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New study notes network trouble organisations face amid strong public cloud adoption

July 10, 2018 / James Bourne

Public cloud adoption will continue to go up and up – but as hybrid initiatives go up with them, concerns persist over how to handle cloud migration challenges. That’s the key finding from the latest study by VIAVI Solutions. The IT and network testing provider, in its most recent State of the Network Global Study, polled more than 600 IT professionals and found more than half (56%) of enterprises polled had made the leap to public cloud as of this year. This number is set to go up to 72% by 2020.By 2020, more enterprises plan to run a larger percentage of their apps in the cloud. As of this year, 62% of firms polled say only up to a quarter of their apps are cloud-based. By 2020, this number is set to dip to 28%, with 44% saying they have between a quarter and half of their apps in the cloud. More than a quarter (28%) of those polled said they expected at least half of their apps to be cloud-based in two years – a number which is only at 11% today. Yet while these fi...