Planet DDS Acquires Cloud 9 Software to Expand Dental Software Platform

Planet DDS | January 06, 2023 | Read time : 02:14 min

Planet DDS
Planet DDS, a provider of cloud-based dental software, has acquired Cloud 9 Software, which specializes in orthodontic and pediatric practice management software. With the acquisition of Cloud 9 Software, Planet DDS will be able to offer a full suite of dental software solutions that can be customized for different types of dental practices.

The acquisition will allow Planet DDS to continue its strong growth as a multi-specialty dental software platform while also providing a stronger single-vendor solution to support the growth and operational success of both multi-specialty and single-specialty practices. By combining Cloud 9 Software's orthodontic and pediatric features with Planet DDS's cloud-based dental software platform, the new company will be able to offer its clients a full set of solutions that are customized to their practices' needs.

"The addition of Cloud 9 Software deepens our understanding and ability to serve the unique needs of orthodontic and pediatric care practices. Our consistent growth and leadership in cloud-based dental software has always been rooted in our ability to anticipate the needs of our customers, and we are thrilled to welcome Cloud 9 and its experienced team, who will help us continue this mission."

Eric Giesecke, CEO of Planet DDS
Eric Giesecke, CEO of Planet DDS, said the acquisition would deepen the company's understanding and ability to serve the unique needs of orthodontic and pediatric care practices. No additional details of the transaction were disclosed. The merger of Planet DDS and Cloud 9 Software will enable dentists to streamline their processes and increase the efficiency of their practices while also providing a stronger single-vendor solution that meets the specialized needs of orthodontic and pediatric care practices.

About Planet DDS

Planet DDS is the leading provider of cloud-enabled dental software solutions, serving over 10,000 practices in North America with over 60,000 users. The company delivers a complete platform of solutions for dental practices, including Denticon Practice Management, Apteryx Digital Imaging, and Legwork Patient Relationship Management. Planet DDS is committed to giving its dental practice clients value by finding solutions to the most pressing problems facing dental practices in North America today.

About Cloud 9 Software

Cloud 9 Software is a cloud-based practice management solution designed specifically for the needs of orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, group practices, and DSOs and OSOs. Founded in 2009, Cloud 9 Software is a 100% cloud-based practice optimization platform. Headquartered in Roswell, Georgia, Cloud 9 currently serves more than 2,900 locations with thousands of providers and millions of patients combined.


The Strategies to Defend Against Cyberattacks with MITRE ATT&CK The threat landscape is ever evolving. Modern threat actors constantly develop new tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) so it's crucial to stay up to date with the latest strategies for protecting your organization. Security experts from Unit 42™ have unveiled t


The Strategies to Defend Against Cyberattacks with MITRE ATT&CK The threat landscape is ever evolving. Modern threat actors constantly develop new tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) so it's crucial to stay up to date with the latest strategies for protecting your organization. Security experts from Unit 42™ have unveiled t

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OpenDrives Announces Multi-Cloud Migration at NAB 2023; Expands Software-Led Solutions for AI-Enabled Cloud Editing and Backup

Globenewswire | April 19, 2023

OpenDrives, Inc., a global provider of software-defined data services and workflow solutions, announces multi-cloud migration, AI-enabled remote production, and backup and recovery workflows at the 2023 NAB Show. As editing timelines tighten, AI demands more compute power and architectural shifts, and the need for scalable and portable data solutions grows. OpenDrives centralizes data access, management and movement, powered by the Atlas Core software platform, across all architectures for enterprise-scale media and entertainment industry heavyweights including Fox Sports, HBO, L.A. Kings and more. “No single vendor can optimize workflows at the individual company, team and workstation level, especially as cloud and hybrid deployments make managing data storage capabilities and accessing data more complex,” said Izhar Sharon, recently appointed Chief Executive Office at OpenDrives. “Open integrations unlock powerful capabilities that help to ensure optimal workflow performance across complementary technologies. From multi-cloud migration to live editing and backup, OpenDrives empowers businesses with streamlined data operations and content delivery, and we’re thrilled to showcase this with our open ecosystem of partners at the 2023 NAB Show.” Built on open standards and open protocols adopted across the industry, Atlas Core facilitates interoperability with the Open ecosystem of technology partners, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure and other cloud players such as Wasabi, to provide access to cloud storage and data services that enterprises leverage every day. OpenDrives deploys containers directly on the storage solutions bringing enterprise applications, such as iconik, Archiware, CloudSoda, Axel AI and Betsol, closer to the target data that they use, eliminating the need for additional hardware. A single, portable software license moves with customers’ needs across any data environment, whether on-prem, cloud or edge. Multi-cloud migration to power “everything everywhere” data availability for Fox Sports Atlas Core and OpenDrives’ fully managed cloud solution Atlas Cloud Plus (ACP) centralize content across Fox Sports’ 10 onsite venue locations, multiple editing facilities and geographically distributed remote teams. Now, the leading live broadcaster has selected ACP to streamline content access from any location while enhancing tiering efficiencies for files migrated between AWS and GCP. “Cloud strategies are more complex than a ‘one-and-done' infrastructure shift,” said Kevin Callahan, VP of Field Operations and Engineering at Fox Sports. “We need to access petabytes of data in real-time, especially in high frame rate 4K or future 8K formats, which requires flexible systems that optimize ingest and simplify cloud-to-cloud migration without having to rethink our data strategy with each architecture upgrade or switch. OpenDrives’ integrated partner ecosystem provides end-to-end performance that anticipates and scales with our growth.” Industry-standard support for SMB, NFS and S3 means OpenDrives can interoperate regardless of protocol, expanding the types of storage targets on-premises and in the cloud which are available to the software solution. This enables Atlas Core and ACP to accelerate and stabilize any workflow that is reliant on file transfer and dynamic data movement. By giving Fox Sports the ability to instantly launch containerized applications, including Signiant and Aspera, OpenDrives provides a resilient and adaptive storage platform enabling data access and movement from anywhere. “We’re no longer moving data, we've evolved in a way where it’s moving with us,” added Callahan. “OpenDrives empowers hybrid data access and movement as mobile as our onsite studios and broadcast trucks. Adding multi-cloud support will only accelerate international data consolidation so that everything is always at our fingertips across editing and media lifecycle management.” Fox Sports will soon debut its Center for Excellence, a lab and testing facility for new and emerging workflow integrations and techniques in live sports production, such as miniature POV high-speed and digital cinema shell, drones and remote and cloud production IP. Continuing to push innovation boundaries to create a unique visual difference for viewers at home, from augmented reality to HDR and high frame rate, the lab will be a core pillar for the future of Fox Sports’ live broadcasting. OpenDrives’ software will provide the backbone to ensure seamless functionality with new camera and editing innovations, from R&D to viewers’ screens. Containerization optimizes AI-enabled workflows, cloud and hybrid cloud asset management “Customers have a growing need for flexibility and performance in the cloud as its role shifts from storage target to content hub,” said Sean Lee, Chief Operations and Strategy Officer at OpenDrives. “Our cloud-focused solutions work seamlessly with partner technologies to drive business outcomes through scalability, data integrity, and ease of use to accelerate enterprise workloads and media workflows more easily and cost effectively with fewer operational headaches.” OpenDrives empowers enterprise-scale customers to optimize cloud deployments, created for individual data needs, while streamlining content development and delivery with solutions such as: AI-enabled hybrid solution for editing and finishing content with iconik’s ISG MAM. Working in partnership, OpenDrives, iconik and Adobe allow remote editors to access ISG-generated proxies directly from the Adobe application. To do this, OpenDrives generates proxies through an on-premise C module and sends them to the web-based Adobe panel which allows editors to work on smaller files while optimizing access and performance. Enhanced data movement, backup and archiving in the cloud with CloudSoda. Customers can replicate content between locations for collaboration or data protection. A real-time analytics dashboard shows cost and savings prior to initiating the data move. Implementing camera-to-cloud workflow to push remote editorial workflows into different tiers maximizes cost efficiencies. Archiving and integrated asset management with Archiware P5. This containerized solution streamlines operations while accelerating backup, cloning, and archive functions. Using an asset management feature, this simplifies reuse and reference of monetized media assets that automatically backup to a variety of targets such as disk, tape, or cloud storage. AI-powered tagging and remote media access with Axel AI’s MAM. Search, manage, and repurpose media assets faster and more efficiently with nearly 100 times the throughput available on 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Remote file access and collaboration through Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, as well as archiving with Archiware P5, streamlines remote workflows while accelerating productivity. Software-defined data services and solutions future-proof ecosystem NAB 2023 comes amid a period of significant growth for the company. OpenDrives has scaled its Atlas Core software platform from traditional storage services and data management to an expanded centralized ecosystem of data applications, solutions and services. Former Infinidat, IBM and Dell EMC executive Izhar Sharon joined OpenDrives as CEO in December of 2022. Solutions debuts, including containerized enterprise backup and recovery in partnership with BETSOL, have further expanded the Open ecosystem to deliver back capabilities that are critical for enterprise-scale businesses. Company and partner-led solutions growth has helped earn OpenDrives recognition on the 2023 CRN Storage 100 List and Inc.’s inaugural Power Partner Awards. InterVision Systems, Chesapeake Systems (CHESA) and Advanced Systems Group (ASG) are among the award-winning channel partners delivering OpenDrives’ vendor- and architecture-agnostic solutions. “There is no crystal ball for what will drive new data demands years from now; the explosion of AI shows how much can change in just a few months,” added Sharon. “At OpenDrives, what we do know is that the future of data is software. Whether tomorrow’s leaders need to edit 16K footage or generate AI video, they can rely on OpenDrives and the ecosystem of partners for powerful solutions that yield tangible business outcomes.” To learn more about OpenDrives, visit To connect with the OpenDrives team, email About OpenDrives OpenDrives, Inc. is a global provider of enterprise-scale, software-defined storage solutions. Founded in 2011 by media and entertainment post-production professionals, OpenDrives is built for the most demanding workflows, from Hollywood to healthcare to enterprise IT, and for businesses large and small. OpenDrives delivers the highly-performant solutions to match individual performance needs, even for the most robust, complex and mission-critical businesses needs, on-premises and into the cloud. OpenDrives is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. To learn more about OpenDrives, visit

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Lightlytics launches Google Chrome extension to reduce context switching in AWS Ops

Prnewswire | May 26, 2023

Lightlytics today announced the Lightlytics Google Chrome extension's general availability. The extension is the world's first cloud change intelligence extension and will reduce dreaded context switching between AWS tools for cloud operators. "Context switching between tools and tasks accounts for up to 40% decrease in productivity, and it's becoming a more acute problem for cloud operators by the day," said Stav Sitnikov, co-founder and CTO at Lightlytics. "Today, it's considered normal for an operations team to switch between 5-10 different cloud tools to fully understand and resolve an AWS incident. This results in wasted time and valuable resources. With our new Google Chrome extension, we're delivering the complete context of resources to operators' favorite cloud tools. Seeing all relevant configurations, recent changes, traffic, all dependencies, resolve issues quickly and reduces content switching for operators." "We're delivering the complete context of resources to AWS operators' favorite cloud tools." The Lightlytics Google Chrome extension enriches all web applications (including AWS Console, AWS Cost Explorer, DataDog, VMware CloudHealth, Crowdstrike among others), and provides actionable context on cost, security, availability for each listed resource. The extension doesn't require any integration with existing tools. A Lightlytics account and Google Chrome are the only requirements for users to start getting all the context they need on their favorite cloud tools. "The cloud observability, security and cost segments mostly rely on point solutions that only focus on a single aspect of resources, making it extremely time-consuming for operators to complete simple tasks in large scale deployments," said Liran Roffman, co-founder and VP of engineering at Lightlytics. "Adding configuration, changes, traffic, availability, security and cost context to these applications surfaces all relevant context to operators, and they can take immediate action on the UIs that they know and love. This helps us meet operators on their favorite tools and improve the user experience on these tools in the process." The Lightlytics Google Chrome extension is available on the Google Chrome Web Store and you can learn more about the extension on the Lightlytics website. Lightlytics offers a free 14 day trial which includes free access to the Google Chrome extension. About Lightlytics Lightlytics provides a collaborative change intelligence solution for all teams who work on AWS configuration changes. The Lightlytics platform helps cloud operations teams identify and fix root causes of incidents in minutes, investigate security incidents more efficiently, and troubleshoot cost for their environments. This innovative approach helps your cloud operations teams to: Troubleshoot collaboratively using a single platform with configurations, dependencies, traffic flow and events. Find the root cause of AWS incidents with the config change that caused it, the impact radius within complete context of your environment. Proactively prevent incidents and non-compliance caused by cloud misconfigurations through simulations and architectural standards.

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Airbyte Launches SaaS Offering on AWS Marketplace for Open-Source Data Integration

Airbyte | March 14, 2023

On March 13, 2023, Airbyte, a technology company that has developed an open-source data integration platform, announced the launch of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. The Airbyte Cloud platform lets data pipelines run in minutes, making it easy and cheap for businesses to move data from almost any source to almost any destination. AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog that lists the products of independent software vendors. This makes it easier for customers to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services. By putting Airbyte Cloud on the marketplace, AWS customers can now easily use the data integration platform to get to the right data for analysis and making decisions. Airbyte Cloud offers hosting and management, and provides multiple workspaces and access management for teams. It supports Open Authorization (OAuth) authentication, which lets less technical users connect their tools. It also has over 300 open-source and customizable data connectors that users can easily change to meet their needs. Users can set up replications to schedule incremental, full-refresh, and log-based replications to all configured destinations. According to Chris Tatarowicz, Head of Business Development at Airbyte, "AWS Marketplace makes it as efficient as possible for customers to use Airbyte Cloud." This is how we make data available and actionable to everyone, everywhere. AWS customers can get started in minutes." (Source - Businesswire) With more than 600 contributors, Airbyte has the most people working on data engineering, and its Connector Development Kit is the best tool for building and maintaining connectors. Customers can learn more and get a free trial of Airbyte Cloud on AWS Marketplace. About Airbyte Airbyte is a free platform for integrating data that lets data teams copy data from different sources to data warehouses, lakes, and other places. Michel Tricot and John Lafleur founded the business in 2020, and it has a distributed team all over the world with its headquarters in San Francisco. It has raised $181 million from top investors and have over 25,000 companies using their platform, with more than 200 connectors available. Airbyte believes in a product-led growth approach and the power of open-source to solve the problem of data integration.

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