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RapidMiner's Next-Gen Cloud Platform Accelerates Enterprise AI

RapidMiner | June 09, 2022

RapidMiner has announced the launch of their new platform, which marks their next generation of AI-powered products aimed at speeding up the pace of change in modern businesses. In a single, unified cloud environment, the platform allows expanded AI teams with various responsibilities and talents across the whole AI lifecycle. The next-generation cloud product builds on RapidMiner's decades of experience with the goal of delivering faster business benefits through no-code AI applications that are simple to design and consume.

RapidMiner is one of the most widely used data science tools in the world, with over one million users across all industries and levels of data science maturity. The new platform combines all of RapidMiner's existing capabilities in a multi-tenant, SaaS, cloud-portable platform with an upgraded, modern user experience to make AI problem-solving even more accessible.

"Our new platform will help build trust in models and predictions, and it scales in any enterprise environment with the elastic nature of the cloud. There are data scientists of all shapes and forms— Python coders, citizen data scientists, data engineers, IT people, business stakeholders, and more. I firmly believe that our new platform enables these different groups better than any other product on the market. It allows people with unique backgrounds and expertise to collaboratively build solutions by contributing to the areas they know best," said RapidMiner founder and CTO, Ingo Mierswa.

RapidMiner's rapid expansion and innovation are fueled by a global network of strategic partners like KSK Analytics. RapidMiner partners are thought leaders in technology that help their customers accelerate their digital transformation and reimagine enterprise AI so that anybody can positively affect the future. Learn more about RapidMiner's network of partners.

"As a partner, I see the potential of the new RapidMiner solution to extensively reduce friction in enterprise deployments and help organizations get to work faster, We are working with several clients to migrate to the next generation platform because it will scale more easily and help organizations seamlessly adapt to changes in their architecture, policies, and personnel. As a partner, it also should allow us to be incredibly agile in a fast-paced market that relies on innovation."

Yoshiteru Morimoto, CEO, KSK Analytics

RapidMiner is hosting a webinar series to show how the new RapidMiner platform lets anyone, whether they're a domain expert, a data scientist, or an enterprise executive, to produce results with AI.


Setting up new cloud instances can be very time-consuming, especially if you are dealing with a lot of configurations and software. With cloud-init, you’ll never have to worry about this ever again.

Cloud-init is a software developed for cloud server instances that will set up the server automatically using the provided metadata. This metadata describes how your server should look like, e.g. which packages should be installed and commands that’ll be executed on init.


Setting up new cloud instances can be very time-consuming, especially if you are dealing with a lot of configurations and software. With cloud-init, you’ll never have to worry about this ever again.

Cloud-init is a software developed for cloud server instances that will set up the server automatically using the provided metadata. This metadata describes how your server should look like, e.g. which packages should be installed and commands that’ll be executed on init.

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BlueAlly Acquires B2B Technologies, Strengthening Cloud Presence & Expanding Vendor Alliances

PRnewswire | July 11, 2023

BlueAlly Technology Solutions, a Source Capital portfolio company, has announced its acquisition of B2B Technologies, a pioneering organization renowned for creating new ways of doing business using the internet and specializing in the integration of cloud operations. This strategic acquisition adds to the broad spectrum of services and solutions available to clients while solidifying BlueAlly's market standing. B2B Technologies has a legacy of delivering ground-breaking software tools that have earned industry recognition from experts like The Gartner Group, and a long-standing history as a Microsoft Cloud Partner. Their emphasis on cloud adoption and migration, application modernization, mobile device management, and security solutions using Microsoft technologies represents additional depth being layered into the BlueAlly offering. The CEO of BlueAlly Technology Solutions, George Barkley, spoke of his optimism for the new acquisition, remarking, "This acquisition underscores our continuing dedication to reinventing the Value-Added Reseller model. This deal brings together the best minds in the industry, and I expect it to result in heightened value for all our clients." David Coulter, the CTO of BlueAlly, commented that, "The integration of B2B Technologies into the BlueAlly portfolio not only enhances an already strong client service experience but also strengthens existing cloud-based solutions, with a strong focus on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Communication, Security, and Application Development." Frank Fuerst, CEO of B2B Technologies, shared his enthusiasm, saying, "Joining forces with BlueAlly aligns with our vision of the future. As a united team, we are now even more capable, efficient, and faster. We eagerly anticipate being able to provide a much broader set of IT solutions and deliver more value to our clients." As BlueAlly Technology Solutions and B2B Technologies move forward together, their focus remains on providing superior quality solutions, expert consultation, and exceptional client service. Integrating B2B Technologies into BlueAlly Technology Solutions' existing portfolio will present clients with even greater value and a more extensive range of IT solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. About BlueAlly Technology Solutions BlueAlly Technology Solutions, headquartered in Cary, NC, has been delivering comprehensive IT solutions to businesses of all sizes, government entities, educational institutions, and regulated industries nationwide since 1999. The company is focused on security governance & compliance, cloud & infrastructure, and application & automation, and offers consulting and managed services in these solution categories. About B2B Technologies B2B Technologies, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a Microsoft Cloud Partner in multiple Solution Areas, providing business productivity solutions using Azure, SharePoint, Teams, Power BI, and Microsoft 365. B2B's mission is to help its customers improve productivity, reduce risk, and maximize the return on their IT investments. About Source Capital Source Capital is a private equity firm that invests in mature, middle-market companies across a range of industries. Source Capital's investment strategy targets growing companies with greater than $2 million in EBITDA seeking a growth-oriented partner. Source Capital was founded in 2002 and has offices in Atlanta and San Francisco.

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Armor Acquires Quantum Security, Further Strengthening Its Position in the Cloud Security and IT Risk Market

Newswire | August 07, 2023

Armor, a leading cybersecurity company providing cloud and hybrid cloud security solutions to businesses globally, today announced its acquisition of Quantum Security, a Singapore-based cybersecurity firm that specializes in cloud automation and services. The acquisition is aimed at enhancing Armor's capabilities in cloud security and IT risk, delivering advanced solutions to its customers across US, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. As businesses continue to move to the cloud, accelerate adoption of IoT and with the continuous advancement of AI, the traditional security measures are no longer sufficient to safeguard organizations. Armor, as a cloud-native cybersecurity company, understands the unique challenges of securing hybrid cloud and offers comprehensive and scalable security solutions to protect critical data and applications while ensuring compliance with security standards such as PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and many more. Quantum Security's expertise in cloud automation and services will complement Armor's existing capabilities and help the company deliver more comprehensive solutions to its customers. Chris Drake, Founder and CEO of Armor, said, "We are thrilled to welcome Quantum Security to the Armor family. Their deep expertise in cloud automation and services, coupled with Armor's proven track record of providing secure cloud solutions, will enable us to offer more value to our customers and further strengthen our position in the cloud security market." Luke Fritz, Head of Product and Engineering at Quantum Security, said, "We're excited to join the Armor team and for the opportunity to bring the cloud-native, customer-centric solutions we've built to a broader audience. We're equally excited for the technological opportunities and what we can build together - leveraging both companies' extensive experience developing solutions that simplify security and compliance." The acquisition marks a significant milestone for Armor, as the company continues to expand its capabilities and reach in the cloud security market. Armor's acquisition of Quantum Security expands its global footprint of clients and personnel and underlines its commitment to invest in research and development, as well as strategic acquisitions, to deliver advanced cloud security solutions to its customers. About Armor Armor is a cloud-native cybersecurity company providing cloud security & risk solutions to businesses globally. With over 2,000 businesses secured, Armor's cloud security platform offers comprehensive and scalable security solutions to protect critical data and applications. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and has offices in the United States, Europe, and now Singapore. For more information, visit

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DealerTeam Shifts Gears to MariaDB Enterprise Server in the Cloud

Businesswire | August 01, 2023

MariaDB plc (NYSE:MRDB) today announced that DealerTeam, a cloud-based dealership management system built on Salesforce®, is driving MariaDB Enterprise Server in the cloud deployed on MariaDB SkySQL running on AWS. By selecting MariaDB Enterprise Server as a fully managed cloud database service, DealerTeam aids its car dealerships with a better process and workflow management by connecting all departments with a 360-degree view of any customer. DealerTeam provides the first cloud-based dealership management system built on the Salesforce Platform. The management system includes an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that brings together the dealership’s sales, finance, service and parts operation teams. By utilizing an automotive ERP solution, real-time data and insights unite the different dealership departments. As a result, dealerships can offer a superior, seamless car buying experience. DealerTeam upgraded its accounting application within its ERP solution from a self-managed MariaDB Community Server to fully managed MariaDB Enterprise Server in the cloud for its enterprise reliability, stability, and long-term maintenance. With this change, DealerTeam experienced enterprise uptime, improved performance, and quicker access to reporting, ultimately resulting in a more personalized customer experience. “DealerTeam recently merged with DealerStar to combine the advanced dealership accounting software built by industry expert Sandi Jerome with our platform-first product. Our initiative is to scale with confidence and SkySQL was a natural fit to facilitate our infrastructure growth,” said Jarrett Kuljis, founder of DealerTeam. “No other solution compared to MariaDB Enterprise Server in the cloud with SkySQL. The service quickly proved to be the best cloud deployment option for us. In addition to gaining automation and replication benefits, we are able to run the advanced workloads with dependable support.” By moving to a fully managed cloud database service, SkySQL, DealerTeam added new DevOps efficiencies, including the ability to create and provision resources on demand, automate testing and traditional DevOps lifecycle, handle regression testing and ultimately release products quicker. This additional agility gained from SkySQL helped move DealerTeam’s business forward, faster than ever before. MariaDB SkySQL is a fully managed multicloud database service for MariaDB Enterprise Server and MariaDB’s distributed SQL database, Xpand. SkySQL combines MariaDB MaxScale for automatic failover and a Kubernetes operator for self-healing with deep database expertise that makes customers unstoppable. About MariaDB MariaDB is a new generation cloud database company whose products are used by companies big and small, reaching more than a billion users through Linux distributions and have been downloaded over one billion times. Deployed in minutes and maintained with ease, leveraging cloud automation, our database products are engineered to support any workload, any cloud and any scale – all while saving up to 90% of proprietary database costs. Trusted by organizations such as Bandwidth, DigiCert, InfoArmor, Oppenheimer, Samsung, SelectQuote and SpendHQ, MariaDB’s software is the backbone of critical services that people rely on every day. Learn more at

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