ESG - The Choice for How Best to Oracle Database as On-Premises Cloud Service is Clear: Gen 2 Exadata Cloud at Customer

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To get straight to the point, as an Oracle Database user wanting to run Oracle Database as a cloud service in your own environment, you have, at least in theory, a few options in terms of approach. But the choice, at least in practice, starts to look very clear when you drill down. Oracle’s clearly named “Exadata Cloud@Customer” is purpose-built for the task, and not only has the obvious “better together” story in its favor but can additionally deliver added and significantly better outcomes than the alternatives.

This report expands and explains this in more detail, but let’s also take a moment to examine why the scenario of an Oracle Database user wanting an “on-premises cloud” deployment is both likely and growing. It is based on three key facts:

A hybrid cloud model, more or less heavily, is clearly the main IT delivery style across most organizations today. When ESG asked what best describes their organizations’ approach when it comes to new application deployments, only 14% still attest to an “on-premises first policy” (that percentage was down from 24% in 2018).
Oracle Database is the market leader in mission-critical database deployments.
There are multiple “cloud journeys” that can be taken by organizations. The “cloud” is neither one homogeneous thing, nor is it deployed in just one way. Many users and/or applications desire to have the benefits of a public cloud model, but various constraints preclude a “traditional” use and drive those users to look for an “on-premises cloud".