AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud

February 18, 2022

Cloud Computing
The size of the global
cloud market is
expected to grow to
USD 947.3 billion by



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Save Time, Save Money with Google Cloud VMware Engine

Infographic | July 13, 2021

Google Cloud VMware Engine is the only solution available for migrating your datacenter workloads to Google Cloud Platform quickly and securely. Google Cloud VMware Engine goes beyond an infrastructure “lift and shift”.

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Cloud Computing Architecture

Infographic | February 2, 2022

Components of Cloud Computing Architecture Cloud Computing Architecture Benefits of Cloud Computing Architecture.

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The evolution of cloud computing

Infographic | February 7, 2020

Cloud computing services have revolutionised the way we store, host and share information. Most of the consumer services we use in our everyday lives rely on cloud computing: Gmail, cloud backup of our photos and phone data, even Netflix.

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Cloud Computing and Marketing: An Effective Collaboration

Infographic | December 20, 2021

Digital marketing is one of the key areas to earn maximum benefit by integrating with cloud computing technology. As per the latest trend, the cloud serves extensive benefits to businesses in the technology market. Cloud computing and digital marketing can make organizations future-ready and drive extensive business growth.

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Data Protection in a Time of Digital Transformation

Infographic | September 9, 2021

The threat of a cyber attack looms over organizations – exacerbated by the increase of remote workers – and few are confident in their ability to protect against and recover from them

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Accelerating the path from data to intelligence with edge computing

Infographic | December 21, 2021

The agility of cloud computing is great — but it simply isn’t enough. Massive centralization, economies of scale, self-service, and full automation get us most of the way there, but it doesn’t overcome physics — the weight of data, the speed of light … waiting on a data center miles (or many miles) away isn’t going to work

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