Plative Launches Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting Practice to Expand Marketing Automation Offerings

Plative | March 21, 2023 | Read time : 04:00 min

Plative Launches Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting Practice

Today, Plative announced the launch of its Salesforce Marketing Cloud consulting practice. Building on its expertise as a leading provider of Salesforce and Oracle NetSuite consulting in North America, Plative is now able to offer clients a full suite of marketing automation services on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform.

After making a series of strategic hires of certified and experienced Marketing Cloud consultants and leaders, Plative is well positioned to support customers that are new to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and those that have adopted the platform but have yet to unlock the full value of the platform.

"We're excited to continue our expansion into new markets by announcing our increased investment in the world's most capable marketing technology," says Paulo Kaiser, CEO of Plative. "Our team of certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultants have extensive industry-specific experience in developing and implementing personalized data-driven marketing solutions that deliver impact for our customers. We're making the switch to Salesforce Marketing Cloud easier than ever."

Plative's Salesforce Marketing Cloud consulting practice advise on the following core platforms:

  • Marketing Cloud Engagement
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
  • Marketing Cloud Personalization
  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence
  • Data Cloud

Plative's Salesforce Marketing Cloud consulting practice is actively delivering personalized outcomes for many active customers.

About Plative

Plative is a global consulting firm that helps companies achieve their business objectives through cloud technology. With a focus on Salesforce and Oracle NetSuite, Plative delivers customized solutions that drive success for its customers. The company has offices in New York, NY; Toronto, Canada; Mumbai, India; and Manila, Philippines. Plative is a four-time honoree on Inc Magazine's fastest-growing firms list and has been recognized as one of Consulting Magazine's fastest-growing firms.


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Lightlytics launches Google Chrome extension to reduce context switching in AWS Ops

Prnewswire | May 26, 2023

Lightlytics today announced the Lightlytics Google Chrome extension's general availability. The extension is the world's first cloud change intelligence extension and will reduce dreaded context switching between AWS tools for cloud operators. "Context switching between tools and tasks accounts for up to 40% decrease in productivity, and it's becoming a more acute problem for cloud operators by the day," said Stav Sitnikov, co-founder and CTO at Lightlytics. "Today, it's considered normal for an operations team to switch between 5-10 different cloud tools to fully understand and resolve an AWS incident. This results in wasted time and valuable resources. With our new Google Chrome extension, we're delivering the complete context of resources to operators' favorite cloud tools. Seeing all relevant configurations, recent changes, traffic, all dependencies, resolve issues quickly and reduces content switching for operators." "We're delivering the complete context of resources to AWS operators' favorite cloud tools." The Lightlytics Google Chrome extension enriches all web applications (including AWS Console, AWS Cost Explorer, DataDog, VMware CloudHealth, Crowdstrike among others), and provides actionable context on cost, security, availability for each listed resource. The extension doesn't require any integration with existing tools. A Lightlytics account and Google Chrome are the only requirements for users to start getting all the context they need on their favorite cloud tools. "The cloud observability, security and cost segments mostly rely on point solutions that only focus on a single aspect of resources, making it extremely time-consuming for operators to complete simple tasks in large scale deployments," said Liran Roffman, co-founder and VP of engineering at Lightlytics. "Adding configuration, changes, traffic, availability, security and cost context to these applications surfaces all relevant context to operators, and they can take immediate action on the UIs that they know and love. This helps us meet operators on their favorite tools and improve the user experience on these tools in the process." The Lightlytics Google Chrome extension is available on the Google Chrome Web Store and you can learn more about the extension on the Lightlytics website. Lightlytics offers a free 14 day trial which includes free access to the Google Chrome extension. About Lightlytics Lightlytics provides a collaborative change intelligence solution for all teams who work on AWS configuration changes. The Lightlytics platform helps cloud operations teams identify and fix root causes of incidents in minutes, investigate security incidents more efficiently, and troubleshoot cost for their environments. This innovative approach helps your cloud operations teams to: Troubleshoot collaboratively using a single platform with configurations, dependencies, traffic flow and events. Find the root cause of AWS incidents with the config change that caused it, the impact radius within complete context of your environment. Proactively prevent incidents and non-compliance caused by cloud misconfigurations through simulations and architectural standards.

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MariaDB’s New SkySQL Release Reimagines How Companies Control Cloud Database Spend

Businesswire | March 31, 2023

MariaDB plc (NYSE: MRDB) today announced the immediate availability of a new release of MariaDB SkySQL, a second generation cloud database service. SkySQL offers fully managed databases including its flagship distributed SQL product MariaDB Xpand for maximum resilience and scalability. The release brings new innovation that lets organizations better manage their cloud database costs. SkySQL now enables autoscaling, which scales resources when demand surges and back down when demand normalizes to save costs. SkySQL also introduces serverless analytics to uncover insights on all current data without the need for ETL and all while paying for only what is used. Cloud database services offered by public cloud vendors were the first to bring open source databases, such as MariaDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL, to the cloud over a decade ago. These first generation cloud databases emphasized convenience and price, however, today’s world requires extraordinary resilience, elasticity and performance. Accelerated by the pandemic, at an unprecedented level, people have come to expect more from the services and applications they rely on every day – whether it's travel related, buying tickets to a concert, banking and more. Second generation cloud database services combine deep database expertise and cloud-native technology to run across clouds and achieve unstoppable performance. “At our heart, we are a database company,” said Jags Ramnarayan, SVP and SkySQL general manager at MariaDB plc. “We take that deep-rooted experience and knowledge to offer a cloud database service that is tuned and optimized for the most rigorous of situations. SkySQL brings hard-hitting capabilities such as distributed SQL with our Xpand database and we make it incredibly easy to operate, monitor, run analytics and scale elastically, all while being able to control your cloud spend. With other clouds, costs tend to only go one way, up. With SkySQL, we also let you shrink the cost footprint automatically when demand is low. For everyone looking for exceptional scalability and performance of MariaDB databases in the cloud, MariaDB SkySQL is the solution.” Autoscaling: Dynamically Adjust to Changes in Demand Unlike first generation cloud databases for MariaDB, SkySQL enables autoscaling of both compute and storage in response to changes in demand. Rules specify when autoscaling is triggered, for example when CPU utilization is above 75% over all replicas sustained for 30 minutes, then a new replica or node will be added to handle the increase. Similarly, when CPU utilization is less than 50% over all replicas for an hour, nodes or a replica is removed. Users always specify the top and bottom threshold so there are never any cost surprises. When paired with Xpand, MariaDB’s distributed SQL database, autoscaling means never having to worry about unexpected spikes in demand. Double, triple or quadruple the amount of users initially expected? No problem. Xpand on SkySQL with autoscale turned on will automatically add nodes to handle the increase in demand. Once demand is reduced, SkySQL will reduce nodes so you only pay for the resources needed. Serverless Analytics: Analyze All Current Data, Pay Only for What Is Used No ETL is required to do analytics! SkySQL enables operational analytics on active transactional data as well as external data sources using a serverless analytics layer powered by Apache Spark SQL. This approach removes any inconsistencies between an analytical view and a transactional view. Only pay for the CPU consumed for analytics without any need to provision compute. Data scientists also have access to an Apache Zeppelin notebook. The notebook is pre-loaded with examples that demonstrate ways to run analytics on data stored in SkySQL. It can also be used to discover database schemas, running queries on data stored in Amazon S3 and federating queries to join data across SkySQL databases and S3 object storage. Availability The new release of SkySQL is now generally available (GA) on AWS and Google Cloud, and includes updated MariaDB product versions: Xpand 6.1.1, Enterprise Server 10.6.12 and ColumnStore 6.3.1. Sign up for SkySQL. New users receive $500 in credits to start for free. No credit card is required. Supporting quotes "Our first look at the new MariaDB SkySQL release left us very impressed, especially with the user interface and autoscaling capabilities," said John Hundley, principal software engineer at Hughes Network Systems. "Our IoT smart power plugs are distributed nationally across hundreds of locations, collecting data from various plugs at any given time. The number of locations and data rates can vary significantly. The user interface is very easy to use and will give us a better view into our database usage. We expect autoscaling to help us in responding to our workload changes to ensure we have the right resources allocated." “Cloud-native DBMSs, such as MariaDB SkySQL, use dynamic compute and storage, making their use of resources more efficient and enabling them to deliver optimal performance,” said Carl Olofson, senior vice president, IDC. “The choice of which cloud-native DBMS to use comes down to fit. SkySQL offers scale and availability, the ability to run in multiple clouds, and to handle both OLTP and OLAP workloads. It also leverages skills that are transferable to all clouds. If these qualities are important to you, SkySQL is a cloud-native DBMS to consider.” About MariaDB MariaDB is a new generation cloud database company whose products are used by companies big and small, reaching more than a billion users through Linux distributions and have been downloaded over one billion times. Deployed in minutes and maintained with ease, leveraging cloud automation, our database products are engineered to support any workload, any cloud and any scale – all while saving up to 90% of proprietary database costs. Trusted by organizations such as Bandwidth, DigiCert, InfoArmor, Oppenheimer, Samsung, SelectQuote and SpendHQ, MariaDB’s software is the backbone of critical services that people rely on every day.

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Nextira Selected by Ansys Technology Partner Program to Support Customers Implementing Ansys Gateway Powered by AWS

Businesswire | May 12, 2023

Nextira, a turnkey cloud solutions provider for cloud migration, technology optimization and digital transformation, announced today that it has been selected as a systems integrator for Ansys Gateway powered by AWS. The partnership establishes Nextira as a trusted technology partner empowered to equip engineering and manufacturing companies with Ansys’ sophisticated simulation and visualization software suite. Ansys Gateway powered by AWS is a solution for developers, designers and engineers who want to expand their Ansys simulation and computer-aided design or engineering (CAD/CAE) capability into AWS. Using Ansys Gateway powered by AWS for design and modeling improves companies' ability to evolve into predictive enterprises by removing users’ dependence on on-premise servers, adding computing and storage capacity in the cloud and improving productivity and efficiency through increased access to cores used in complex simulations. Replacing outdated and constrained on-premise high-performance computing (HPC) systems allows users to have instant access to the newest, most powerful design and modeling systems available. “Being the first systems integrator in North America that is currently equipped to assist users in installing Ansys Gateway powered by AWS makes our partnership incredibly unique,” said Jason Cutrer, founder and CEO of Nextira. “We are excited to help engineers and organizations adopt Ansys Gateway powered by AWS and continue to serve as a premier consultant for organizations looking to embrace cloud technologies.” Nextira will work with customers to set up Ansys Gateway powered by AWS for their organizations and offer additional support to onboard and select the best HPC configurations that optimize its usage once in place. The suite of services Nextira provides to customers using Ansys Gateway powered by AWS includes storage capacity management, troubleshooting, expanding CPU power, and cost optimization. "Ansys is a vital computing tool for engineers—it's as essential to their workflow as Photoshop or Illustrator is for graphic designers," said Cory Kim, director of engineering for predictive enterprise at Nextira. “However, moving complex simulations and developments to the cloud can be an intricate and complex process. Through our Ansys partnership, customers can feel confident in relying on Nextira’s experienced team of HPC operations experts to support them in making a smooth, seamless transition to Ansys Gateway powered by AWS.” Nextira’s core services include Predictive Enterprise, focused on integrating artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data analytics to design, build, launch and optimize HPC environments through cloud computing. Nextira has aided clients in electronic design automation (EDA), AI, silicon chip development and more to configure and manage HPC clusters. In addition, Nextira’s experts elevate organizations through technology transformation that harnesses its Cloud-Native Innovation and Immersive Futures practice areas to transform workflows across DevOps, cloud automation, gaming and entertainment development through its proprietary Studio in the Cloud customized virtual desktop infrastructure solution and more. About Nextira Nextira is an integrated engineering, architecture, deployment and ongoing management solutions provider for cloud migration across all industries. Nextira partners the industry's leading providers of cloud and related technologies—like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud—to help customers advance cloud intelligence and immersive experiences. Nextira’s solutions include strategic consultancy and leadership, exceptional engineering expertise, sophisticated turnkey solutions, multi-cloud provision and specialist ecosystems. To learn more about Nextira, visit

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