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More emphasis on cloud usage required before DevOps dreams can be realised, firms warned

July 25, 2018 / James Bourne

The good news is that many organisations across Europe are looking to embrace a DevOps-centric approach to their application development and delivery. The bad news is that plenty of hurdles have to be overcome first to achieve this ambition.That is the key finding from a new study by Claranet, which argues a greater emphasis on cloud usage and automation needs to be seen before DevOps dreams become a reality.The report, which polled 750 IT professionals across Europe, found almost three in 10 (29%) had already moved towards a DevOps approach, with a further 54% expecting to make the switch in the coming two years. Yet three quarters of those (74%) who had migrated had experienced challenges of some kind, with operations teams limiting the potential of DevOps, and a lack of clear business objectives within management cited.