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Moving towards intelligent network security with software defined networking

July 03, 2018 / Sagar Nangare

In today’s era, enterprises have started focusing on the network much more than before due to the evolvement of cloud computing in business operations. To migrate to cloud, a massive amount of changes in the design of the network, as well as an emphasis on security aspects related to network and data, is required.As the utilisation of these new technologies is increasing, new challenges will arise that will demand a highly automated and secure network. Software defined networking (SDN) is by far one of the greatest inventions which has transformed network architecture to solve many challenges associated with digital transformation. A software-defined network can be easier to upgrade and it is also possible to apply patches to a network as any security risk arises. In SDN architecture, the control plane is decoupled from the forwarding plane of network devices. All control functions can be managed centrally, which makes a network highly programmable for network administrators. Thi...