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Google Cloud CEO: We defied analyst predictions on enterprise readiness

July 25, 2018 / Dale Walker

The CEO of Google Cloud has claimed the company has managed to defy analyst expectations by becoming enterprise-ready within two years, instead of the predicted 10.Speaking at its annual Next conference in San Francisco this week, company chief Diane Greene said her organisation had worked hard to reform its approach after receiving fierce criticism from the industry just over two years ago."We've been doing what the regulators and industry analysts are telling us to do," said Greene. "In fact, two years ago at Next, I had a meeting with industry analysts and they were giving me a lot of hard feedback - that we were not enterprise-ready and, judging from other companies they'd seen trying to get enterprise-ready, it might take ten years. "So we buckled down and we took the challenge, and two years of very hard work later on those table stakes, we are set to be named leader in three of Gartner's Magic Quadrants.