24/7/365.

Otava is an industry-leading compliant hybrid cloud provider with locations around the world. Its portfolio is designed to provide a clear path to hybridity for companies navigating the cloud native landscape. Otava's cloud platform delivers simplicity, transparency, and flexibility with a range of management and infrastructure levels to accommodate unique needs. Each cloud solution is supported by fully integrated services such as backup, security, and disaster recovery that can connect to public cloud or on-premise environments. Otava gives its customers the power to innovate within a secure and compliant environment.

About Otava
Founded in 1994, Otava is a cloud solutions provider on a mission to make hybrid cloud hosting easy for service providers, public sector clients and enterprise organizations. Its portfolio of flexible and compliant solutions includes hybrid private and shared cloud hosting, colocation, data protection, backup and security offerings. Otava's high-touch, consultative team works closely with clients to deliver exceptional results every time.


This walkthrough describes the top features of Juniper Cloud-Native Contrail Networking (CN2). CN2 is a Kubernetes-native software-defined networking platform that enables organizations to automate Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) operations and manage virtual network lifecycles.


This walkthrough describes the top features of Juniper Cloud-Native Contrail Networking (CN2). CN2 is a Kubernetes-native software-defined networking platform that enables organizations to automate Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) operations and manage virtual network lifecycles.

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Nexcess Launches Enterprise on Cloud, a New Cloud Solution for Scalable and Flexible Hosting Needs

Nexcess | March 02, 2023

Nexcess has released Enterprise on Cloud, a new cloud solution for enterprise customers who need more scalability and flexibility than their current hosting plans provide. It is a good value for money and an efficient way to distribute the load and grow without adding more hardware. The new offering combines increased flexibility and performance with Nexcess managed hosting benefits. Users can do a lot more with Enterprise on Cloud without making a big investment. They can deploy faster, speed up checkout, make it easier to handle problems, and more. Enterprise on Cloud is a good choice for businesses that want to improve their operations because it offers the benefits of Nexcess managed hosting as well as more flexibility and better performance. It can also be used by businesses of all sizes because it is scalable and inexpensive. Brian Oates, Technical Project Manager for Nexcess, said, "Growth is one aspect of hosting that can be tough to smooth out from a customer perspective." He also said, "Whether it's future anticipated or 'right now' performance impacting growth, you want fast and simple options. "Enterprise on Cloud achieves this with its fast horizontal and vertical scaling options," says Oates. (Source - PR Newswire) The solution can be set up in just a few hours, and as needed, more nodes and database servers can be added. Enterprise on Cloud can also be scaled up or down based on the needs of the user, making it a more flexible and cost-effective solution. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses that are looking for a quick and easy way to get up and running. Enterprise on the Cloud is also scalable, which means that businesses can change their resources to meet their changing needs. About Nexcess Nexcess has been helping businesses build, run, and grow online for over 20 years by providing managed hosting infrastructure and hand-picked tools. It specializes in optimizing WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento sites and stores and has a team of experts available 24/7/365. It manages 10 global data centers and serves over 45,000 customers in 150 countries as part of the Liquid Web family of brands. Its open stack cloud platform offers dependable and scalable solutions, and it boasts of the fact that Magento was created on Nexcess servers. It provides comprehensive management for sites and stores, as well as a variety of products to suit projects of all sizes. It has been named one of INC Magazine's 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies for the past twelve years as an industry leader in customer service.

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Kion Joins AWS ISV Accelerate Program

Businesswire | March 23, 2023

Kion, a leading cloud enablement solution provider, announced today that it has been accepted into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program, a co-sell program for AWS Partners who provide software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS. The program will empower Kion to further enhance customer outcomes and assure mutual commitment from AWS and partners. “We are thrilled to join the AWS ISV Accelerate Program and continue to cultivate our relationship with AWS. We have an extensive history supporting AWS customers back to our inception in 2018, and the Kion solution has proven it helps these customers accelerate cloud adoption. We have provided public and private sector organizations with easy to configure automation to streamline cloud provisioning and operations. This gets cloud accounts in the hands of engineers at record speed and has been a key driver of innovation and digital transformation efforts,” said Brian Price, CEO and Co-Founder at Kion. “Within just a year of using our platform, some of our customers have more than 15x the number of AWS accounts in use by their organization all while ensuring cloud spending and security is controlled. Beyond those strategic benefits, now that Kion is a part of the AWS ISV Accelerate program, we can further scale our business by incentivizing AWS Sales teams along with passing savings onto customers who choose to buy our solution in AWS Marketplace.” Kion combines cloud governance and management to offer a unique all-in-one cloud enablement solution, empowering users to easily achieve the benefits of the cloud. Kion focuses on three core pillars: Automation and Orchestration, Financial Management, and Continuous Compliance. Customers use Kion to gain greater visibility, control, and confidence in their security, budget, and decision-making abilities while still enjoying the native experiences that the cloud providers offer. Through the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, Kion receives focused co-selling support from AWS, access to further sales enablement resources, reduced AWS Marketplace listing fees, and incentives for AWS Sales teams. The program provides participating ISVs with access to millions of active AWS customers globally. This announcement comes less than a year after Kion achieved AWS Security Competency status. This recognition acknowledges that Kion has demonstrated proven technology that helps customers achieve their cloud security goals. It also reaffirms Kion’s ability to provide specialized cloud enablement services that empower users to gain control and accelerate compliance within the cloud. Kion also holds the AWS Cloud Operations Software Competency and the AWS Government Competency designations. Kion is an AWS Public Sector Partner and a member of the Authority to Operate (ATO) on AWS Program. Lastly, Kion is an Amazon Linux Ready Product and AWS Control Tower Ready solution. AWS ISV Accelerate Program members are held to the industry’s highest standards and must undergo a comprehensive evaluation to gain acceptance into the program. Kion participated in a thorough architectural and security review to ensure the quality and design of our solution. Proof of customer excellence was also reviewed to validate the successes Kion customers have achieved across industry verticals. About Kion Kion is a cloud enablement solution designed to help organizations simplify management and governance activities to realize the full benefits of the cloud. The platform delivers visibility and control across all cloud environments, empowering customers to confidently provision accounts, maintain financial control, and ensure compliance with security regulations. Wherever they are on their cloud journey, Kion empowers organizations to go farther, faster.

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DoiT International Acquires Incentro's GCP Reseller Business to Enhance Cloud Services in Benelux

DoiT International | February 24, 2023

Incentro, which is an expert in digital solutions in the Benelux region, has been acquired by DoiT International to run its GCP reseller business. DoiT International is a Google Cloud Partner and has tools and services for managing cloud costs. Incentro will be able to provide its clients with more affordable cloud solutions and services thanks to this acquisition by DoiT International's Google Cloud Platforms. With the acquisition, Incentro's digital solutions and DoiT's cloud technology for CloudOps, cloud migration, machine learning, and cloud FinOps will be combined. This means that customers of Google Cloud in the area will have access to the best technology and experts. Yoav Toussia-Cohen, CEO of DoiT International, said, "We are thrilled to enter this transaction with Incentro, a leading player in the Benelux." He also said, "By merging the strength of Incentro’s digital solutions with DoiT’s intelligent technology and cloud expertise, we are building on our vision and commitment to be a valuable partner for our customers in the region and beyond." (Source: Businesswire) Customers in the Benelux region will benefit from the deal because it will give them access to expert technical consulting and DoiT's suite of solutions based on cutting-edge technology. This will help them grow and thrive. By combining Incentros digital solutions and DoiTs cloud technology, Google Cloud customers in the Benelux region will have access to the best technology and expertise available. About Incentro Incentro grew rapidly in the Netherlands, Spain, and Africa. The company prided itself on being a digital change specialist with consultants who challenged their clients' goals and thought ahead. Incentro's digital solutions were tailored to clients and customers. The company helped clients achieve their goals. They collaborated to find amazing digital solutions. Incentro also reduced its carbon footprint. They wanted zero-footprint by 2025. The company took concrete steps to encourage its employees to drive electric cars. In 2022, Incentro will own a wind turbine to demonstrate their sustainability. About DoiT International DoiT International helps fast-growing, tech-savvy businesses worldwide. They help clients achieve big and small goals using public cloud technology and services. DoiT solves basic and complex cloud issues. Intelligent technology simplifies and automates cloud usage, along with expert consultancy and unlimited technical support. DoiT's multicloud expertise includes optimization, analytics, and governance tools. DoiT has won multiple partner of the year awards as a strategic reseller of Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. Over 70 countries support thousands of customers.

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