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Formula 1 races to AWS as official cloud provider, cites importance of machine learning capabilities

July 02, 2018 / James Bourne

It has been described by Citrix as a ‘never-ending technology arms race to optimise performance’ – and now Formula 1 has gotten a further boost by selecting Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its official cloud and machine learning provider.The move will see Formula 1 move the vast majority of its infrastructure from on-premises data centres to AWS, and use a variety of products to help improve broadcasts, data tracking, and race strategies.Amazon SageMaker – AWS’ service to help developers build, train and deploy machine learning models – will be put to task by Formula 1’s team of data scientists against more than 65 years of race data. The data, collected in real time by Amazon Kinesis and stored in Amazon DynamoDB and cold storage product Glacier, will be crunched to extract performance statistics and make predictions for upcoming races.Other AWS products being utilised by Formula 1 are AWS Lambda for serverless capabilities, and AWS Elemental Med...