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Adopting AI is not without its challenges. The general-purpose storage infrastructure that organizations are accustomed to using needs to be replaced or supplemented with storage systems that are geared towards AI-specific tasks.

  • Moving from experiments to scaling AI for business value. Modernizing for an AI-focused digital transformation requires expertise in new standards of developing, implementing and maintaining AI solutions at scale.
  • Legacy infrastructure/complexity. Organizations can no longer use traditional, general-purpose computing or legacy storage infrastructure. This outdated infrastructure increases complexity and is not flexible enough to respond to AI workload demands. Instead, they must employ a scalable compute with an equally scalable, high-performing, integrated, flexible and secure storage infrastructure.
  • Data silos. Storage is typically implemented with specific storage solutions that create silos of data. These silos are not integrated together, nor are they integrated with a comprehensive set of infrastructure solutions, resulting in a lack of global data access