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The cloud skills gap can be tamed – as an example from telecoms shows

July 20, 2018 / Tom Sime

Opinion There’s no denying that firms out there are experiencing a cloud skills gap. Of course, with new technology, there logically follows a learning curve for the workforce at the coalface and the future workforce in training to traverse. But what I am suggesting is that this skills gap is not being found across the board. In fact, many firms were poised to move with the curve and are already benefiting from this thriving new market. In the telecoms sector, for example, we’re seeing a different picture from elsewhere – and the cloud phenomenon has been a very positive movement. For starters, due to the surge in demand for skilled workers, a whole new stream of opportunities for firms like ours to work with cloud providers has opened up. And our engineers are perfectly placed to transfer their skills into this new arena as the fundamental skillsets required of them remain in the cloud era.